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PSP Save Editor/Taxi Mission help


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I'm playing LCS for the first time, and before I start the regular playthrough, I want to get rid of all the tedious side missions from 100% checklist. 
I just did 100 taxi fares in one sitting, but when I came back to safehouse I realized I started doing taxi missions on the older save, where I haven't collected any packages and haven't done all paramedic and firefighter missions(I had all of these on my previous save). Partially because I'm and idiot and partially because the save screen in LCS(at least PSP version) is freaking weird, as it creates multiple saves unlike 3/VS/SA, and when you're on a load screen, it doesn't seem to prioritize your most recent save, so you might end up loading an older one.

So, is there some sort of save editor for PSP or a glitch/exploit/anything that will help me beat the taxi missions a lot faster? Otherwise I'd have to skip this game entirely and start with VC, I don't want to put myself through all of this again...

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