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Should GTA VI incorporate the Coronavirus?


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Game notification be like:

"You just contracted with Coronavirus. Please quarantine yourself at home for at least five days and maintain your health at good condition to recover. Story missions and side activities are temporary disabled while you got Coronavirus."


10/10 realism

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  • 5 months later...

I don't want to drag this out to long so i'll try make this quick 


We all know Rockstar's attention to detail at capturing the era there games are set in whether it's the TV's, phones, music, clothing, vehicles, politics, you get the point there games are like a time capsules GTA 4 is a prime example of this fat back TV's and old phones just to name a few 


In 2020 the world was tipped upside down and we are now living in this dystopian new normal as they like to call it the truth is the world is never going to be the same ever again


If the concept of needing a vaccine passport to travel, go to work, or even to the pub isn't bad enough they are planning much more this could very quickly be turned into a system like China's social credit system with Governments adding a carbon foot print to the vaccine passports "Bill Gates ID2020 style digital ID" 


Now hopefully everything above is just a crazy conspiracy theory and none of this ends up happening but here is two out comes I think Rockstar will have to do to work around this 


1) Go back to drawing board


2) Make parody of the pandemic and add a few references to it here and there 


My only hope is that they leave the pandemic out of the single player and let us enjoy a little escape from this new normal leave the crazy stuff from GTA Online II 

Edited by mrpotsworth
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I believe they will be no huge references to COVID, doesn't matter if the game is set in the past or in the present day. A small easter egg? Perphaps

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I'm pretty sure there will be no reference to the pandemic in Grand Theft Auto VI.


Developer: Let's make a parody of Coronavirus!


Developer 2: Bruh, my grandparents died because of the pandemic.

Developer: Oh. 

Edited by Americana
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Damien Scott

They have two options imo:

1) Just ignore it like the upcoming action movies set in present day;

2) Mention it on the internet, TV and radio. Say ''There was this virus that killed millions of people a couple of years ago'', something along those lines. (Assuming the game takes place in the year of its release 2023-24)

Edited by Damien Scott
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You should be able to catch STDs from sleeping around with prostitutes, sleep around too much and your character will slowly start to loose health and weight overtime.

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I say no. If the game is set in modern times, I hope it's an alternate version of current day that doesn't include the pandemic or politics.

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I imagine Gta VI might make a reference to it but I think by the time Gta VI comes out in either 2023 or 2024, things will have calmed down

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Shyabang Shyabang

The US economy might even recover like it did during the Roaring Twenties after the 1918 influenza pandemic (although the Great Depression came after that 20s). But the current pandemic might continue in many countries for a few more years because their governments chose faulty vaccines or failed to get enough of the effective ones. Many people in these countries refuse to take the vaccines because of their mistrust in their governments. Certain countries will continue to impose travel bans on a lot of the other countries. Even the CEO of the corporation that made the most effective vaccine out there said that the vaccine might be needed annually.



And tensions between certain countries have worsened during this pandemic. Even if the game gets released after the pandemic ends in the States, the pandemic and the results of it wouldn't be forgotten. We'd still see the results of this pandemic on the news.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Eminem Jeff

I don't want GTA VI get banned or delayed release because of that, just like Devotion on steam.

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