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The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival

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Hi, I'm gonna bringing my 2nd zombie horde survival to San Andreas.



You will go to the farm for a new years party, but being encountered by SWATs, after the infection spread in

San Andreas. The 2 remaining farmer will drive you to San Fierro airport where are shelters. 

SWATs swarm to your location and... exploded their car and that's what your survival will start.


Gameplay Wise:

You will start the introduction first unless you wanna skip it, cheats can be found in description or readme. 

Killing more zombies per each waves will award you with cash but zombie will increase health and stats.

Few Stores from were you start, including Luigi's taco and weapon store.

1 area upgrade (Located in Ruins in San Fierro)

Can still save your progress when reloading your game. (Go to the nearest unlock safehouses or use cheat menu)

2-player is fully supported (only 2-player drop-in, drop-out mod you can go into his combined mod ) 















The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v1.0


The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v2.0


The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival V2.0.1 Spawn Fix (Mediafire)


Previous Version

Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead v2.0.1 OLD VERSION

 (if people would like to play the 2018 version, it really need way more required map of side mission)


I use MTA2SCM to only convert placed objects and cars into cleo mission. (if anyone can get MTA2SCM.exe offine version I'll be happy converted more objects easily)


V2 Changes:

Luigi's nightmare - If you kill 400 zombies, you walk into Luigi's Taco (no service/zombie luigi) you'll encounter the mist that takes you to Luigi's nightmare Military base - after nightmare, you walk to Mitiary base to get the virus (where it started before) Few fixes You nolonger stand on the truck - but they'll leave you. (there's cars from the beginning and checkpoint) Removed "bringing Luigi to the car" (due to game crashes after failing the mission from checkpoint) Fix menus in Los Santos changed some music you'll start with big health - due do difficulty with armies/swats including zombies in higher level


v2.0.1 small changes:

Zombie spawn fix (spawn faster rate)

Zombies will wonder around instead of going to player instantly. (How zombies wonder in "the walking of dead" TV series)

add 8 more music cheats (some unused too!)


Cheat lists (well not enough room to add menus of the cuz script maxed to 69kbs, so cheats will be squeezed in  - fastman's doesn't increase the cleo mission. Test it before.)



play - play mission

exit/giveup - exit mission

skip - skip first part

bored - skip second part

boring - skip third part

kill - increase 30+ kills

wave - increase wave to +1
























Some of these ones aren't included in v1.0 (after I return back from vacation when I start on lost island)


Buying area in ruins


First gameplay


Last mission





Edited by skatefilter5
update post
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SA DirectX2.0 fits prefect for zombie horde. ...for high-end pcs :D , low is super crap !

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