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A Day in Liberty


Recommended Posts

Yutes of Cards

Very intresting mod protentional, I sorta have three questions. 1 will the graphics stay the same?,2 since it has like gta 1 + 2 atmosphere will their be gangs from gta 2?  and three Will it has a Conga line similier to the monks from gta 1 and the elvis line from gta 2?

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 4/21/2020 at 7:02 AM, Yutes of Cards said:

Very intresting mod protentional, I sorta have three questions. 1 will the graphics stay the same?,2 since it has like gta 1 + 2 atmosphere will their be gangs from gta 2?  and three Will it has a Conga line similier to the monks from gta 1 and the elvis line from gta 2?

The graphics will stay in the same style as GTA III :) As for the gangs, we will see.


Letting you guys know, that the first alpha of A Day in Liberty: Enhanced Edition has been released to my patrons and contributors.

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On 5/27/2020 at 9:40 AM, Remca said:

Cool modification. Are new interiors, plot and additional missions planned?

Yes :) 

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On 2/14/2020 at 11:21 AM, Sergi4UA said:


An open-source GTA III modification

Now available at ModDB:




A Day in Liberty is a mod that aims to re-create the atmosphere of GTA1 and GTA2 in Grand Theft Auto III's environment. The goal of the mod is to earn enough money to buy Catalina's house in Shoreside Vale.

In the current version you can buy property which will generate revenue up to specific point. In 0.9 five rampages are availalbe for you to complete.

Mission difficulty range from Easy to HARD.


Small F.A.Q

Q: How many missions?
A: There are currently 14 missions. Difficulty ranges from very easy to hard.

Q: Any new features?
A: Yup. Ability to buy property and special events (police activity in Portland after beating a certain mission, gang members becoming unhappy, etc.)

Q: How can I contribute?
A: If you're a 3D-modeller you can help by redesigning the sewers level or if you know how to create missions, some missions for the mod (you will be credited ingame, of course)

Q: How can I contact you?
A: I have a Discord: Sergi4UA#0551

Q: Help! My game crashes!
A: The game can crash for various reasons, but the most common is that you A) incorrectly installed the mod or B) mod is conflicting with other mods. A fresh install of GTA3 1.0 without any CLEO scripts or other mods is recomended.

Q: My game crashes while I'm on a mission...

A: Yeah I know that feel (my game can crash over 100+ times while editing scripts). Please report the bug here (you can also use the mod's Discord server and GitHub issue tracker) and give as much information as you can (what you did before the game crash, what mission you're on, etc.).

Q: Steam version?
A: CLEO doesn't work right with the Steam version. If you are experiencing troubles running the game on Steam, please downgrade to 1.0 and try again. Also removing any mods that change the gameplay may help.



Idea & Team Leader:




Simonoff - Limit Adjuster tweaking, General LC port preparations, bug reporting

@Darks - mission suggestions, bug reporting

@Jeansowaty - mission ideas, cars models, mission suggestions, bug reporting, model work

@Zmey20009 - sewer models

@DimZet - sewer models

@universetwisters - model work

maximustreachery - bug reporting


Main Script:



Mission Scripts:






Special Thanks:

Link2012 - for ModLoader

@Seemann - for Sanny Builder 3

thirteenag - for CLEO.III


Help wanted:


Mission coders




Downgrade to 1.0 (REQUIRED if using Steam version!)

Install CLEO for GTA III (SilentPatch and WideScreen Fix is also highly recommended)

Download the mod itself

Extract everything from the archive to the root of your GTA 3 directory

Run gta3.exe and enjoy. You'll know that everything worked if the logo of the game changed in the main menu.



efiEvRP.png JxZqVRy.png 4MxkutU.png


1ArDc0T.png K9tuiCL.png 9EjoYKN.png


B42qovf.png BTCTmgf.png EjWXTAo.png








Note: Versions marked with 'MAJOR' or 'SCRIPT FIX' require starting a new game, versions marked with 'MISSION FIX' however, do not require it.

Previous version 0.8 (requires modloader): Dropbox GitHub ModDB

Previous version 0.9 (ModLoader and StandAlone): DropBox (ModLoader version) DropBox (standalone* version) ModDB


0.9.1 (SCRIPT FIX):

Google Drive (direct download)

Google Drive




Mod Discord

GitHub (source code)

YouTube Playlist

My Patreon Page


Looking for feedback and suggestions 😃

* - note: standalone means that this version will work without modloader (just extract everything to the root folder replacing any files)




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