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[WIP] {GTA IV: World Trade Center}

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World Trade Center IV, is a total conversion mod that adds the twin towers to Liberty City








Images are not available at the moment work is being done to put them back







-This Mod Has Copyright?

 This mod if it is copyrighted, if you record a video it is necessary to give credits, if you create a page, it is the same.


-Why does this mod have copyright?

This mod has copyright, because it is not very easy to make a total conversion mod, and only one person (me) is working on the mod


-Is this Mod compatible with EFLC?

This mod is not (and is not intended to be) comparable to EFLC, TBOGT and TLAD is only compatible with IV


-What Patch Does This Mod Use?

It is compatible with the following versions: (Highly recommended) (recommended) (not highly recommended)


-That Bugs Contains This Mod?

Yes, the main bugs are, pedestrians, cars and invisible objects removed from the square


-This Mod Has Maximum Compatibility With Other Mods?

From the beginning we thought about the maximum compatibility with other mod, we have the answer and it is a resounding if, but it is estimated that this happens in the final version of the first phase.



WTC V1.0a: Not Available

WTC V1.0: Not Available

WTC V2.0: Not Available

WTC V3.0: Not Available

WTC V4.0: Not Available



GTAIV: RockstarGames

GimsIV(3dsMaxScript): 3Doomer

Sketchup: Sketchup2019

OpenIV:(FilesManager): OpenIV

Edited by SKDrub
I was badly edited

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Hi,when release mod?

Hbx version lod bugs,view distance bug missing texture.0.3.5

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