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Have you ever regretted posting something on these forums

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This post, and probably the next three or four.

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probably like 90% of the sh*t i post really

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Mister Pink

Absolutely. All the time. 


I don't like confrontation, especially on these forums, and especially with people I like. So, sometimes I'll post in D&D and I'll post some strongly worded a opinion on some topic. But I'll cringe at the feeling I get when I might have someone strongly disagree with me. So, to save myself that anxiety, I try not to post in political and current affairs threads because I don't want to fall out with other members here.


A few people have gotten in back and forths with me. And for the most part I really respect those that I do disagree with and I appreciate our difference of opinions. But sometimes I prefer to occupy a more agreeable space, because it's more stress-free. 

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Only about 15,454 times...🙀

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  • YEE 1

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When I was new to the forums I made a topic in the GTA Online section (my first mistake) called something like "What are you doing here?" and in the OP I posted a picture of a random npc in my apartment office. I soon realized that I should have created a different topic name after seeing most of the responses were sarcastically replying to the title. Safe to say, lesson learned. 


I sometimes also regret posting this from the "How was your day?" post in gen chat.


I woke up, took a sh*t and now I'm sitting here typing this. It's been a great day so far!


I really thought I was clever back in 2014.

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Nope, no regrets. Y'all sure take this foruming bullsh*t too seriously.

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Finn 7 five 11
On 3/22/2020 at 8:07 PM, MrBreak16 said:

I personally do, there is a topic I made not long after joining back in 2019, where I basically wrote dumbsh*t that made me look like an idiot...

Aww hell yeah. 

I don't know why but I was such an intolerant prick on these forums back in the day. All for nothing really. A waste of time to write mean comments, and a waste of somebody else's day to read them. 
I guess I was late to grow up, or used these forums to let go of some pent up issues I may have had, I don't really know. Internet forums are a strange cesspool of hatred at times, and I am glad to have matured out of that. Though anti-vaxxers still trigger me, I am not going to go out of my way just to make them miserable.

Thankfully none of what I ever wrote has really affected my future or jobs or something in my real life. 

Life is learning I guess, and these forums were a part of my journey, even if they were subject to my worst sides.


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Pretty much anything that expresses me. I have that problem not only here. When I look at my old messages somewhere on the Internet, I just can't stop cringing and cringing and cringing over those...

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Menstrual Deranged

I'll find something I posted a few years or so ago and think it was a bit silly, but regret is too strong of a word for what I feel. I wish I could say that even the worst of sh*tposting or nonsensical blathering I've partaken in is regretful, because to me that would mean that the gauge with which I judge regret has a much lower threshold formed by not having done anything too f*cked up in life. 😣   

Edited by Menstrual Deranged

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Carl Theft Auto

All of them, I don't even know what I was posting, I don't even know why am I here.

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Some of my posts, such as I posted V fanbase vs IV fanbase memes on Grand Theft Auto Memes topic.

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Yep but the reactions at the time were priceless lol especially before the ps4 came out with share capabilitys. 



Edited by lll-H-I-M-lll
Not finish

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