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Liquid Business

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Posted (edited)



Howdy fellas! Here's the GTA style nostalgic mission pack I've been rambling about. If you're looking for something mindblowing or revolutionary gameplay wise - keep looking, this ain't it. But if you're looking to have a good time, go around runnin' some moonshine and shootin' fools, you've come to the right place!




Chase Anderson, a native of Montgomery in Red County, has done his time in the San Andreas State Penitentiary. Once out, Anderson doesn't hesitate getting right back to work with his moonshine bootlegging uncle. The dynamic duo's rise from rags to riches isn't an easy one, however - roadblocks are set up not only by unruly customers, but the local biker gang in charge of moonshine distribution and the new, cruel Sheriff...







A young man fresh out of prison after getting caught running moonshine for his uncle. Jail time has toughened him up severely, and he's not the guy to get to a fight with. His most likely cause of death is his smoking habits.



The menacing and foulmouthed sheriff of Red County. Newly elected, the Sheriff is under a lot of pressure and hence hellbent on putting every criminal in his jurisdiction behind bars. In addition, he has a serious bone to pick with the moonshiners.



The uncle of Chase Anderson, and his primary caretaker after the death of Chase's mother. Bob Lee has ran a moonshine business for the better part of his time alive, but a missing piece has so far prevented him from becoming the greatest bootlegger in Red County.



Hardware store worker who has previously aided Bob Lee Hewitt in his businesses during Chase's imprisonment. Alex is well connected, always knows "a guy" and is thrilled to get back to work upon Chase's release.



One of Bob Lee's regular customers, and not a very pleased one at that. Always has a sour taste in his mouth, and Chase's arrival doesn't sweeten it one bit.





I'm releasing this mission by mission, so keep checking back regularly for a new one. Currently, there are 3 missions and the mission pack is in progress.


1. Introduction - https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64065

2. The Liquid Business - https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64066

3. Iron Fist - https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64067


If you have any problems playing, please let me know - otherwise, hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to your feedback! :)



Edited by Notna
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boy of the cones

Looking forward for this!

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Posted (edited)

Good stuff, man! Really keeping yourself busy during isolation, eh ;) Will play this soon!

Edited by RithRake24
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Huzaifa khan
Posted (edited)

- I can feel the Lockdown now in Finland now. :D

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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