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[GTA V] PTFX - Particle Effect Tool for developers.


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This is a modding tool for developers to find out and play particles effects. Press F9 to open the effects menu.

It uses a ini file with all the particles available originally available here


How to add new particle effects:


Open the particles.ini file from the scripts folder in the GTA V directory.

The schema of the file is similar to a ini configuration file but there are no values given. Between the square brackets you'll find the asset name and under it the effect names.

Don't add new assets if they arleady there, just add the effects under it. Follow the example below.


# This is a comment


If you found a new asset or effect and you want to share it with the rest of the world go to the GitHub link below and make a pull request so everyone can update their local ini files with the new changes.

How to update assets and ini files:

After the github file has changed, next time you load the game you'll get a notification that there's a new database update. Open the effects menu (F9) and press the enter keys 2 times.


Source Code:



Particles.ini file:



ScriptHookVDotNet - https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases
NativeUI - https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases



Copy particles.ini and PTFX.dll to the scripts folder in the game's directory.



Download Link:








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if it was clear what " <Unknown10 value="0" /> is
     <Unknown14 value="1" />
     <Unknown50 value="1" />
     <Unknown54 value="1" />
     <Unknown58 value="1" />
     <Unknown5C value="1" />" and so on then editing them would be very easy
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