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Grand Theft Auto - Fall of Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto - Fall of Vice City is a global modification for Grand Theft Auto - Vice City, which changes setting of the game to dark atmosphere of Zombie Apocalypse. Unlike similar modifications, this one will mostly emphasize on new features and mechanics, but not on storyline. It doesn't means that there will be no storyline, it means that it will be simple and uncomplicated. I'm about to release a first freeroam beta, which is about a week or two from release.

Features,Mechanics and other things that is done:


- New Interface

- New Timecycle

- Interactive Objects(like Doors, Turrets, Gates, Barricades, ect.)

- 12 Models(Actually, textures) of Zombies

- 3 Missions(one of it is actually a big unskippable cutscene)

- Swimming System, which contains oxygen and diving 

- Stamina System, which contains limitation of sprints, jumps and swimming usage 

- Weapon System, which contains recoil and a limitation of used arsenal and ammo 

- Random Abandoned Vehicles Generator System

- New Map Objects, Zones and Interiors

- Unique Zombies generation and behavior(Now they're really dangerous, not just annoying) 

- New Sounds

- New Weapons


Videos and screenshots:








New Mechanics and Features:










Mission 1:



Special thanks to Shagg_E and kenking for help


At the moment, i'm recruiting a team, and a following people are required:

- A Mapper

- A Modeler

- A Scripter/Programmer

- A Tester



- Discord: SpitFire#4878

- VK.com: https://vk.com/just_raindance

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009574880946









Edited by =SpitFire=
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Good stuff

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harsh roy

can i have this amazing mod?


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Like i said , can’t wait to play 

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xxnooblyxx(temp ban)

Good stuff. I really hope it'll be a unique zombie themed mod that is nothing like Long Night. As in gameplay and A.I

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The Eddo

Hmm, nice. It looks very neat so far. Keep it up!:^:

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This is seriously bringing me back to the days of that Long Night mod for Vice City. Keep it up yo

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