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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Additional Side Missions

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Posted (edited)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Additional Side Missions



Hi! I'd like to make my own side missions for this game, so I will make

some using DYOM! You can also help me by giving me some ideas of what side missions should I make!





See the Sight Before your Flight!


Original Mission from: GTA LCS

Objective: Drive the tourists around San Andreas and get them to different               landmarks. Take a photo of the tourist and the landmark and then             take the tourist back to the airport within a time limit.

Location: Los Santos Airport, Las Venturas Airport, San Fierro Airport

Status: W.I.P.

Download: W.I.P.



The SA Tour


Objective: Drive around the state within a time limit.

Location: Bayside, Foster Valley, Grove Street, Prickle Pine

Status: W.I.P.

Download: W.I.P.


Edited by XzeuX
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Posted (edited)

This seems to be a fantastic idea, XzeuX! However, I have a suggestion for you: instead of just having 'side-missions' which could get boring, you could choose to add 'Random Encounter' missions where CJ meets minor characters and runs errands or activities for them. This could mean more varied and fun missions in addition to your side-mission ideas. An example would be, for example, CJ meets Cesar while he's having a casual drive and finds out that Cesar is waiting for a weapons dealer to buy weapons for his gang. Then Cesar asks CJ to just accompany him for fun and it turns out that the weapons dealer was planning to rip Cesar off by taking the money and giving him fake weapons. Then Cesar and CJ chase and kill the dealer to get the money back. Do you get what I mean? Random minor missions that do not contribute to the overall GTA SA storyline but rather would exist as Random Encounter missions. Of course you should keep the mission ideas you mentioned above too, but consider Random Encounter missions as well :)

Edited by RithRake24
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