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KTS Transportation RP (Get Paid To RP)

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Hello future driver,


Are you tired of the 9-5 grind? Making little money, and barely getting what you deserve? In Los Santos we can all agree we love a good drive. So why not get paid to drive well? At KTS we breathe driving. And we also have the best drivers to prove our claim. Our drivers have brought this company into the spotlight of transportation companies with contracts ranging from the military to top tier manufacturers. If the company calls, you bet that we haul. And if you don’t have your CDL. We have Box Truck training. Want to drive a bigger truck and earn a bigger check in return, but don’t want to worry about a trailer? We can train and license you in straight trucks. Want to be the king of the road? The cream of the crop? The big dog of the streets? We can license and train you as a semi truck driver! At KTS we put our drivers as our number one priority. After all, we can’t be a transportation company without drivers willing to transport product. If you are interested we can talk about hours, pay, benefits, and more on top of that! Thank you for your time, and we hope to have you onboard soon!


“KTS, We’re a family and we’ll haul your goods!”


The company is comprised of 4 full time drivers, 1 part time driver, and 1 dispatch.

We drive 2 hours a day (usually clock out early and get the 2 hours anyways), 10 hours a week, and weekends off. Weekends are for training new recruits. Our lowest paid driver makes over 60k/week. 


If Interested please contact me on PlayStation. My PSNID is PESCAROLOP902.

If you feel more comfortable contacting me here.... feel free to. 

*Also please note that asking questions obviously doesn’t mean you are committed. No commitment until you report for weekend training. And we promise you its not a full blown trucking sim/rp. This is GTA not ATS. Thanks for your time!

Edited by PESCAROLOP902

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