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Best soundtrack in the game. Yes or sure?

The Wolf Man

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Absolutely,it is amazing how well it is actually composed.It is like the soundtrack really describes the dark atmosphere of the situation and it feels like this is what played in Arthur's mind.

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4 hours ago, Spadge said:

American Venom just totally kicks ass, that song has badass written all over it.

Imo American Venom isn't as good as this.I think "You are my brother" and the way the guitar is played when John leaves and Arthur holds the Pinkertons invokes a very strong feeling,indicating how Arthur is dieing and still trying his best before the past catches up with him.It literally felt like the best climax of any game/movie ever.

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Jim Milton Rides Again, for me. Basically just a more hype version of American Venom. 



I had such a huge smile on my face hearing this for the first time while going after the Laramies. This mission was the beginning of John as we know him in RDR1, and the music conveyed that perfectly. It's a celebratory homage to the classic style of RDR1's tracks, I love it!

Edited by Xerukal
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No, I'd say...







For ambient soundtracks, I'd say...









And of course, the whole credits soundtracks...




Basically, Redemption 2 harbors the finest original soundtracks in a Rockstar Games title.

Edited by Jabalous
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Cutter De Blanc

I took a shine to Arcadia for Amateurs III when you chase the horses



Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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