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[PC ONLY] Looking for players to join Sabre Defense Group [Casual PMC/Mercenary RP Crew] Need active players today!


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Sabre Defense Group is looking for any and all players looking for a community to join to play with people, make friends and get help doing Client Jobs, VIP jobs, Business Battles, Killing griefers & More (including Heists and assisting with selling fellow members cargo). Just trying to find quality and active crew members to join our family and our attempt at the PMC/Mercenary RP Playstyle. I play in the US on PC and can be on at any point during the night/day. So anyone is welcome as long as you aren't annoying or a dick we will give you a shot and we can make some money

Post image

Discord REQUIRED | Mic Encouraged

If you want to make money, join a community, have some fun in free lobbies and help build something fun add me, and join the crew or ill invite you personally--But first join our Discord, maybe you'll even make friends! 😜

R* Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sabre_defense_group/wall

Add my Social Club: SpasxG and then join crew

Join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xscQU6U

Discord ID: Spasx#7652

Edited by Spasx
fixed title to be less redundant
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We have over 50+ members now! our discord is always popping off with 1-2 groups of people doing MC businesses sell missions or just messing around. We have an international playerbase (so I have people to play with late at night) but we are looking for American players to join our ranks and help us expand and be on during "Normal" USA times. 

Join us today!

(this is a shameless bump)

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This is a pretty good crew everyone is chill, i joined about a week ago and we are looking for more members.

Quite a few of us are usually on every day and are willing to help crew members if needed.

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Good crew, fast-growing. Just recently got back into GTA and it's been a smooth transition coming back after not playing a while. It's new and growing, but there's usually someone online. Got a ton of help for my heists and missions.

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