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The Wandering Hunter

free bounty hunter licence, how to claim?

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The Wandering Hunter

so i’m on a new account and just started playing. i went to rhodes and watched the cutscene but when i go to a bounty board it still says it’s 15 gold then links me to the store



i got it a day after i posted this topic, guess rockstar don’t bother making their announcements actually true.


and the role is actually useful, although i wouldn’t pay for it. 

mainly for owl hoot farming and the bolas, and gun spinning is ok

Edited by The Wandering Hunter

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Dark Spark

Considering how this has gone down with past 'free' offers, you end up having to pay the gold, write a problem ticket to Rockstar support about it, and eventually they give you the gold back.

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The Wandering Hunter

restarted app and checked the board in rhodes and another one, it’s not free

lol i have 3 gold, so that’s not an option. 

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From what I've read/heard, the Bounty Hunter role is rather lackluster anyway.


I had to pay the 10 gold (discounted at the time) for the Collector role, even though it should have been free (all 54 cards collected in GTA Online); just wasn't worth bothering with R* "Support".

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My niece is also a new player.  She logged in the other day and just like @The Wandering Hunter she was unable to get the bounty pass for free.  She logged in the next day(yesterday) and was able to get it for free.  So it could just be a wait 24-48hr thing like they often do.  

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^^ Yeah, I got mine a day ago, but the free Bolas arrived first, then the license about a day later.

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