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Aggressive pop-up windows - Report Topic

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Over the last couple of days I’ve started getting very aggressive pop-up windows (ads) with the GTA Forums, where clicking any link on a page will trigger them. 

  • It only happens at GTA Forums. 
  • It happens even in private browsing mode. 
  • It happens immediately, even with all website data removed after a full restart of my phone.

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Can't say I've had this happen personally on either mobile or PC, but you're not the first one to report this, sorta makes me think country may be one of the factors.


Could you please try taking screenshots of the ads (or even posting the link to them) that show this behaviour so they can be identified and potentially blacklisted?



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@Spider-Vice These are the ads that might be responsible:




This is the pop-up:



Edited by AStiffBreeze

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It’s definitely those Romwe ads, if there’s one of those on the page then I get the pop-up, if there are different ads then there are no issues. I’ve reported the sh*t out of those ads but they keep appearing. 

Edited by AStiffBreeze

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This seems to be happening again for certain users, so far only in the US (once again I haven't noticed anything in a Western European country on mobile), so please if you're affected post screenshots or the link to the obstructive ads so we can send them for investigation and blacklisting. If you wish please post your country as well so we can try and determine where this is happening.



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