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Please, help to debug crashes


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Hello. I've recently decided to replay GTA III. The only problem I have is that the game would crash randomly with the same error:

Unhandled exception c0000005

At address: 005c0466


My game is slightly modded, I tried nearly everything there is I could find to fix this issue but no luck. Sometimes it would crash just after I loaded up a save game or after 1 hour of gameplay. I can't even catch up a crash pattern. Seems like compeltely random. I've already excluded every mod that could cause the game to crash. The last thing I might test out is just vanilla game with only essential fixes (limit adjuster, widescreen fix and whatnot).

modloader log shows this:



Game version: GTA III 1.0 UNK_REGION
Unhandled exception at 0x005C0466 in gta3.exe (+0x1c0466): 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x2650D000.
    Register dump:
        EAX: 0x2AD39630  EBX: 0x2AD2B030  ECX: 0x0E8506AC  EDX: 0x00000073  
        EDI: 0x2650D000  ESI: 0x256002A4  EBP: 0x00000080  EIP: 0x005C0466  
        ESP: 0x0019F370  EFL: 0x00010206  CS: 0x00000023   SS: 0x0000002B   
        GS: 0x0000002B   FS: 0x00000053   ES: 0x0000002B   DS: 0x0000002B   
    Stack dump:
        0x0019F370:  00000000 0E8506AC 00000001 256002A4 256002A4 00000002
        0x0019F388:  005C01AF 0E8506AC 256002A4 0E8506AC 256002A4 256002A4
        0x0019F3A0:  00000000 00000000 00000001 00000000 00010000 005BBF26
        0x0019F3B8:  0E8506AC 256002A4 00000000 255FD864 0E8506AC 005B2423
        0x0019F3D0:  0E8506AC 256002A4 0E8506AC 00000080 00000080 00000020
        0x0019F3E8:  255FD864 28ACAC20 2A688A4C 00000000 00000000 0E8506AC
        0x0019F400:  256002A4 00000080 00000080 77696C22 1F9D1A08 00000006
        0x0019F418:  00000044 00000310 005AA560 0E84F52C 0019F440 0019F450
        0x0019F430:  005B3ABC 255FD8BC 255FD864 00000000 255FD864 28ACAC20
        0x0019F448:  0E84F52C 005B339A 00000044 005B33D7 2A688A00 255FD864
        base: 0x000A0000   top: 0x0019F370   bottom: 0x001A0000
    Backtrace (may be wrong):
        =>0x005C0466 in gta3.exe (+0x1c0466) (0x0019F384) 
          0x005C01AF in gta3.exe (+0x1c01af) (0x0019F3B0) 
          0x005BBF26 in gta3.exe (+0x1bbf26) (0x0019F3C8) 
          0x005B2423 in gta3.exe (+0x1b2423) (0x0019F408) 
          0x77696C22 LdrCallEnclave+0x7b2 in ntdll.dll (+0x86c22) (0x0019F41C) 
          0x005AA560 in gta3.exe (+0x1aa560) (0x0019F42C) 
          0x005B3ABC in gta3.exe (+0x1b3abc) (0x0019F450) 
          0x005B33D7 in gta3.exe (+0x1b33d7) (0x0019F4A0) 
          0x005AA560 in gta3.exe (+0x1aa560) (0x0019F4C8) 
          0x005C3B1A in gta3.exe (+0x1c3b1a) (0x0019F4F8) 
          0x005ADF0B in gta3.exe (+0x1adf0b) (0x0019F4FC) 
          0x005ADF8E in gta3.exe (+0x1adf8e) (0x0019F544) 
          0x005C8E6B in gta3.exe (+0x1c8e6b) (0x0019F56C) 
          0x005AD3D6 in gta3.exe (+0x1ad3d6) (0x0019F5D0) 
          0x005A0008 in gta3.exe (+0x1a0008) 


Edited by StreamWhenGuy
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