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Los Santos Emergency Services [Fivem]


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LSES is now recruiting on Fivem for PC. You may ask what sets LSES apart from the rest of the communities. Our community may be small in numbers what we offer opportunities for advancement we currently have openings in every dept from BCSO, LSPD Fire/EMS, and civilian as well as Dispatch. We offer many different types of LEO vehicles as well as fire and ems vehicles. We are constantly updating our server and adding vehicles and scripts. We are a white-listed only server, you are not permitted to play with us until you pass your interview. Please keep in mind when considering joining we are a small community we are trying to grow. While we may not have the member size that bigger communities have, we have a family-like atmosphere.



Law Enforcement 15+

Need discord

Need a good Microphone with NO Back feed.


The departments we have are…

Civilian Operations (OPEN)

Los Santos Police Department (OPEN) 

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (OPEN) 

San Andreas Volunteer Fire Department (OPEN)

San Andreas Communications (OPEN)

Some the perks of joining include:

Professional CAD

Professional Staff

Active Server Developer


We are a PC COMMUNITY on FIVE M If you would like to join our community head over to: https://discord.gg/G9eb9qu


Social Club Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rplossantosems/ 


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