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Vice City: Moonshinin', Arms Dealin' and Stuntin'


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Vice City: Moonshinin', Arms Dealin' and Stuntin'


Disclaimer: Some events from VC or VCS may or may not have happened


Derek Connors is a guy who tries to survive in any way he can in the drug and gang infested streets of Vice City.


One day, he was in a bar when an old man tried to hold his weight on Derek because he was drunk:


DC: What the f*ck man?! Get off me!

???: Oh, sorry man. I'm absolutely wasted, could you give me a ride to my place?

DCSure whatever, I don't have anything else to do anyways.

???: Thanks dude. 


They get out of the bar and Derek takes the wheel of the old man's Walton:


???: The place is over in Viceport, take me there.

DCWhere in Viceport exactly?

???: 101 Bayshore Avenue.

DC: Alright, I got it.


Since Derek was going fast, a cop running radar clocked them speeding and started to chase them:


DC: Oh sh*t!

???: Quick, get to a Pay 'n' Spray! Since you're a good kid I'll pay this one for you.


Derek gets to a Pay 'n' Spray without the cop following them, resprays the truck and gets back on the road:


DC: Holy crap, that was close!


Derek gets to the house and drops the truck and the old man off:


???: Thank you, kid.

DC: No problem, old man.

???: Here you go, for your troubles.

The old man hands him over a card and $200, the card reads:


Phil Cassidy: Licensed Weapons Dealer


PC: If you need any work, good guns or quality liquor you come to me, alright?

DC: Alright, see you old man.


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