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Ratt Pakk

GTA VCS fighting system

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Ratt Pakk

GTA Vice city stories had one of the best fighting systems in the whole series. The hand-to-hand system was awesome. I’ve played this game for years & know nearly everything about it. I’ve played both versions on PSP & PS2. The PS2 version had more features & was better at all so I’m going to describe the PS2 version. 

Here are all the fighting moves available in the game:

#1 Punching while moving: You could punch while walking or/and running(not sprinting) that’s very normal & is more like throwing hand.



#2 Punching while standing: A normal punch like the previous one that has the same strength.



#3 Guarding : In this position you can do the move “left, right, uppercut” & then kick in the belly.

Another thing you can do in this position is punching in the left kidney. 

You can also grapple the person & choose to punch in the face, punch in belly, heavy punch or/and throw. You can also “Block” in this position.


#4 hitting while enemy is on the ground: When the enemy is fallen on the ground for any reason, e.g. kicked in the belly, thrown, hit by a car, hit by shotgun( the npcs that have body armor won’t die by one shot of shotgun), an explosion, etc

you can stoop & punch or heavy punch in the face or/and kick when standing( two different kicks).

Also you can grapple the person again in this position.


#5 Grabbing from behind: You can grab the person’s neck & choose to punch in the face, at the back of the head & in the kidney. You can also hit his/her left kidney with knee & finally the move that everyone likes in the fights: “Snapping Necks” .

If you snap sb’s neck, he/she will die immediately.


Merely for informing: The person that you have grappled or grabbed from behind will unleash if you don’t do anything after that for awhile or being shot or hit by anything or an explosion.

Edited by Ratt Pakk

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Good to know about all the various melee options and combos of the game.VCS has the best melee in the 3d era imo, the grapple and punch combos felt visceral and satisfying. And of course the brutality of snapping necks. I wish VCS had the counters from IV included, imagine countering the Cholos baseball bat attacks against them. 

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ZeyadProGamerCod Legend

Gta VCS is one of my favorite gta games it's in my top 5 in the 3d era it had the best fighting system just like sa


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