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Gaggliano Crime Family


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Bohan, Liberty City based organization opening the books for workers to fill no show union job positions in waste management (tax purposes). Services may or may not include loansharking, extortion, burglary, hijacking, smuggling, narcotics trafficking, etc etc 



Character must be Sicilian. No facial hair. No tattoos. No face paint. No masks. 


Take a vow of Omerta. No mics. Using a mic will get you wacked! Never share secrets with anyone outside of the family. Informants wearing wires get feed to the sharks. 


Never touch a made man. The family will operate like a real Italian organized crime borgata. (Via GTA of course) Players that like running crews and jobs will be made capo, players that like free roam will be made a soldier under a capo, etc etc 


Be a good earner. Pay tribute to the boss and honor Cosa Nostra. You don't earn you get wacked!


No temper tantrums. No meltdowns. No video game ragers. 
No jet bikes or flyers. No supercars, batmobiles, tanks, etc (lowriders ok). No alien or superweapons. No Rockets. 


The family offers protection for the players who still enjoy classic GTA criminal activities. 



Want to work for the mob? Request an invite and await further instructions: 




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