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Access to Area 69 through the vent. What's going on?


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Please, can somebody explain me what's going on in my game?


Tried it on a clean Euro v1.0 of the game for PC, and it works with all my saves.

I noticed that on my 100% savegame (during which I never used any cheats)

I can simply shoot the Vent in Area 69 to enter the underground and pickup a minigun there, etc.

The reason I'm confused, is because there are a lot of guides around the internet, including GTAForums,

which insist that you can only use tricks with montorcyles or some other ones, to get inside.


But in my saves, even before the completion of the game,

once "Black Project" mission was completed, nothing prevents me to go there anytime, shoot at the Vent to break it, and go inside the underground base.


Could it be some random glitch that left the Vent accessible after the mission "Black Project"?


Or is it something about Euro v1.0 of the game?

Or maybe there's a way to repeat this during my new playthrough I planned to do soon, so that I once again be able to enter the underground base at Area 69 easiliy and without tricks, after completing the Black Project?


Here's one my save files after the completion of "Black Project", if it would be helpful:


Edited by TheInvisibleMan
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9 minutes ago, lil weasel said:

You are using the DVD v1 Disc when playing the game?

No. For convenience I found a NoCD exe file on the internet.

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I forgot to add, that thought it's a clean installation of GTA SA,
I did use Silent Patch on that playthrough, because otherwise the game was unplayable with that terrible framerate with frame limiter on.

Could it be a side effect of Silent Patch?


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I do remember vaguely, that I was trying to obtain some special unique vehicles, so there could be some mission failing in peculiar way at some point.


In that case, theoretically, it could be some random glitch or bug in the game, which had such results.

Edited by TheInvisibleMan
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It is suggested you Play WITH the DVD in the drive. It is more likely your Crack is causing the problem. Remove it, or seek help at the source site.


BTW: Use EDIT to add/change/delete text, unless there is a new post by others.

 . This GTA San Andreas Forum does not support Pirated, Warez, nor Torrent game problems.


Modded games have their own Forum.




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I'm a bit confused. The vent cover is missing from the save you posted. It's handle looks like it was recreated after Black Project. I wouldn't expect a broken object to get deleted; most of the porta-cabins from Deconstruction, for example, persist in the save after they are broken during the mission. The bike school or repeating driving school for better medals is known to delete objects, but I'd need to see an earlier save to confirm the glitch.


But that doesn't seem likely considering that shooting the vent cover was required to gain access to the bunker. By default the vent cover is breakable, but I wouldn't expect anything other than slamming into it really hard with a vehicle to actually break it, and that doesn't seem likely when it's flat on the ground. There is no difference in the properties of the vent cover before or after Black Project.


I would not expect the cracks commonly associated with downgrader packages to cause any unexpected issues. The SilentPatch is a really solid mod that should not cause any issues, but it's easy enough to disable for a test - give it a try. If you don't have an appropriate save handy then download what you need here.

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