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[Xbox 1] AESIR - Secret Agent/Spy-based Crew


Recommended Posts

--Agency of Engaged Secret Intelligence and Relations--




Social Club Page


Recruitment Video


Your eyes trail to the large rectangle mirror to your right. You've waited patiently in this room for fifteen minutes.

What was taking them so long? Was it a mind game? To see if you'd crack under a lack of patience? Finally, the door creaks open.


In walks a man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is sharply dressed; wearing a fitted navy blue suit and slacks, with a white

shirt and gold tie. He takes a seat across from you. No handshake is offered, not even a hello. Not yet, anyway. He is still reading an

application. /Your/ application. 


Finally, his eyes trail up to meet yours. A soft smile cracks in the right of his face. The file is set down. He leans forward to offer a

firm handshake. "Well, [REDACTED]. I have to say that I'm impressed by your credentials. We're happy that you've expressed an

interest in joining AESIR. As you know, we're a Private Intelligence Agency. So you should be aware of the risks that will come

with this job. It won't be easy. Enemy field agents, dangerous targets, and a near-constant threat of espionage to name a few. So. 

If you are still interested, read this contract and sign when you're ready."






We are a crew who takes inspiration from Spy/Intelligence agencies from different fictional works. Our work can involve being 

contracted to perform different jobs that meet our skills. We can offer protection for sell missions, or if someone is a target of

griefers, we can offer our services for payment. There will be times when we can do so for free to show we can be relied on and

open new doors of opportunity.






I own a CEO office building, bunker, hangar, facility, MC Club, Dance club, Arcade, and all businesses and properties that are linked to them. 

So there are plenty of ways we can work together and make money. As members of this crew, teamwork is paramount. So it is suggested

that we all work together to help each other rake in that cash. If a member needs help, please do so. You scratch their back, they

scratch yours. We can also work together to do heists. 






1. Do not engage other players unless attacked first. 

2. Do not attack fellow crew members unless given explicit permission to do so. We may sometimes do combat exercises.

3. Follow orders. If a member higher up the chain of command gives you an order, see that it is carried out. Failure to comply will result in a warning.

4. There is no uniform, but certain missions may require disguises.

5. Act mature. We are adults, not children. We can all have fun, but there are times to get serious.

6. We are brothers and sisters of different creeds, backgrounds, and faiths. Racism, sexism, and harassment of any kind will 

be met with a zero-tolerance policy.

7. If you care about how high your KD Ratio is, this crew is not for you.







Respect is paramount in any crew. Respect should be given to all members in our crew. Lack of respect, especially toward higher ranking

Agents, could lead to consequences and a downfall for everyone.



Sadly with how many crew hoppers there are, I have to implement a trial period to show your willingness to join. The trial period

will last 1-2 weeks depending on your activity.



Role-playing is encouraged. This crew is RP-oriented, but not required.



Teamwork is an essential element of any crew. We help each other with heists, CEO, and Biker missions. If your allies are being attacked and need help, bring fury upon their attackers. It is a cutthroat and cruel world in GTA Online. When someone attacks one of us, they attack all of us. 






1. Be at least 18 years of age.

2. Have a working microphone for streamlined communication.










Social Club- Mikeimp91


Xbox Live- John Sharkbane


Discord- Aurvandil#5138

Edited by mikeimp91
Update to Emblem
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