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skip mission?

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does anyone know how to skip a mission im stuckin Farewell my love damn car is stuck in the tree..

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lil weasel

There are programs called "mission passers" which are a form of cheating.

Then there is the "service" this forum allows,




It does not require membership or any complicated or Ad infested activities.

this also allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice

IF your game has mods, put the link(s) so a helper may use the mod, else modded games cannot be aided.


Post it in the https://gtaforums.com/forum/137-help-support/


For the title use [SnP] mission name [game version]





Edited by lil weasel

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If you're unable to skip missions for whatever reason, the mission can be tricky for those that find racing and driving mechanics difficult. From what you're saying about your car stuck in a tree, you're either driving far too reckless or you've enabled the flying cars cheat to gain an advantage. I recommend taking it easy and, dare I say, slow for the first portion. Remember that this race is the exact same as the previous mission Wu Zi Mu but in reverse. It is far easier to make up lost ground when you're out of the winding hills of the countryside. The space really opens up and you can take advantage of some shortcuts through the fields to leave your opponents in the dust. Ignore the barn jumps because they're more of a pain in the arse than driving around them.


Below is an image I found on a Japanese site that maps the route, though I'm not exactly sure why the lines are different colours.




You'll notice that at the start (pink line) the advice is to not follow the road exactly. By cutting down the dirt path on the last turn, you'll miss the corner and you'll have more speed to carry you through to the bridge. Once you're past that, you're met with a nice straight(ish) towards the farm and into town. Take extra care when you're on the home stretch - even as a seasoned player, I can't tell you how much I've fell into the river because I was careless.

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Maybe you could find something in youtube how to skip it. When I was in my property in Berlin I tried this method: it consists of installing a CLEO script. This file allows you to skip any mission by pressing Shift + M. You can skip several tasks at once to go to your favorite. Remember that in order to perform such manipulations, the fourth version of the CLEO library must be installed on the PC.

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