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Wild West Wednesday with Insaniac Gaming

IG Airassault54

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IG Airassault54



Hello GTAForums.. such a pleasure to be on here for Red Dead 2. I recently just left a community i had been with for about 9 years.. name will not be stated so not to advertise there community.. its on this sites competition list but thankfully they died out alot after i left xD


I am the owner of the Insaniac Gaming Youtube . I am currently streaming full time. One of my events throughout the week is RDR 2 hence the name Wild West Wednesday. I love getting a 16 player party or 30+ watching on my livestream and just playing free mode or PvP.


We start at about 730 pm central every Wednesday for RDR2 on Xbox One. These our a few hours long and soon i will try to do this on Sundays aswell.. i would be doing this more often and sometimes i will randomly just get on after main stream events.


Games we do on RDR2.


Bar Fights


Fugitive (most wanted free roam)



Gold Bar / $$$ grind

PvP & PvE


& much more


I am not a big free roam person but im getting more into it playing with more people.. Help me get some big streams every wednesday and come join us on RDR 2 with Insaniac Gaming with the best possible group and biggest in lobbies or with our lobby takeovers xD


If you are interested in Joining... please fill out this template 




Discord Name=


How many wednesday a month can u attend=




Mic Y/N=


Once u fill that out or hmu on my other social media i will get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed.


My GT is IG Airassault54.



Edited by IG Airassault54
Added Pic / Vid
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