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GTA 6 Fear List


Recommended Posts

What are things you definitely do NOT want in the next Grand Theft Auto that still have some kind of a chance of actually happening?


I'll start off with

  • Overbearing focus on multiplayer and monetization that damages the singleplayer
    • eg. shorter story campaign   (= like TakeTwo CEO Strauss Zelnick suggested)
  • No notable innovation/improvement on AI
    • Especially law enforcement
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Not being able to fight civilians, in GTA V you take one punch and you kill them, in GTA IV you can have small fist fights with them. I'd like something similar to GTA IV but improved. 


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  • more than 2 protagonists.  I actually would prefer 1 like it used to be
  • having to maintain relationships.  To an extent.  I think they toned this down in V.  IV's model was annoying.  
  • Lack of a large interior(s) such as the mall.  Or to a lesser extent, the arena that was in VC
  • Getting a wanted level when killing in a secluded area.  This needs to stop being present; for how 'realistic' they've made some aspects, this one continues to boggle why it's still present
  • Entire map open from the beginning.  Or at least it's all seen right away.  I loved how SA days were where you discovered a new city as the story brought you there during a 'game-changing' mission.  They've done this a bit with IV and V but just the pacing in SA how you were exiled to the small towns...and then that big mission going to Las Fierro and then Venturas respectively.  Was just so well done and paced.  You never really felt, though the map was big, that V had 'different' areas that were entirely new.  At least I didn't.  It all sorta melded together eventually.
  • Too Politically correct.  You may laugh at this but it's evident in 2020 compared to 2001 that you 'can't' joke about much of anything to do with people anymore.  It's sad but true.  Look at VC, etc.  Would alot of that fly now?  I worry that Rockstar will bow down to the PC police to an extent this go around.  
4 minutes ago, 17th said:

- female protagonist

- main location in london/outside usa

I wouldn't mind a female per se; though I totally agree on the london or non-usa location.  For some reason I want the US (maybe the culture is easier to pick apart, idk)

Edited by deyessorc
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- A story that focuses on the government

- Map very big but not detailed

- Map too small

- No ragdoll physics

- Dumb AI

- Less interiors

- Not being able to buy safehouses

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- Female protagonist 

- A map that is only a re-imagination of Miami and South Florida in general. My fear is that such a map would lack the geodiversity that can add depth, longevity and variety to exploration and sightseeing.


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1. An AI system just as deep as Red Dead 2's. (Yes, my standards are very high. RDR2's AI and interaction system is already very impressive. But this is GTA afterall and I didn't wait 7+ years just to get an AI system too similar to Red Dead 2's. I just want GTA 6's AI system a whole lot more advanced than RDR2's.)


2. Bad car physics. (How would it feel if Rockstar literally didn't do anything to improve upon V's not-so-good car physics? Devastating. To me, at least. Cars are everything in this game.)


3. First-person mode being too similar to GTA V's and RDR 2's. (Animations, the feel and all. There's a lot, and I mean A LOT to improve upon.)


4. Not that much interactivity with environment.


5. Too restrictive with player choice. (Noticed this with big to little things in RDR 2. Not just in missions.)


6. 99% focus on GTA Online.

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My biggest concern, and possibly the most realistic, is that a lot of small nuances and traditions will be lost with the departure of Dan and Leslie. There are so many tiny things that make GTA GTA, like bashing X to run, the name of the car in the bottom right corner, the money in the top right corner, the fact that every cover besides Chinatown Wars has had a helicopter in the top left corner, the wonky physics, etc; 

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No crouching 


Modern day


Short singleplayer 


Bad driving


No purchaseable safehouses in singleplayer


No interiors 

Edited by Zello
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The one and only

  • Female protagonist


Why? because it's a GTA game, now i have no issues with a female protag in general but this is GTA we talking about, a game that surrounds a criminal that gets in gun fights, beats people, pulls heists etc etc and for me a female protag doing such things is just meh, plus I'd rather play as a male since I'm a male which is just part of the "immersion" and playing as a female breaks that immersion for me and that's about it nothing more nothing less.

Edited by _MK_
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Pink Pineapple

- female protagonist


- preachy political messages


- anything "woke"

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Why is everyone so averse to a female protagonist?  Anyway:

  • An inadequate range of aquatic vehicles
  • Moon-like gravity
  • Unrealistic steak. This would be the deal-breaker for me
Edited by Volatollotalov
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Most of my fears were said before me but I will say it and share my thoughts on some others. TL;DR version is that it will be another GTA 5.


  • Liberty City as a setting
  • More than 1 protagonist
  • A heavy focus on online. GTA multiplayers were so much better when the community designed them. SAMP and MTA are far more enjoyable than GTA Online. Take Two and Rockstar (or just Take Two) got greedy and sadly I can see them milking it in the next game in favor of the single player. I think having a Rockstar made online at all might just lead to bad things.
  • A character like Trevor. I really hated him, he has no personality. Even as a "parody of GTA fans" he fails.
  • Government stories. GTA SA and IV hit the perfect amount of government plotline. Either have 0 or very minimal. For most of V I felt like some secret agent.
  • Bad story in general. GTA V was kinda lacking.
  • Same lack of stuff to do. This includes the lack of restaurants, lack of side activities. If we get Vice City then volleyball would be fun.
  • Bad collectibles. The GTA V collectibles were pretty lame in my opinion.
  • GTA V level NPCs. In GTA V they seem so aggressive for no reason. Once I got attacked by one by just standing and in one place and trying out different phone numbers.
  • Bad AI in general. They are soulless creatures without any reasoning in V.
  • Empty world a la GTA V
  • Not enough interiors a la GTA V. Have restaurants.
  • No San Andreas level customization. More clothing option, more haircuts, and let us be fat or skinny, muscular or weak.
  • Lack of side missions like firefighter, vigilante and paramedic. Pimping would be fun too. If the setting is Vice City then some drug dealing side mission would be cool too.
  • If we have our own gang (like SA or VC) then let us recruit them and command them.
  • No physics improvement. Moving on foot feels heavy in V.

Elaborating on other people's fear


  • Female protagonist. Frankly I don't think this will happen. That is all I have to say on the matter.
  • Past setting. Once again this is a numbered GTA. Every GTA with a number had a present day setting except for GTA 2.
  • Having to maintain relationships. I don't think Rockstar will bring back the IV level of annoyance. V got it just right. Have it as an optional thing.
  • Politically correct. I think that would be a complete 180. Rockstar could avoid that in 2013 and that was already an era where correctness was expected. We will see.
  • Anything woke. I agree with this and I can't explain what you or I mean by it. But somehow V had that feeling to it.
Edited by GhettoJesus


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18 minutes ago, RenegadeAngel said:

You play video games often? Even for a Rockstar project, you have some high ass expectations, my friend.

How are these high expectations? I am happy to explain any of my fears better if it helps you understand my point better. I would say that some of these points I have listed were alright in GTA IV (like the peds and the on foot physics to an extent)

I think you are getting at the side missions, AI and the customization. I don't really see how creating an AI that doesn't get angry for no reason is hard. But I am happy to hear you out if you care to elaborate.

Edited by GhettoJesus


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Relentlessly scripted missions with an NPC character holding your hand the entire time and leaving no room for strategy or choice.


A return to GTA IV's driving physics where every car had ridiculous understeer and broken sway bars.


A big, pretty map with nothing to do in it outside of missions apart from "sight see" and "people watch".

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Mister Pink
1 hour ago, Volatollotalov said:

You obviously have no understanding whatsoever of how the real world works. Or perhaps you outline how you would like it to work, within the confines of your bedroom. 


Some females are criminals. Some of them are senior criminals and some of them are the Chief Executive level of criminals. The big boss doesn't necessarily wield the baseball bat into the skull of their antagonist, although plenty of them are more than capable of doing so. 


That's just the way it goes. Grow up and get some more life experience before brattishly splattering your inane toddler-like maternally-dyfunctional world view onto others. 

Take it easy, there is no need for insults just because you disagree with someone. 




Nobody is saying there aren't female criminals. On average though, men tend to commit more violent crimes. They also tend more to create organized crime gangs like the Gomorrah, the Bratva, the Irish mob and Yakuza etc. Women are absolutely entitled to create their own crime organizations but they tend not to. That's not saying women don't commit crime. Personally speaking, I don't want to play as that less than 1% outlier. I want to play a person that wouldn't be uncommon to see in the newspaper. These are men. Violent men. They steal cars, they rob banks, they punch the sh*t out of each other. Nobody is claiming women don't do these things, they just don't do it that much at all. 


GTA invites to suspend your disbelief enough. I mean, we have to accept that our protag can run around with an RPG on himself and it just dissapears when we put it away. Please lets not add more things to the list in GTA that seems not very plausible. And being a woman, running around car-jacking, stealing cars, punching the head off people.. yeah.. it may happen and some women might be in to that but not really. 


And yeah there are some psycho women like Griselda Blanco.. but who are these other women in the news media on a daily basis? I can open the news now and find a plethora of criminals doing very GTA crimes and they're all guys. And that's all it is. It's a fact. It's not anything to get worked up about or to insult another member over. 


Again, there's enough things that aren't probable in GTA. A woman commiting violent offences, overpowering other men, assaulting multiple people in a street fight and winning, and also maintaining an interest in cars, flying and generally criminal and outlaw activity, is generally attracts males. That's not sexist, that's just an observable fact.


This isn't going to turn in to a topic about  female protagonists but I had to respond. There's not need to insult people because you disagree with them. People can raise their points but make sure it sticks to the topic and nobody is insulting anyone else. 



I agree with the OP, man. I just don't want it Online focused and the best features were Online-exclusive. I don't want character-switching during the story. Maybe after it or at 100% completion. 


I don't want another modern day setting. I don't need to play a game that looks and feels like my current daily grind. Phone menus, people ringing me, annoying me. Gaming-wise,  dont need to drive the same looking Infernus for the last nearly 15 years. 


Don't give me a modern Vice City. If anything is so predictable, it's a modern Vice City. Do we have any originality left? Give me something new. Give me a surprise. Give me a city that I can't compare to another game. You know, like Vice City was back in 2002. 



Edited by Mister Pink
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-Any other time period besides modern day


-multiple protagonists 


-female protagonist 

-short story


-only city based map (like GTA 4) 


-no car customization 


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Sorry to be a pain, but Mister Pink is right - no discussion about female protags, please. It quite literally never ends well. 

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- a modern setting

- no interiors, Burger Shots, malls...

- heists, heists everywhere

- not being able to do a mission the way you want it, it failing when you leave the route

- same old fist fighting like in V

- story progressing in time just so online can take place in modern times



To be honest, I think I myself overdid it with V. I am so sick of it that just the thought of it being anything like V kills my interest


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- Some too futuristic stuff. I would hate to see that MK2 bike in GTA VI.

- People/Police that wanna start a fight with you just because you stand next to them.

- People being afraid when you walk behind them for a short time (In RDR2, this happens alot, especially in Saint Denis's market place).

- Drivers that honk at you for no reason (sometime you stop at a red light, the guy behind start freaking out and bumps into your car etc etc).

- Drivers that drives into your car when you take a tight bend. This happens a lot in GTA V, in Vinewood Hills. 

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Tommy "Nightmare" Smith

-I wouldn't like to see the sh*tty handling and damage sistem for car and bikes from Gta v. Sports car climbing a steep mountain just sounds wrong

-grinding in Online should be reduced, I want to play to relax, I don't want it to be a second job 

-a more mature story, on the line of GTA IV

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- R* continuing with the full map unlocked unlike previous games where you enter a locked zone and you immediately get 5 stars

- Release 2 years after the trailer like usual 

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1 hour ago, FFTLate said:

- Some too futuristic stuff. I would hate to see that MK2 bike in GTA VI.

- People/Police that wanna start a fight with you just because you stand next to them.

- People being afraid when you walk behind them for a short time (In RDR2, this happens alot, especially in Saint Denis's market place).

- Drivers that honk at you for no reason (sometime you stop at a red light, the guy behind start freaking out and bumps into your car etc etc).

- Drivers that drives into your car when you take a tight bend. This happens a lot in GTA V, in Vinewood Hills. 

Drivers really need to be improved. They can't properly overtake you any will just crash into you.

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- Only one city

- It's on current-gen

- Three protagonists (I think two would be fine. Depends on how they do it)

- 80's setting (I'd rather have modern day or 70's over 80's)

- Underwater (I mean, it was beautiful in 5 but I RARELY ever spent down there other than searching for collectibles. If they bring it back there should be at least more worthwhile things to do. At this point, it's a large waste of space)

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Excalibur Voltaire

Cockstar double-dipping or triple-dipping the game, but honestly if they ever dared to do that I'll just pirate the game


Over reliance on Scripted event instead of it being actually dynamic, which is something V and especially RDRII guilty of

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Being set in 90s, pre-70s or 2010s. Anything else is fine with me (70s, 80s, 2000s and 2020s - modern times).


Map uncovering how it does in GTA V and RDR II. I'd be fine with it if at 90-95% of map uncovering, it uncovers to 100% automatically.

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