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Easiest way to win Condor Egg free roam event

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Posted (edited)

I accidently found the easiest to win $1000 in the condor egg free roam event. I've tested it three times and it works.


Accept the event invitation, then wait for it to start. After it started, find a way to kill yourself(fall from a cliff, drown yourself, etc), after you died go back to free roam(this has to be done before someone else find the egg). You will get another invitation very soon, accept it and when you get in you will find there's only one competitor. 


Known bug:

The event sometimes wont end during the second entrance after you picked up the condor egg. 

If this happens, kill yourself again or wait for your competitor to quit, then it will end. Go back to free roam, there will be another invitation. Fast travel to Nazar, sell your egg before the invitation expires. $2000 under 10 mins.(The third entrance might be considered 'exploiting bugs' because you should only get $1000 per event)




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well, I got around 60+ condor eggs just playing the event without any shenanigans!

today for example, I rode my way through tall trees and then saw it first on the cliffs of the waterfall. another dude was looking over from the other side of the river, near bear claw camp. I was going to climb the passage and get the egg...but then I saw that bitch was just waiting for me to get up there, so he could blow me away with a dynamite arrow which he had drawn. so I slid back down, and got my own bow...took me a few seconds and when I got back he was gone...jumped off the cliff I think, or just dropped out (his horse was still there). got up there and picked up the egg. righteous YAY!

but wait... OP haha maybe he did what you posted exactly?! suicide before someone else got the egg?!

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Maybe. Or maybe he just gave up.😄

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