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LESA GAMING Now Recruiting (Fivem)


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Since 2010, LESA Gaming  has stood proud as a group of role players who work together to patrol the streets of the GTA universe (and other games)!

What makes us different? PURE role play in its most expansive, creative form. We permit & encourage the use of a trainer. From the moment you join our server, you’ll be able to create and design your character & role play the way you want, with no grinding or economy standing in your way. There is no black list, so go crazy!

At LESA, we believe that role play is improvisational, dynamic, and in the moment. Role play, just like combat - and even life itself - is ever changing. You will never have to run around town blowing hours on ‘Point A to Point B’ jobs just to buy something to start an RP. Just keep in mind, our laws might make certain things illegal, but that’s a cop’s headache though, right?

What do we offer you? The Los Santos County Police Department will keep you busy with career paths ranging from patrol, investigations & covert ops, tactical response, and pursuit mitigation. With all this to choose from, there’s never a boring moment. Even the Fire Department has plenty to do!

Are you more interested in keeping the cops on their toes than wearing a badge? Join as a civilian and host a car meet, shoot that guy who cut you off, become a taxi driver, rob the 24/7, or pull the next greatest heist! Whatever you choose, the lore of Los Santos is waiting for you.

Regardless of what you initially chose, you’re never stuck. Join as a cop and be a civilian whenever you feel like it. Join as a civilian and want to become a cop? All it takes is a quick orientation and you’re in - there is no mandatory training, no tests to pass - just lots of fun. It’s that simple.

Why lore friendly? It fits the world we’re working in - we work in the GTA universe, fighting to stop crime (or perhaps cause some - hey, a little crime doesn’t hurt… much) and protect the streets of Los Santos, not Los Angeles. The lore friendly vehicles blend in with their environment: Vapid’s got a dealership in town, not Ford; there’s billboards with pictures of the cars; it even makes our unmarked vehicles harder to spot! But, with all that in mind, our cars might be ‘vanilla,’ but they’re far from boring with upgraded interiors, lighting, and other components you’ll fall in love with them, just as we have.

What does it take to join? Own a copy of GTA V, have or be willing to download/use TeamSpeak 3, speak English, and, if you want to be a police officer: be at least 16 years of age (there is no age restriction to join Los Santos County Fire or as a civilian).

Ready to take the first step in joining? Want more information? Join us on TeamSpeak at ts.lesagaming.com - chat us up, get a feel for the group and see if we are right for you! Alternatively, apply first at www.joinlesa.com 1 then get online! (The application process is 99% easier if you join TeamSpeak first :slight_smile: )

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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