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Spiritual successor to GTA2 in production


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Hi everyone,

Long story short, I've been a fan of the game since I can remember. Years later I still consider it one of the best games in the history, which many of you could agree with.

However, I am also an indie game dev so I took the liberty of making a game inspired by the gameplay and atmosphere of GTA2, adding my own elements on the way (character progression, narrative branching, weapon shops etc.). It's like a lovechild of GTA2 and Hotline Miami with cyberpunk vibes (Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell are the main inspiration).

Here are some GIFs for you:



I really don't know what to say more, beyond the fact that we love this project, we love the original GTA2, and we got really serious about it lately. We've spent 2 months with our team and are really focused to make it happen, aiming for hitting stores next year. Before you say, I am aware of some projects going on that resurrect or play around with the concept (like Top-Down City one from these forums), but the differences between those and our game are big enough, both in scale and the direction, which I might elaborate on later if you wish.

As devs we miss one thing though. And it is the crucial support of fans of GTA series. We need feedback, support and opinions of all hardcore and casual players of the series to make the best experience possible. I hope this won't come out as a flat-out promotion, but I couldn't resist myself seeing how many subjects and posts still show up on this forum, regarding the game we all adore.

Because of the same need that you guys have to still talk about this game I decided to risk it and hit indie with this title. If you want to help us out, visit our DISCORD channel and our website:

Well, that was scary and a bit too long, but I don't feel like talking marketing bullsh*t and just tell you guys what I think.

Thanks in advance,

Edited by soullessmartyr
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Thanks for comments guys! Everyone, who didn't follow yet, have some more updates! We're working hard on making this the best game we can make:




Edited by soullessmartyr
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I must say. This game seems to be shaping up to be something really special. More screens and info is being shared on their Discord channel. Recommended if you'd like to be kept up to date.




You've got to love this ambience and style!

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  • 8 months later...
18 hours ago, t-p-d-a said:

i think this project is dead

Have you tried checking their Discord chat?

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Definitely not dead, they recently launched a demo on steam for testing as well as revealing the publisher they are partnered with. 

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On 3/8/2021 at 2:45 AM, kailomonkey said:

Will it have rideable trains and taxis 

There are taxis but I can't confirm if you can use them as a passenger. There should be a train as I created a concept for it.

Edited by AlexTSK
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