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Smooth Criminal Bicycles


Recommended Posts

Smooth Criminal Bicycles v3.0




Added more bicycle extras.
Adapted with Vehfuncs' paintjob function.
Secondary colors (carcols) added.
Adapted with Vehfuncs' f_brake function.
Replaced some SCB bicycle meshes with improved/better meshes (aka less blocky/messy).
New bicycle details.
Retweaked some bicycle materials.
Adapted with SkyGFX and RenderHook (Sormed's PS2 Atmosphere RH preset recommended).
Added default GTA SA Dirt (vehiclegrunge256) to bicycles - adapted with Vehfuncs' dirt system (ECG recommended for high quality dirt texture).
Removed the need of ISDC's bmx/bike wheels, and also removed the need of Rikintosh's textures.





SCBv3 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M82o-b6xHHacUiNa4yxj-9x47DkDGOT7

Edited by Zeneric
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  • 7 months later...

Remade SCB BMX from scratch (only very few parts - rims for example remain untouched), dff size went from 1.4mb to 700kb. Removed the star decals / rims. Also removed too many black chrome lines (carcols).


SCB BMX v3.2 download:



You need this FVC asi for BMX's chain to animate correctly (Made by Grinch_):




Discovered and fixed bugs. Updated. Same link (just redownload).


Edited by Zeneric
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I tend to stay stuck with something for a while fiddling, playing, messing, redoing, etc becoming super frustrated.

Wasn't happy with that BMX I released - wanted to spice it up more - and the wheels were f*cked (topology wise).

Ended up giving the whole BMX body a paintjob function (VehFuncs). Paintjob texture size is 2048x2048.


This paintjob is rust:



Another paintjob I done I don't know what the f*ck I was doing:



And went madder:



I also messed with MTBIKE - gave it a muddy/dirty look (don't know if I can make a paintjob of the whole mtbike body too 'cause it got many extras/variations (vehfuncs) to cram in one single 2048x2048):



Edited by Zeneric
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