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Red Dead 2 PC still has stutters and micro freezes

Gerhard Wagner

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Gerhard Wagner

Me and a couple of friends all bought the game back in December, after the major "fixes" for stuttering and micro freezes where introduced.  My first friend running a gtx1660 (mobile) with an i7 8750H and 8gb (DDR4) of ram can run the game flawlessly at just over 60fps with a mix of ultra, high, and medium settings.  My other friend running a gtx1050ti (mobile) with an i7 7700HQ and 16gb (DDR3) of ram gets a stable rate of around 35fps with similar settings. 


I'm running a gtx1060 max q (mobile) with an i5 8300H and 8gb of ram (DDR4), and with the exact same settings as my friend with the 1660 I get a decent 48-50fps.....until it freezes for 1.5 seconds....and then does it again......and then does it five times in a row......then goes back to normal for five minuets until it starts stuttering again. 


I've tried everything I can think of, including changing my api and using the process lasso fix.  Also if I turn all my settings down to get a perfect 60fps I still get stuttering and micro freezes.  Basically, I just want to know if other people out there are still having these issues, and if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it.  Or has Rockstar just done a terrible job of optimization?  And please don't try telling me its my PC, I get an unwavering 60fps in AC Orgins and Odyssey with almost max settings.  This is a stuttering issue not a frame rate issue.


Either way, any help would be hugely appreciated. 

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I posted this in another thread about the freezes. Try this:


There is a windows service that keeps PCs synced within a network that runs in the background, SettingSyncHost.exe. Apparently it fires up every so often even while playing a game. Since disabling this 3 days ago I have not had 1 instance of brief freezes. Game has been running nice and smooth, even in towns like St. Denis, Valentine and Strawberry. Try disabling it and see if it helps you. Here is a link to tell you how to turn sync off in case you don't know already: https://winaero.com/blog/turn-on-off-sync-settings-windows-10/


I'll also mention I have every service or program having to do with automatic updates turned off on my system but I still had the freezes until I disabled the sync service, so if that alone doesn't fix it, you'd need to check what other automatic update services/programs you have running in the background.


Also, set the launcher, if you're using it, to hibernate while the game is playing.


The only thing I've noticed about stuttering is if the texture setting is set to ultra I get it now and then but it's not really bad. When I set it to high, or lower the resolution, the stuttering goes away, but I like ultra so I put up with the little stuttering I get. I do use 3840x2160 res. Don't know what you're using.

Edited by StyxTx
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