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Extracting weapon files from GTA Underground

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Posted (edited)

Hello there,

so I recently started doing some modding in my free time again and I was wondering, if I can't just extract the weapon files from GTA UG and put them into another GTA SA folder that I'm working on,

since the weapons in GTA Underground are much more optimized and have been quality checked by the team respectively.


What do I mean by much more optimized and have been quality checked?

Example One: A converted chainsaw from VCS to SA has two blades and nothing in between whereas the chainsaw in UG has a chain in between the two "blades".

Example Two: The VCS/LCS Chromegun/Shotgun has a weird shape at the end of the barrel which the UG team has fixed and put into GTA UG.)

There are many more examples of that but these two just came into my mind.


My problem is that I have tried with IMG Editor and IMG Tool 2.0 and a few other tools to get into the "GTA3" folder which I coudn't.

Just to give you a bit of context of where I am with modding, I am using modloader for all my mods (except SilentPatch)

and most of the time I read the ReadMe file that comes included with the zip file of the mod.


With IMG Tool 2.0, this error occurs whenever I try to open the "GTA3" file: "Unable to find DIR file!"

And with Alci's IMG Editor, it shows me this https://imgur.com/a/9DjW8uh


Any help is very much appreciated


Oh and if anyone from the team is here reading this,

could you add these weapons into UG too?


https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/M60?file=M60-GTAVC-PS2.png - The M60 from the Original PS2 version of GTA Vice City.


"Original PS2 version of Grand

Theft Auto: Vice City. The front

sight is facing the correct direction,

and the buttstock, feed tray cover,

handguard, gas cylinder and bipod

are more correctly modeled."


The Python from GTA Vice City BETA:

"Colt Python" - Python from Vice City BETA 


The M4 from GTA Vice City BETA:

"M4" - M4 from Vice City BETA 


And lastly the Combat Shotgun from Vice City BETA aswell:

"S.P.A.S. 12" - Combat Shotgun from Vice City BETA 


I know it doesn't seem like much but it means the world to me.



Edited by Rainforce

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At the moment you can't but maybe one day they will release a weapon pack, emphasis on maybe. 😉

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