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Things to do after finishing the game! My suggestions + Share yours!

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Well these days most of you guys are home because of Coronavirus, so I decided to make this topic to share some of the things and activities I do after finishing the main story. I'd love it if you guys share your suggestions with me and other players as well. 😊

- Play the side missions if you haven't. 

- Tame and Maximum Bond with unique wild horses (White Arabian, Perlino Andalusian...) 

- Play poker and blackjack: this may sound boring but trust me it's not, if you can't play poker try your hand at Blackjack its fairly easier. May the odds be in your favor. 😁

- Inspect all points of interest. 

- Try to craft every item in the Trapper. 

- Attack some gang hideouts (Gaptooth Breach, Fort Mercer, Thieves Landing, Hanging Dog Ranch...) (Don't forget the money in the first two) 

- Collect all treasures, without using walkthrough or online guides. 

- Try to get the Carolina Parakeet challenge done. 

- Find all melee weapons on map. E.g The hatchets. 

- Walk the streets of Saint Denis and take in the beautiful civilization and witness the economic gap. 

- Play some bounties if you have them left. 

- Go the the tailor and try your best at creating a nice outfit. Or recreate your favorite outfits from movies and other games. 

- Do the chores at the ranch. 

- Get drunk and antagonize everyone there. 😂

- Set up Camp somewhere peaceful and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

- Go fishing and earn some meat or money, it's also very soothing (My favorite activity) 

- Rob stores without getting wanted.

- Rob a train without getting a bounty. (this is very fun and challenging) 

- Collect all unique hats and masks on the game world. 

- Collect the Cigarette Cards again if you haven't once already. 

- Sell Wagons to Seamus. 

- Grow your hair/beard to maximum length. 

- Try to finish the challenges and get the legend of the east outfit (I'm haven't finished this myself) 

- Try to max your honor (hard) or minimum it (easy) 😂


Well Guys these are the suggestions I have you're staying home and don't know what to do. I hope it helps you. 






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