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PS4 Serious Militarised Police RP [18+]

San Andreas State RP

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San Andreas State RP

Hi there, 


Looking for something a bit more serious and...darker? SASRP might be able to provide something a bit different. I've had extensive RP experience of running and staffing servers - mostly on GMOD, but have used FIVEM too. Moving RP to console is interesting because it requires a bit more inventiveness! 

  • 18+ only, (no offence!) mature and realistic experience
  • Simple Discord based economy - wages paid per day - P2P transfer system up and running with an impetus to earn a daily wage
  • Militarised Police State within a slightly Orwellian setting... 
  • Fuel RP system
  • Police RP system 
  • Vehicle/weapon Registration and licensing system is online too
  • Pressing pause and using the Map is allowed (hard to police anyway) - but Policing adapts to this with some "interesting methods"
  • Players can still operate their businesses or go legit and do a job like a taxi driver or barman 
  • Transport system including planes, coaches and taxis

Plenty more to come - server not quite ready to launch as the discord needs a bit more work - but if there is anyone who likes the sound of this, is 18+ with staff and police experience, is relaxed and professional and would be interested in getting involved in running the server, then please contact me. Don't care where you are from, Ireland to India - anyone is welcome, just please use English only.


Thanks in advance,



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