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Vice City Stories: PC Edition

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Hi everyone, after 10 years and many of them being inactive we've came to the tough decision to finally declare this project dead, we've held out in hopes that people would want to join the team and c

So since things are quiet I decided to have a play around with some scripts and I've always liked the idea of a GTAV-esque dynamic soundtrack, so I've put a test of that into VCS PC, you can watch the

There is no update kid.

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Yeah. Beta#2 will be soon! rahkstar2.gif

Some screens:

"VCPD Cruiser" by Mock.

user posted image

"Cop" by XEPOMAHT007 and Alek-say.

user posted image

Wheel from park by Mock.

user posted image

Edited by Alek-say
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Nice! Will you also be fixing things like moving_rotors on helicopters and adding things like the correct VCS 'bloom'-like effects?



• Vertex Coulors, Night Vertex Coulors and 2dfx for all almost districts



wow, you're further at porting VC base than I am with OpenVice... I'm still chugging on a 0xFFFFFFFF crash on the west island, which I need to fix before I want to go at 2dfx. :|

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Edit timecyc a bit , VCS has more blur and depth of field which i didnt like much but it shall be included as option in this mod

Heres a picture of how VCS looks like:


user posted image


Oh and dont forget to edit draw distance , its better than SA to say the least

Edited by GTARandom
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I hope this VCS Mod will be finished and get a lot good progress, all things are looking very promising for now.

The trailer is also very cool smile.gif

Can't wait for the first release biggrin.gif

Keep it up, guys icon14.gif

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Nice work, I hope this dosent die. I completed this on PS2 i just dont know how to get Swimsuit.. Anyways i cant wait to play it on the pc smile.gif

EDIT: did you know in VCS you could ride the ferris wheel you go in marker and it says while its still moving: Wait till the ferris wheel stops. or somet like tht and then you go in it then it turns again no cutscene or anything peds will be sat in some of them too, Hope you like the advice. wink.gif

Edited by cocky256
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Yes I turned on effects. In the first beta we used only effect call Motion Blur but for much better results we'll use ENBSeries.

Edited by Luten
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