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The feral man / Miller family mystery


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I'm putting this first part in spoiler tags because you should probably watch the video before you read it.




I'm calling this the feral Man mystery for the moment but technically it's the feral man Otis Miller mystery


Or maybe just the Miller family mystery I don't know maybe you folks can let me know what you think




Here is the video explaining the mystery...



Here are two additional supporting videos on this subject...


His journal...



How to complete the final confrontation without killing his wolves...




Edited by Deadman2112
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That is an insane detail if true. Regardless of wether it's true or not thats some good investigating OP, I havnt seen or heard of this theory in the entire 16 months that RDR2 has been out and it does actually add up when you think about it.

Edited by Dark Rosewood Varnish
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Can't lie, The Miller Family Mystery has a nice ring to it, lol. Pretty cool to read R* are maybe playing games with red herrings for those looking into the files too. I'm sure not always for those at the time looking in of course, but when something more unique or lesser known is found, it's great to see and knowing it can be a minefield to get there, gotta be a bit more rewarding in a way I feel. 

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  • 1 year later...
Posted (edited)

Wanted to address a few things regarding this post.


This is my take on it.

A few people I've spoken to after watching the video think that it's wrong and that he's Charles Tatum.


They did so because of what the campfire song says.


However, it's alluded to that the campfire songs are just stories and embellishments of the truth.

I believe Micah even makes a comment about it.


Take for example the three children's line from the song.

This is a metaphor for the three gang members.
Otis and the two Tatum Brothers.


It says the Cowardly killer that shot Otis Miller, but it appears that the killed of Mr Miller was in fact Arthur Morgan.

But that's really not very surprising because Arthur puts a lot of Gunslingers in their grave.


If you look closely at the Penny Dreadful book covers they depict Otis with a mustache he's not very tall and he's dressed in yellowish gold attire.


If you look at the snapshot that I took of him in that video you'll see that he's bathed in Gold light this is a common Easter egg used in films.

They bathe a specific character in a certain light


The angry isolationist shown in the video has a gun holster on but no gun in the holster.

And how is that for a convenient coincidence, this mystery leads to Otis Miller's Schofield revolver.


Also we play that side mission with Boy Calloway and we learned that all of that was a lie and this is also confirmed by Black Bell herself when you meet her.


The newspaper say that Otis only had one son.

He was arrested, set free, and then never seen again.


Also consider the following....

Tacitus Kilgore is an alias that the entire gang uses.

I believe the same applies to Charles Tatum and he's not a real person.




And one final thing to consider.


Otis Miller is Loosely based upon Jesse James and there was a conspiracy theory that suggested Jesse faked his own death and that there was no gang member named Ford.


Again that's just a conspiracy theory regarding Jesse James but considering that most of the stories and missions in this game seem to revolve around The conspiracy theory side of actual historical events like...


The Carolina Parakeet and the claim that was made by that conservationist.

He said that a loan group of them survived but he swore he would never tell anyone where they were because it was the last surviving group in the wild.


The conspiracy theory was that they were somewhere in the Louisiana swamps.


Then there's the other part of the conspiracy theory that surrounds the demise of this bird.


What was the exact cause of Extinction.

I spoke about this in that video that I made regarding the Carolina Parakeet.


Ironically Arthur can hunt the last of them into Extinction.


Then there's this...

Read that post and the one that follows it and you'll see the truth about the braithwaites and the greys


Based upon all of this I can't help but assume this is the correct information.


Not sure if the rest of you agree, but again this is just my take on things. 

Edited by Deadman2112
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