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The GTA V Video Gallery

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  • Himura88


  • KnightHunter Studios


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Popular Posts

Fantastic remake - shows completely why GTA leaves it's competitors literally in the dust.   Have a biscuit..no have two..aw what the heck take the packet pal.

Watched your video and at first i was meh this is a bit generic and samey then BOOM!! it kicks in at 0.50 with a near perfect takedown scene worthy of a Hollywood action movie.   May I suggest that

The Grinch has come for Los Santos!

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A friend and I figured out a neat way to do wheelies with any car during online play. Mods weren't used and the cars did not require any Los Santos Customs upgrades. Can you figure out how we did it?



Edited by The Jester v2
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Sjenttivensventa gaming1

Hey gta fans. I am happy that you enjoy our videos over at sjenttivensventa games. I currently haven't uploaded in a few days. Due to the birth of my daughter. But soon within the next few days I'll be posting again. For now check out some other videos on the channel at www.youtube.com/sjenttivensventa


just make sure to sub to stay more tuned and like if you found the videos entertaining and comment on your favorite parts or something you would like to see again thanks for the support for a small channel.

Edited by Sjenttivensventa gaming1
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Sjenttivensventa gaming1

Yo fans how's it going. I'm back from hospital and my daughter is home. So we are back to the insanity.




Enjoy and have fun.

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This is just a fun spot I found for 1 on 1s. I might upload better vids similar to this if I ever run into likeminded players again.



UPDATE: Short DM video below.




PS How do I embed videos? I probably won't do it on this post as I have a few more videos coming up and this topic is moving kinda slow.

Edited by Jack Reacher
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My crew and I recently started uploading videos of our shenanigans, and have gotten a bit of positive feedback from the handful of viewers.


Here's one of our many adventures. Enjoy!



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