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How do i get Simeon to call me?


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Is there an icon on your map for Simeon at his car dealership? Should be a big S near ammu-nation.

Or maybe he got your number wrong and accidentally calls me all the time.

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Didn't the S appear on the map when they added the Dispatch missions? I don't think the S unlocks anything.


To the OP, did you open up your phone and go to the Dynasty 8 website? That's where the basic properties are listed. Vehicles are listed on San Andreas, Lengendary, Warstock, etc. sites.


Edited by AcidXRain73
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Have you tried to do any of his missions off the start menu?   As for buying cars/houses/apts. afaik that depends on $$ “in the bank” not on hand.  There is 2 “S” icons in the map, the 1at his dealership is for his “repo” missions.  The other only appears after you’ve stolen a vehicle off his text w/ a list of cars (it’s been bugged for a while where you can get the text w/ no notification, you will get insta 2 star wanted level) then respray and the “S” icon appears at the docks.  Do a quick search of gta rank unlocks and you should find a list of what unlocks at what level w/ a list of contact missions. 

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  • 1 month later...
Bernardo Rocha

Hey! I Have the same problem, just bought the premium shark card and i have to wait to Simeon to call me, but he never does... How can I buy properties or get the ones that I already bought from the package? Help!  

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I've started many new characters and I can say it takes a while to happen. I've also noticed he only calls when you're not in a vehicle. So try being on foot for some time, walk to a clothing store or go for a hike or something 

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  • 5 months later...



Thank you all for your replies!

For as far as I know, the only way to fix this problem is to start a new character and not skip the tutorial(walking in and out of a gas station surpisingly started the event).

I think rockstar broke this part of the game when they stated adding new content to the beginning of gta online. I hope rockstar fixes this problem soon(if it hasn't been fixen already), a game braking bug like this doesn't belong in a AAA multi billion dollar game.


Thanks again to all the people who replied to this question!

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