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[HELP] Lighting/Brightness bug with ZModeler's exported car

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well, i'm having a few problems with my new model, and I will use this one to show the problem




the left model is the original release (by Krystofer), looks normal


the right one is the exactly same modelwithout any edit, I just imported and exported with ZModeler 2.2.4, and looks wierd, mainly the vehiclegeneric256 (used on the door and trunk gaps), it is very shiny even without the [spec] tag 


and this is also happening with my own model


what is causing this?

Edited by american.gxt

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you already found the problem , no [spec] tag , that's it :/

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12 hours ago, RestractPrime said:

you already found the problem , no [spec] tag , that's it :/

no, no

both cars are without the [spec] tag, but the right one has a strange bright, as if it had the [spec]

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try with the same color, angel,and same position , perhaps it's only the perspective matter.

Edited by RestractPrime

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7 months and nothing, well... I will try again


another car (by the same creator) and more images



at the left, the original car, downloaded and installed


and at the right, THE EXACLY SAME MODEL, the same position in game, same color in game, same materials, same materials tag's, same everything, I just Imported and Exported from ZModeler, but is extremely bright in some points (mainly on the doors and under the hood)





I've already tried to export without "Respect Root Node Position" and "Autodetect Lights" but nothing happens


does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


is it possible to change a car's brightness in ZModeler? Using the Normals options? I never found any tutorial about this.





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