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Gold achievement for missions question

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I completed the story 100% a long time ago and have gained 100% on the game recently. I now decided to give the missions a go to see if i can gain gold to get that achievement but remembered that you don't have all the bars at the same level (so what you had at that point when you originally played the game does not apply and you have to do this in one attempt and not like GTA 5 where you could do one task at a time if required (unless R* have changed this).


I have a number of save points at different stages of the game. If i reload one of these saves (lets say at 20%), does anyone know if i get a gold on a mission would it override my save that's on 100% or would it add to the 100% completion progress? 

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As far as I'm aware, you can go back through a mission that you've already earned gold, yet not achieved the gold and it should not change the fact that you've already earned gold. So you shouldn't need to go back to an earlier save.


Unless something has changed, it's nothing like GTA. You have to achieve all of the objectives during each of the replays or you will not achieve gold.


I can tell you after achieving gold on almost every mission in the game that some are very difficult, and this is no small task.


Most will require you to skip the cutscenes that are involved with them.

Some will require you to have really good timing.

While others will require you to play extremely aggressive in your approach to completing them.


Hope that answered your questions...

Best of luck


Edited by Deadman2112
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