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the Texas Chainsaw massacre ?

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it's a little refrence i noticed in GTA LCS

the first reference here is the mission : "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"

sounds like "The Portland Chainsaw Massacre"

which is an obvious refrence to the Texas chainsaw massacre movie

plus the color of the chainsaw in the game is Yellow

the same color of the chainsaw that Leatherface uses in the movie

and also the in the chainsaw rampages

the game tells you to "Massacre" instead of "kill" like it was in vice city

and also if you combine the leone suit and arm yourself with a chainsaw

you will get a semi looking leatherface

-i wonder why R* didn't give Toni a mask out of Vincenzo's face skin after this mission instead of these crappy overalls and a hockey mask to make a complete reference-

anyway the second part of the movie series was released in 1986

the same year Vice city's events take place in

and vice city was released in 2002 a year before the release of the reboot

also one thing i noticed about the reboot and i don't know if that's a coincidence or not

the name of the protagonist in gta vice city is Thomas "Tommy" vercetti

however the name of leather face in this reboot is Thomas Hewitt -Illimunati confirmed-

this could be a coincidence,anyways one of the actors of the second part of the movie is Dennis Hopper

i'm sure you heard of this name before...,

that's right Dennis Hopper is the voice actor of Film director, Steve Scott in GTA Vice City

and yeah i'm done with the references

let me know your opinion about that guys

Edited by Ahmedmfroezspeed
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just coincidence, nothing more. Don't look for deeper meaning.

Edited by NewGuybj

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Lock n' Stock

Is that you, YOGDUSH?


Jokes aside, you're definitely over-analysing here.

Edited by Lock n' Stock

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