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Accessing the unnamed Hotel

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Posted (edited)

In the mission Accidents Will Happen, you will ride an Infernus into the interior of an unnamed hotel during the final scene of the mission. This is the only time this room makes an intended appearance in the game but oddly there's nothing stopping you from entering it during freeroam.


All you need is a helicopter. Just approach the room, shoot out the windows (using a Little Willie makes this much easier) and carefully manoeuvre the birdie inside. The vehicle will most definitely not survive so you'll have to ditch it.





And there! You'll be inside the room. What I found very odd about this room is that, for an interior that briefly appears in a single scene in one mission, it's very detailed. Check it out:






Even the part of it that doesn't appear in the mission is fully modeled. This place looks very good, it overtakes most interiors in the game by miles. One thing VCS suffered from was a lack of good interiors. Most were either too small, mission-specific or lacking in detail. Part of me wants to wish it originally had a larger purpose in the game that got scrapped but, knowing Rockstar, that isn't likely. It could've been the basis for a new safehouse. Since Vice City Beach had only one safehouse that wasn't close to anything, it could've been very useful. It disappoints me that they used it in a single mission then dumped it. I mean, the hotel it's in doesn't even have a name. Its entrance sign literally just says Hotel.





I hope the folk who make VCS PC Edition can give this interior a role by making it a safehouse. That would be a very good addition to the game.

Edited by henrardwal
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Dope man, I've always wondered too how to get there. Never thought the little willie would be able to get there. UFF years ago in the 3D era prime days, I thought about being able to have a high rise condo safe house in one of those hotels around that area with a view to the port and the docks at the marina. 

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