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LS Auto Freaks

LS Auto Freaks is looking for new members!! [Xbox One]

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LS Auto Freaks

Are you looking for a serious car crew that organizes car shows and car tours on a weekly basis? Then LS Auto Freaks is the perfect crew for you!!

The Crew just started to recruit members and is looking for players who love their cars in GTA Online.

My goal is to make a small but very active and fun crew with many activities that will involve our cars, driving them and showing them off ofcourse😎

Meets and tours will be hosted on the discord group.


My gametag is Smoketag0541, Im the leader of the crew. Every application to join the crew will to through me.


What am I looking for in new members?.

  • Im looking for mature players
  • It doesnt matter where you are from as long as you speak english.
  • You have to have a mic to join the party during the meets and tours.
  • You have to have a discord account to know when the crew events are hosted
  • It doesnt matter what cars you own or how many as long as they are clean and custumized in a realistic and modest way (so no ricers and cars with neon or extreme custumizations).


What are the rules of the crew?


  • No crew killing at any time! If during a meet or tour someone keeps damaging your car or kills you make a video and send it to me.
  • Every player gets one warning if something happens again you will be kicked from the crew.


How can you join?

If you want to be part of a new and exciting car crew you can send a message to Smoketag0541 on Xbox One you will have to show some of your cars to see if you fit the crew. You can send some pictures of your cars on xbox or meet with me on GTA Online and show me your garages. After you will be added to the crew.


Social Club Crew Link.









Edited by LS Auto Freaks
i put the crew link

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


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