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Crossbow concept

Lucifer reap

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Lucifer reap

My dream weapon for red dead online would be a crossbow 


Now I know this will get alot of contavercy due to people complaining about the immersion of the game but back then some hunters used crossbows because they were out within this time and have already been used for quite a few years before the time period of red dead online  now enough of the reasoning of why it would be period correct and let's dive into the actual weapon itself 


The crossbow would be a small stronger version of the bow ranging to a better use in pvp but like all weapons it would have its own disadvantages 


The crossbow would be able to shoot a bolt/ arrow faster with more accuracy with a farther reach  then a bow making it easier for more precise then a normal bow making it more useful for hitting vital areas in the body and making it harder to dodge then a arrow from the normal bow 


But this faster travel speed and accuracy comes at the price of the reload time being slower then the bow due to having to pull my the string and to load a dart taking about 6 - 8 seconds depending on upgrades and other factors   


Special ammo 


The crossbow would be able to use the same special ammo as the bow besides for the tracking arrow which would be replaced with a new bolt which I'll get into in a minute 


Due to the crossbow being able to shoot the bolt farther and faster then the bow special ammo like fire and explosive would have a debuff in the amount you would be able to hold at a time due to them becoming more lethal with the faster travel time and farther distance  

With the crossbow you would be able to hold 10 more bolts/ arrows then the bow making in more convenient for hunting while also being able to retrieve bolts from animals and one shot kills on enemies 


With the release of the crossbow would also come a new crafting recipe know as the bleed bolt which could be crafted by 1x arrow, 2x thorns, thorns would be a new item you could have a chance to get while collecting resources from diffrent flowers and bushes  


This arrow would be able to hold up to 15 in your inventory but would have to be crafted while at a campfire to balance it out to keep players from spamming it 


The effects of this bolt would be a mild bleeding effect while if not immediately adressed will slowly start to take more of your health and stamina and if left along long enough become immuned to the effects of health tonics, the effect would disappear upon early tonic use or death of player 




As with every weapon the crossbow will come with its own set of customization shaping it to the user's personalities  ranging from being able to change the metals but more importantly change to different kinds of varnishes greatly changing the look of your weapon 


The crossbow will also have upgradeable components ranging from the iron sights increasing accuracy to stronger strings making for a slightly faster reload 


There would also be a option to add a medium or long range scope to the crossbow similar to the rifles 


With the crossbow will also come it's own engravings that will be available along the whole weapon but more importantly the crossbow will come with a customizable varient


The crossbow will come with a customizable varient know as "Hunter" 

With the hunter varient the wood and metal of the crossbow will change to a more soil color while adding in camouflage to the crossbow with customizable options of leaves, twigs, mud and other options depending on the environment you want your crossbow to look camouflaged in.


This is only a concept of what I would like to receive as a weapon within red dead redemption it is only from my imagination though some day I do wish to see something similar enter the game 


This concept originally had photos but unsure how to add photos on here

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