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What do you think of Vincenzo Cilli/Massimo Torini ?


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Vincenzo Cilli

The 2nd best antagonist in this series, a douche bag, an a**hole

, humiliating, despicable, I mean he had oral sex while he was talking to his mom

one the phone, I mean seriously, who does that ?

he even tried to Slaughter Toni with Chainsaw goons in"the Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"

when I was finishing this mission, I killed Vinnie with a chainsaw,

try brutal kills, he a brutal death...

Mussimo Torini

smart, but isn't smart to enough for the job

He knows how to take down his enemies and rule over the city

ruin the peace between them, get them to do a war between each other

and when the dust settles, you take over

what a smart plan,

but he forgot about Cipriani and the Leone family,

his fight was boooooring and easy, his fight needed to be more challenging...

how about you guys ?

what do you think of Cilli and Torini?

let me know by replying

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13 hours ago, Payne said:

Mussimo Torini? Never heard of it.

It's a misspelling of "Massimo Torini". It's the antagonist that's confronted in the final mission. He also appears in another mission in Portland towards the beginning of the game.

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Massimo is the worst antagonist ever, He only appeared in 2 missions. Not to mention he didn't even talk to the protagonist.


Vincenzo is a pretty good antagonist, knew he would betray us.

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Vincenzo is funny, conniving, and generally a slimy douchebag who does not get along with Toni right from the get go. In my opinion, it was a misstep to kill him off during the Portland portion of the story because he's a much more convincing antagonist than Massimo, and generally has a stronger presence than Massimo. They should have kept him around for longer I think.

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