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RDR Spin Off

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It would be a dream If RDR would come with a Spin off based on 1890 - 1920 East Africa. Before you dismiss it, hear me out. 


Firstly, I am saying spin off as RDR 3 should stay in the wild west of the USA. However I think it would be amazing if based on of the characters of the RDR universe who would travel to become a hunter in East Africa while becoming entangled between the Colonial powers of England and Germany who are both building a rail road to claim more of the East African lands. 



The German And British empires are in a race to build the East Africa railroad to Uganda. With The price being in their mind: East Africa itself. While it starts with minor skirmishes sabotages and more of a competition to see who can built the railroad the fastest it eventually turns in to a full scale war due to World war 1 breaking out.


One of our RDR characters (or a total new one) runs off to East Africa in search for lands that are still truly wild and untamed to become a hunter and look for new fortunes.While traveling there he gets caught between the Railroad building race of the 2 empires and he will get involved help building the railroad similar to Hell on Wheels. The story mode will work with a camp system similar to RDR 2 that moves as the train track moves. Perhaps towards the end the protagonist will side with the locals instead of the 2 imperial powers or perhaps it should be a choice.


One of the interesting events of the time is the Tsavo Maneaters. These 2 male lions put a stop to the railroad building of the British empire and killed so many of the railway workers that none dared to go outside anymore and do their work. 


The Njombe maneating pride of lions was a pride of about 15 lions who killed around 1500 people over a 15 year time spawn. The story around this is very interesting as it was said by the locals that the lions were killing on behalf of a witch doctor who put  curse on the area. Coincidentally the killing stopped at the same time he lifted the curse. 


The Masai Tribe was very large at this time and would be interesting to have them involved. They are still 1.6 million strong this day and still quite traditional. From some accounts I have (and from having spend time with them myself) back in the day there was nothing more fearful than seeing a 1000 Masai warriors run through the plains out of the horizon without having to rest. 


Another interesting group like the Night folk could be the Leopard man Cult. Very scary dudes they were. Not to mention Headhunters, Vodoo, shamans, witchdoctors, etc could give the game a really interesting vibe. 



This would of course be the main selling point. East africa containing Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda you can ad animals like: Lions, Leopards, Hippo's, Nile Crocodiles, Elephants, Rhino's, Giraffes, Giant Eland antelopes, 7 meter long Rock pythons, Gorillas, chimpanzees, bull sharks, Tigerish, Goliath Tigerfish, Nile Perch, Giant catfish, Nile Monitor lizards, Martial Eagle, Eagle Owl, Black mamba's, spitting cobra's, Black Death (AKA African Buffalo), Striped and spotted hyenas, African Wild dogs, Coyotes and so many species of Antelopes.  


It would literally be insane and so exciting. 



Tropical coast and islands with coastal forests and white sand beaches. Some of the big main cities would be here. Directly inland you would have green hills that would block the rain from going inlands. Right behind the hills it would get extremely dry, a red bushy desert where the Tsavo area is located (home to the man eating lions of tsavo) as well as huge mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro and mount Meru. More up north you would get to the grreen Aberdares highlands and Mount Kenya. Following there you come in the unforgiving northern deserts. West you find Salt lakes full with Flamingo's and eventually the grasses that touch the heavens of Masai Mara, Serengeti and of course the famous cradle of life the Ngorongoro Crater. Further West you would come to the Great lakes Including Lake Victoria and the dense rainforests of Uganda..


Looking at what RDR 2 has become and how the best aspect of the game is the wilderness that it has so amazingly caught, imagine how awesome that would be in an Africa setting!





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Lemoyne outlaw

i really like this idea. although i dont know much about the history in africa. but im sure rockstar could make a great story with it. but i love the idea of getting to hunt new animals.i love how rockstar added the lion in a stranger mission. it would be so cool to hunt all sorts of unique animals. and make cool clothing from them. i also like the idea of having a whole new area to free roam. especially in a new continent. i think the scenery would be awesome. i also wonder what kinds of weaponry we might have access to. this seems like a cool concept. good job on the great idea. i hope rockstar reads this. although as cool as this is. i feel like it is a bit unlikely. because rockstar would rather keep doing red dead online. than cool expansions like this.

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