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Game freezes at one specific point of one mission

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I run RDR2 on PC using Windows 7. I am 85% through the game on my first run-through and am experiencing a recurring freezing issue during a specific point during one of the missions in Epilogue Part 2. This is the mission during which you go pick up tools from Nils; shortly after that story checkpoint there is the indication of an attack on the player, with the audio of arrows being shot and some red dots appearing on the minimap. At this point my game freezes and I am forced to quit out of it. I have seen other users post similar issues on different stories/missions with different solutions but it seems to generally be much earlier in the story. I've been able to get through over 80% of the story with no freezing or crashing issues. I've also reloaded my save game prior to starting that mission, and done some other activities in the interrim like robbing a stagecoach, hunting, and doing a bounty. No matter what else I do, the game behaves fine right up until the point that I decide to try the mission again, at the exact spot in the mission described earlier.


Is there anyone with a suggested solution to this issue? So far I have tried:


- Updating video drivers (mine were up to date through the Geforce Experience panel)

- Restarting in safe mode

- Disabling Vulkan and running Dx12 instead

- Verifying integrity of game files in Steam

- Deleting the Settings folder in My Documents

- Altered behavior in the mission itself, such as moving slower or faster on the wagon, dismounting before the event occurs, trying cinematic mode, trying dead eye


At this point the only other things I can think of trying would be to reinstall the entire game but that's a pretty lengthy process I was hoping to avoid.

Edited by 0ddfish

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I did a full game re-install and encountered the same issue in the same exact spot in the mission.

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