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GangLife is a project, started on 03/17/2020

This project started as a racing game idea called "Stereo Turbo", starting its Stereo Turbo beta creation on 04/07/2020. This would try to be like a Need For Speed where there would be 2 protagonists who would run with the bands of the Stingers and the Zips, the fastest bands of all LV

Already in the second idea he had the name of GangLife, the same bands but without the Russian mafia, without bullets, bums, change of names of characters like: MC was called Victor and was going to be the trainer of the protagonist (Juan)
and Ricardo was called Jeff, he was going to fulfill the same role as head of the Bandits

The last idea was all we know but the final mission was going to be different: It was going to be an escape with members of other gangs. It was discarded due to the boredom that this ending would generate, and also in the beta there was no Sean's brother


Characters and their biography:


Juan (Protagonist): He is the protagonist of this Storyline, He is Argentine. He fled his country because of the crisis that it had and that predicted its worsening over the years


Guillermo (1st antagonist): Leader of the Stingers, he was killed by Juan in a war for defending what little the Stingers had. Guillermo is Italian-Irish who moved to the United States to become a millionaire with criminal activities, so the Stingers believe


Ricardo (Boss of the protagonist): Founder of the Bandits, he is a Mexican national. He loves Tacos and came to LS in 1995 and since then, he started with the bandits until his annexation at the end of season 1


Brian An Gomez (BAG): Bag is the leader of the Vagos, he was born in Mexico, he declared war on Ricardo to expand with the Stingers. But everything would go wrong and end up dying for Juan and MC


MC (Leader of the bikers): The band of the Bikers was founded in 1897 in the old LS. This band until 2003 was in the whole field, until MC is crowned new leader in 2004 that managed to expand to LS. His nationality is American


Big Lou (Leader of the Ballas): He is a very rich person, after the murder of his former leader in 1994 by CJ in Glen Park, Lou decided to take charge of the Ballas. They were annexed during the year 1995 to 1998 when CJ was assassinated by Tony Cipriani, there was the golden age of all the Ballas, creation of a drug of its own and a very high economy, comparable to the Woozie mafia


Gonzalo (Leader of the Grove): This boy is 25 years old and took the lead at 17 when Sweet dies for the Ballas after CJ's death, since then the Groves are on total drugs and Gonzalo proved to be a misfit like leader of the Groves


News: Storyline launched on 03/25/2020


Complete link with background music of the missions: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jy694y05wzj3e4n/GangLife.rar/file

Edited by EraxPro05
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