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The Miller family mystery


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I'm putting this first part in spoiler tags because you should probably watch the video before you read it.




I'm calling this the feral Man mystery for the moment but technically it's the feral man Otis Miller mystery


Or maybe just the Miller family mystery I don't know maybe you folks can let me know what you think




Here is the video explaining the mystery that was hidden in plain sight but apparently everyone missed...



Here are two additional supporting videos on this subject...


His journal...



How to complete the final confrontation without killing his wolves...




Edited by Deadman2112
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I'm so sorry I fell asleep during the upload. 


Regarding the mystery itself...

I'm reminded of a conversation between the Strange Man and John Marston in Red Dead Redemption when he says to John...


Why would you remember me friend?

You've forgotten far more important people.

Edited by Deadman2112
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Orbea Occam

That is an insane detail if true. Regardless of wether it's true or not thats some good investigating OP, I havnt seen or heard of this theory in the entire 16 months that RDR2 has been out and it does actually add up when you think about it.

Edited by Dark Rosewood Varnish
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Can't lie, The Miller Family Mystery has a nice ring to it, lol. Pretty cool to read R* are maybe playing games with red herrings for those looking into the files too. I'm sure not always for those at the time looking in of course, but when something more unique or lesser known is found, it's great to see and knowing it can be a minefield to get there, gotta be a bit more rewarding in a way I feel. 

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