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[XBX1] [LSCES] Los Santos County Emergency Services | Realistic Roleplay Community on GTA V


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Los Santos County Emergency Services

Established December 25 2019 || KingJahern & SychoKillr14


Active Community | Realistic Criminal Justice Academy | Realistic Community | Start as a Civilian | Open Departments | CAD & MDT | Zello | Discord | Must be 15+ 

     Are you interested in joining a Community on XBOX one that's based on nothing but pure realism? Well Los Santos County Emergency Services© is the place for you! Los Santos County Emergency Services was founded in December of 2019. Los Santos County Emergency Services offers you a chance to seriously roleplay, and not have to worry about those "looking for group" posts. 
     Start off as a civilian - When you first apply to our community it's called the "Entry Application phase", here you will apply with basic information about yourself and your character. Next, if your application is deemed good for our community, we'll invite you to a community interview, and roleplay. This is where you get to show us your roleplay skills and everyone else in the community your roleplay ability! If you pass this, congratulations, you're in!
     Start a business, join a gang - If you want to stay as a civilian, you can always choose to start a business, join a gang, or even start your own gang!

     Join a department - Once you've roleplayed with the community, you will be given access and the chance if you want, to join the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos County Sheriff's, San Andreas Fire Department, or the San Andreas Emergency Communications Center! If you choose to go down the law enforcement path, you will have to apply to the San Andreas Criminal Justice Academy, where you will undergo San Andreas Law Enforcement training. Once you graduate the academy and go onto patrol, you join sub units, or explore the Sergeant school! You can also become a firefighter or a Paramedic where you'll be trained by our instructors at the San Andreas School of Fire and EMS.
     Features - Some features our community has to offer:

  • CAD & MDT - We offer a CAD and MDT that we use every roleplay
  • We have courts, tickets, and an active Penal Code!
  • We roleplay Statewide, meaning all three towns; Los Santos, Sandy Shores, and Paleto Bay.
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Warrants
  • Community Guidelines that are always updated.
  • Can't just run from the police


What are you waiting for? Join today! 


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