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Grand Theft Auto: Borders


Recommended Posts





The 2nd concept by sabitsuki


(1994 Theme)

Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth


(2020 Theme)

Hante. - The Storm


Other concepts by me:

Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City

Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle






“On the Mexican-American frontier in the west coast during the early-90s, a group of men capitalize off the drug trade along the borders, as an increasingly-violent rivalry brews between cartels, with each organization struggling to reach the top of the food chain. All hell soon breaks loose, and the second generation become victims to the fallout of the events that unfold. Desperate for answers of their plight, the two descendants of these men attempt to reach the root of this multi-generational conflict, which all so suddenly took their normal lives away from them.”





The game is set both in 1994 and 2020, and features four playable protagonists, with two in each era. The story covers the foundation of cartels in 1994, and the present-day cartel wars in 2020, all set around the Southern San Andrean Mexican-American Border, featuring three different cities and many smaller towns.


There are many different changes in the map between the eras. For example, buildings such as the Mile High Club and the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos and the Vizcaino Arch in Ciudad Vizcaino are not present in 1994, with either parking spaces or a series of residential or commercial housing in place of it prior to their construction. Borders are generally easier to cross in 1994 and infrastructure and roads in all three cities are less developed compared to 2020.


In contrast, certain buildings are demolished or incorporated into newer buildings by 2020, such as the absence of the Bullitt Recreational Center and Blob Music in Los Santos from 1994, now replaced by buildings or parking spaces, or the incorporation of a few buildings to form the Arcadius Center in 2020, through the building of a public square. Many areas in all three cities, such as Davis and Mirror Park in Los Santos and Mercado Cerrito in Ciudad Vizcaino, are gentrified in 2020, and thus experience a lot less crime with a much greater police presence.


The way the game is filtered depends on the era as well. 1994 is generally filtered blue and yellow, reflecting the optimism and the economic boom of this time, as well as Los Santos’s recovery from the riots in 1992, along with a slight grain to emulate 35mm film. 2020, on the other hand, is filtered red and purple, reflecting the political strife and cynicism of the late-2010s, and takes on a cleaner, digital look reminiscent of film and TV made during this time.


Era-switching is only available once the main storyline is completed, and the eras can be revisited either by washing your face in a safehouse or by visiting a landmark, such as a gravestone or an area of interest.


Themes of the game include multi-generational conflict and the pursuit of truth, and depending on how things unfold in 1994, it can potentially affect the events that occur in 2020, such as the fates of the protagonists from 1994. The protagonists in 2020 are tasked with uncovering the truth of the events in 1994 during the tumultuous cartel wars of the former, and depending on how things go, they can either get the actual truth, a false account of the events during that time, or somewhere in between.


Many different endings can stem from these findings. These range from the best ending, where the truth behind the events in 1994 is revealed, the antagonist of the game is defeated and both 1994 protagonists live, to the worst ending, where a false account of the events are shown to the current protagonists, the antagonist gets away with everything, and both protagonists from 1994 are killed.


Certain stranger missions are also affected by this, and depending on how things go in 1994, it can affect the outcome in 2020, once the new protagonist meets with the same stranger. If a stranger mission has not been completed in 1994 and the story progresses to 2020, the follow-up mission will not be available in the current era, and the player has to complete the storyline in order to switch eras to finish the stranger mission.


Technology is different between 1994 and 2020, with the protagonists relying on a primitive cellular phone and notepad to keep tabs, and owning a vinyl player at their personal safehouses for any purchasable music in 1994 which shuffles a maximum of 10 discs at a time, while smartphones are used in 2020, with Bluetooth-style wireless speakers used in safehouses which the player can use by accessing the Fruit Music streaming app on their phones, where they can make custom playlists with a maximum of 50 songs. Drones are also controllable in 2020, with them being used for certain missions in the storyline.


Music is drastically different between the eras, with 1994 being much more AOR, funk and acid jazz-heavy, and 2020 leaning towards hip hop, darkwave and R&B. Certain stations are exclusive to certain years, and a number of tracks from 1994 are brought forward to 2020, where they are featured in throwback stations. Some stations which exist in both eras, also experience genre changes between the years. That said, all music from both eras are available on Fruit Music in 2020, should the player long for the good old days.



As the game is set in the Mexican-American border, two main languages, Mexican Spanish and English, are used in equal amounts throughout the game and story. In many scenes involving Mexicans or Hispanic-Americans, Spanish is used as a spoken language as opposed to English for authenticity, similar to shows such as Narcos. Therefore, it is advisable that monolingual players turn on the subtitles, at least for foreign languages.





Once again set in Southern San Andreas, three main cities are featured in Borders, along with several small towns and enclaves.  Blaine County is not present in this rendition of Southern S.A., and the map cuts off just right after Fort Zancudo and the Tataviam Mountains, with Route 1 (Grand Ocean Highway) curving around the mountains and forming a cliffside freeway towards Crawford.


Two American counties and one Mexican municipality are present in Borders, which are Los Santos County, Santa Domingo County and Sierra Municipality. Beach towns play a relatively large role in the game, being home to many of the game’s hotels as well as areas where business is conducted.


A complete map with icons will be presented in the near-future.







The City of Saints, based on Los Angeles. Gang capital of the world in 1994, with gangs such as the Ballas, Families and Vagos, and investor’s paradise in 2020. The entertainment symbol of America with its massive Vinewood sign, and gateway for many illicit narcotics flowing into the country from overseas and Mexico. It is much larger and detailed than in GTA V with new neighborhoods and landmarks added in, such as Delaware Park, Praetorian Beach, Chinatown, Emerald Lake and the Los Santos Convention Center, as well as expanding on existing ones, such as the entire South Central and East L.S. area (Davis, Strawberry and Rancho), Mirror Park and Cypress Flats, and now resembles their real-life counterparts more closely.


Basura Rivera resides in a small house in Rancho in 1994, before moving to a villa in Ciudad Vizcaino when money starts rolling in.


Maelstrom also lives in Los Santos in 2020, though now in an apartment unit in Mirror Park, with his mother, Shaniqua, before moving to a bigger condominium-style apartment in western Ciudad Vizcaino for his work later on.



A smaller city east of L.S., based on Ontario and Covina. A happening town with a few suburban areas, it is home to the world-famous Crawford Mills, a mall which is visited by tourists all over the world and the less-famous Crawford Town Square, home to an Art Deco-inspired tower and a large podium in the center of the square. Overlooks and occupies a previously unseen area of the Palomino Highlands, along with a coastline area after the edges of the city.



Based on Malibu. A party town full of vacation homes, Michelin restaurants, rich kids and drug lords. Home to many famous modern beachfront properties and houses, built since the 50s, and rooftop parties happen on the regular here. Like L.S., Chumash is much bigger than in V, with more suburbs, larger beaches with surfing spots and restaurants/bars, and a large park, known as the Chumash Bluffs Public Park, is now present here.



Based on San Diego and Encinitas, and where the game begins. Another cosmopolitan, mostly-industrial city with a strong, military-inspired culture, though many beaches and hotels are located here, and home to a famous local specialty; the Santa Domingo-style burrito, a no-frills meal consisting of hefty amounts of carne asada, salsa and cheese. Home to several landmarks and places, such as the USS Stanza, a decommissioned battleship turned-museum near the Port of Santa Domingo, as well as La Arruga Cove, a beautiful and tranquil beachside area located in the northwestern part of the city, and the Rorschach Quarter, a trendy district filled with Spanish and Victorian-style architecture. Santa Domingo is roughly half a mile away from Bahia, a town that borders the Sierra Municipality in Mexico, and as such, has a large Mexican-American and Mexican population, with many signs in the city which are written in both Spanish and English.


Gang presence, though less of a problem than in Los Santos and Ciudad Vizcaino, still exists, with gangs such as the Ballas, Vagos, The Pack and the Marabunta Grande (in 2020) having sets here. The Varrio Los Aztecas are the largest gang in this city, with many of its members hailing from Mexico.


Kaelan Kowalski resides here in 1994, owning a house in the northern suburbs, before moving to a beach house in Chumash later on in the game, once money starts rolling in.



Based on Carlsbad, Laguna Beach and Oceanside, with elements of Huntington Beach. A beach town about 3 miles south from Los Santos and about 1.5 miles north of Camp Roosevelt, a USMC camp where Kaelan was formerly stationed at. A lesser-known Chumash, it houses some of the game’s best-kept secrets from tourists and adrenaline junkies; Fantastic surfing spots and reasonably-priced beach bars. Home to the renowned Rifa Boardwalk, with views that rival the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk. Many off-duty jarheads from the nearby camp often come down here to have a drink, hang out at The Queen Bee, a strip club, or harass the locals.


That said, as safe as Playa del Rifa is, with many families and small, legitimate businesses residing in the area, it has a serious drug problem, and a gang, known as The Pack, a ragtag group of predominantly white and Hispanic surfers, drug dealers and skaters, reside in this town, as well as the nearby Santa Domingo, where they peddle drugs, extort money from local businesses and sometimes get into fights and shootings, on top of local factions of the Aztecas, Vagos and the Ballas.


Mona Juarez originally hails from this town, and in 1994 resides in a humble suburban home with her father Rico, about fifteen minutes away from the beach.


Based on Chula Vista. Bahia is a border town which crosses over to the nearby Ciudad Vizcaino, and is roughly half a mile south from Santa Domingo. It overlooks the Jackman Mountains, a range of relatively low-lying mountains containing a few mountain roads and farms. It is home to landmarks such as the Straining Center, the Bahia Town Hall and the Jackman Ranch. The border is heavily fortified by 2020, due to stricter regulations on the borders, as compared to 1994, and it is where many college and university students and young adults from both Santa Domingo and Los Santos come to travel over the border to Ciudad Vizcaino during Spring Break.


A prison known as the Jon E. Seber State Penitentiary is located northeast of Bahia, near the Ayahuasca Desert, and it is where OM is locked up in Act III of 1994.


Another border town not based on any city in particular, and located to the right of the Jackman Mountains. Filled with mostly quiet suburbs, and rustic bars, motels, truck stops and taquerias, overlooking the cliffs of the eastern coastline, though it is implied in-game that this coastline does not actually exist, and this eastern area continues inland. Like Bahia, by 2020, the border is heavily fortified. A trailer park is located north of the town, along the Interstate 2 (I-02) freeway, connecting to both Crawford and Del Perro, and is where Kaelan resides in 2020.





Based on Tijuana. A famous summer city and beach town in Mexico, visited by tourists and university students during Spring Break and Summer Vacation, where they can enjoy the city’s nightlife and cuisine, often at a very cheap price. Many Americans also come to the city for its cheaper healthcare, with services that would normally cost a fortune back stateside. Landmarks include the trendy Avenida Libertad, a district known for its nightclubs, taquerias, boutique shops and bars, Mercado Cerrito, an open-air, traditional market that sells snacks, souvenirs, alcohol and clothing, and Playas del Vizcaino, a popular surfing spot with beachside nightclubs and shopping malls, where many large parties happen. That said, crime is a major problem in the city, and outsiders can often find themselves mugged or even killed in bad parts of town, even during daylight.


Three drug cartels, the Mendoza Cartel, La Garza Cartel and the Madrazo Cartel, dominate the criminal underworld in the city, and as of 2020, a large-scale war between the three, as well as with the US and Mexican governments, is ongoing. Smaller gangs such as the Aztecas, Vagos and a local gang known as Calle 22, are present in the city, though they are overshadowed by the cartels, and are often hired as muscle for their larger criminal activities.


Mona Juarez lives in a nondescript house in the hills of the city in 2020, before moving to a modern house in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos later on, which is given as a gift by Martin Madrazo towards the end of the storyline.



A smaller city east of Ciudad Vizcaino, based on Tecate. Located in the Ayahuasca Desert near Presa Montenegro, it is surrounded by Sierra del Rodadora, a cluster of mountains which circle the town. The city is best known for its pubs, and a local beer, Maiz Beer, is produced here. Unfortunately, the city is also known for prostitution, with many brothels and strip clubs in the area, and gambling, with a small casino called Maiz Casino in the heart of the town, and the city is often used as a hiding place for drug lords and hitmen to evade law enforcement from the main city.


Another beach town, this time in Mexico, and about 2 miles south of Ciudad Vizcaino, crossing over the small Rio Nacogdoches, based on Rosarito. It is home to many five-star resorts and villas, which are rentable in-game, and is where many cartel bosses come to scheme away from the danger of the city, typically at the Marquez Spa & Resort, located at the southwestern edge of the map. A premier surfing area, known as Los Oriones Beach, is located here.





A vast desert region around the border, shared between both Santa Domingo County and the Sierra Municipality. Many peyote plants are found here, and there are numerous oasis-like areas in the desert. Makeshift camps are located all over the desert, often occupied by hippies from both Mexico and the US. A Mexican army camp, Campo Militar Bravo, is located in the center of the desert, and a small town, Maiz, as well as a secondary power plant for Ciudad Vizcaino, are located east of the desert, surrounded by mountains, known collectively as Sierra Del Rodadora.



A series of low-lying mountains located in Santa Domingo County, sandwiched between Santa Domingo and Little Rock. It is located adjacent to the Jackman Nature Preserve, and is home to a few vineyards and plantations.



A nature trail located northeast of Santa Domingo. A park with hiking trails and steps, with mountain roads for vehicles to pass through. It is one of the few areas in-game untouched by the vast interstate freeway system in Southern San Andreas. A large lake, Lake Cummings, is located at the preserve.



A river in between Ciudad Vizcaino and Los Oriones, with water originating from Mount Imperial, the tallest mountain in the game and part of Sierra del Rodadora. Many dirt paths are located in this region, with plateaus and small hills scattered around, making it a perfect place for dirt-biking.



A mountain range in eastern Sierra Municipality, composed of three mountains, Mount Imperial, Mount Ana and Mount Javier. It is where the water from Rio Nacogdoches originates from. Though the mountains themselves are Mediterranean in nature, the range overlooks the Ayahuasca Desert. A lake called Presa Montenegro is located near where the town of Maiz is located, and an interstate freeway, the I-03, is located to the east of the mountain range, near the coastline.





The story in GTA: Borders is told in different acts, with the prologue being an act of its own.  There are four acts in 1994 and four acts in 2020, giving the storyline a total of nine acts.





The game begins in a small town near the Panama Canal in early 1990, during the US Invasion of Panama, and you take control of a USMC officer, Lieutenant Kaelan Kowalski, who together with platoon mates, Gunnery Sergeant Dominic “Dom” Deshayes, Corporal Remy Barker and Private First Class Harlan Stanley, are on a reconnaissance mission to recover a man named Major Ronald Harlow. They hop in their Crusaders, and after getting ambushed by a group of Panamanian forces, they reach another small town where the Major is held up. The platoon notice stacks of what appear to be cocaine pouches around town, strangely silent, though the vehicles around them are still hot. Believing it to be the sign of another ambush, Kaelan orders his platoon to fire smoke grenades and place suppressing fire on targets around town, and soon, a firefight ensues across the town between them and the Panamanian forces. The platoon emerges victorious, and they enter the town hall where the Major is held up in.


Hiding behind the walls, the platoon hears two men talking in the room, one speaking in relatively-poor Spanish. A gunshot is heard, and Kaelan orders Remy to breach the door with his shotgun. He is shot and wounded in the shoulder by a trigger-happy Panamanian and quickly the platoon dispatches all enemies in the area. Kaelan rendezvouses with Major Harlow, who is revealed to have fired the shot that he heard outside, killing a Panamanian soldier that was dead on the floor as soon as Kaelan walked in. The major then orders a reluctant Kaelan and Dom to burn the hall down, while Harlan is tasked with bringing Remy outside to safety. At this point, it is all but mentioned that Major Harlow was, in fact, a drug smuggler or peddler of some kind, and he tells the platoon to meet up with him at the officer mess back at camp.


A few days later, Remy is sent home due to his injuries, and the three men have a chat about their civilian lives once they head back stateside, back in barracks, before meeting up with Major Harlow, to join his inner circle. Major Harlow later reveals that he is working hand-in-hand with both rogue Panamanian forces as well as the Colombian Cartel, who help to smuggle the coke from the canal to areas such as Vice City and Mexico. He then tells Kaelan that they will “make more money than you ever will busting heads for the federal government” and tells him to meet up early next morning if they are interested.


The men take the offer, and they embark on their first job with Major Harlow. They transport the goods to a village near the Panama-Colombia border, and as soon as the village chief hands payment to the major, the major shoots him in the head, in front of the three men, who look in shock. Major Harlow then tells them that there are “way too many tattletales in this business” and that a group of “angry Colombians are coming our way”. They get their weapons ready, and soon, a guerilla group enters the village. They open fire, taking out as many men and women as they can, as they wait for the actual customers, a notorious, unnamed Colombian Cartel that “is slowly falling apart”, to arrive. The gunfight ends, and the Colombians, driving armored vehicles and luxury cars, and dressed in fine pastel suits, enter the picture, stepping on the dead guerilla soldiers without batting an eye and making the transaction with Major Harlow.


Deal goes smooth, and the men get their payout. Major Harlow tells the men that all the cash from today will be wired into their accounts back home, and that they should prepare to be pleasantly surprised once they touchdown in the states. They rest at the village for the day, and the three men continue their discussions, while Major Harlow patrols outside, shirtless and possibly high on cocaine. Harlan reveals that he does not trust Major Harlow, and intends to kill him after their last job the next day. Dom and Kaelan, though sympathizing with his distrust, advise against this, arguing that the Major “has always kept his word with us”, and telling him to stay put and to see what happens tomorrow.


They set off in the early morning for their last job; to steal a drugs shipment from the guerillas and selling it to the cartel, in a village “about 20 clicks from Apartado”. The major promises that this would be their biggest payout yet, though for safety reasons the man leaves out the exact amount. The job goes smooth, and Major Harlow receives word from the local cartel lieutenant, Rodrigo, to meet at his mansion. With Harlow driving stick, they bring the product to the Colombians at their mansion, who suddenly aim their guns at the platoon. Rodrigo reveals that the DOA and the Colombian government are closing in on their organization, and they need someone for the frame. They then tell Harlow that a group of four American soldiers running a drug ring would be “a good story to spin on the local papers” and that he will promise to “thank you all in my next screenplay”. As soon as the conversation stops, the Colombians restrain the soldiers, though they manage to break free. A shootout within the room ensues, and all the mobsters are killed. Major Harlow kicks a wounded Rodrigo down, and aims his pistol at the lieutenant, telling him that he is "going to have to put that screenplay on hold".


He spits, and shoots Rodrigo in the head, and soon the Major slumps over a nearby table. It is soon revealed that the Major had been shot in the neck, and was now mortally wounded. Major Harlow reveals to the three men that he knew from the start that the deal was going to go bust anyhow, and the money that was meant for this deal was already stolen by them back at the village, because he knew that the Colombians “wouldn’t give it up anyway”. The money is currently being wired into their accounts as they speak. Major Harlow gives the men one final order; set the mansion off to blow, to make sure that this deal “never happened”. Kaelan nods, and the men place charges around the foundations of the building, while taking out any cartel member left standing. Kaelan pulls off Harlow’s dogtags, and the trio leave the building.


Dom activates the detonator, and the mansion explodes, bursting into flames. The men then hear gunfire erupting from behind, revealed this time to be guerillas. The men manage to take them out, though Harlan is shot in the chest. Kaelan and Dom carry Harlan over to a nearby SUV, and they drive away, back to Panama. Harlan dies en route to the evacuation zone, admitting to the two men that he found the major to be “kind of an asshole”. The helicopters arrive, and they zip Harlan up in a body bag, after Kaelan likewise takes his dogtags. Dom and Kaelan enter the helicopter, where the Captain in-charge congratulates them “for your service to our great nation”. The men smile upon hearing this utter lie, and a shot of the helicopter flying across the Panamanian rainforest is seen.






Back stateside and officially discharged from the Raiders, the two men touch down in LSIA, where the first place they head for is the bank. They check their accounts and get a shock of their lives. Major Harlow had wired almost $400,000 to their accounts, which is worth far more than the Veterans’ Pension to which they are entitled to. That said, after their last experience, Dom and Kaelan make a vow to never return to this business, and a montage sequence with the game's acid jazz-heavy theme begins.


The opening credits are shown, as both Dom and Kaelan are shown to readjust back into civilian life, with the former in Los Santos and the latter in Santa Domingo. They take up office jobs, work part time as mechanics and welders, though it is implied that the two men do not enjoy this life. Other events, such as camera footage of the Los Santos Riots, as well as footage of police brutality, a pair of dead bank robbers and politician speeches regarding the Gulf War are shown, along with scenes of Kaelan arguing with his wife, Regina Kowalski, as she leaves the house with his daughter, Lorna.  The climax of the montage depicts Kaelan attempting to surf along the waves of Playa del Rifa, before falling over and landing in the sand, as he looks up in the sky, with an unkempt five o’ clock shadow on his face. The camera cuts back to Kaelan lying on his couch back at his Santa Domingo pad, with the same camera angle as the one before.


The year is 1994, and after four years of honest living, Kaelan was beginning to grow sick of it. This, topped along with his separation from his wife and daughter, marks his return to the criminal life.


His cellular, a large LED phone with a pointy antenna, rings, and Kaelan gets up. He picks it up, and his old friend’s voice runs through the line. Revealing himself to be equally as sick of civilian life, Dom tells him that he knows a Mexican out in Downtown Los Santos who can set both of them with some work. Kaelan hops into his blue 1992 Bravado Buffalo and sets out to the Los Santos Convention Center, where Dom said to meet up.


The Mexican, revealed to be a man named Herman Orejuela, turns out to be a small-time drug smuggler from Cypress Flats, who has contacts in both the cartels in Mexico as well as the LSV. He sets the two men up with a few jobs, mostly involving the same MO as in Panama, such as stealing product from a rival and selling them to a dealer. It goes well, as expected, and the last job involves trying their hand at smuggling, where they steal a muscle car off the street and drive them to a nearby garage, where the vehicle is packed with product, and delivering it to a discreet location. This is once again successful, though Herman mentions that the buyers want all of them to meet up at a bar to renegotiate.


They meet at Singleton’s in Vinewood, and after a heated discussion, the buyers, who are members of the Aztecas, throw hands at the three men, with a gang member dragging Kaelan off his bar stool and trying to throw a punch. Kaelan counters and punches the man, and soon, a bar brawl leaves most of the gangbangers with no teeth. They head through the backdoor into the parking lot, where an armed Azteca entourage waits. The three men finish them off, and manage to drive away, evading police attention. Herman thanks the two men for their help, and tells them that he knows another guy out in Rancho who has greater connections with the Vagos than he does. Once the men reach their destination, Herman pulls out his cellular and dials a number.


Cut to the perspective of the second protagonist of 1994, Enrico “Basura” Rivera, where, dressed in a dark yellow plaid shirt, he is seen hosing down his yellow Declasse Vamos at his home in Rancho, where he hears the cellular buzz on a nearby table. He sighs, and picks the phone up, and Herman greets him over the phone. He tells Basura in Spanish that he has “found a couple of washed-up gringos who are willing to do” their next job for them. Basura tells him to set another meet-up soon, and tells him that he still has work to do. Turning off the hose, Basura gets inside his car and goes to Davis. He knocks on the door of a nondescript house, and a woman, Shaniqua Montell, opens. She greets Basura with a smile, and he walks into the living room, where a Ballas member, a hardy man named Oliver “OM” Montell, watches TV with his son, four-year old Clapton.


After telling him that the buyers from Carcer City are in town, OM kisses his son in the head, and gets up and puts on his purple varsity jacket. They leave in OM’s purple Virgo Executive, and he assures Basura that his car is safe in Davis, as everyone knows that he is “rolling with a Ballas OG”. Soon, after a short drive to Praetorian Beach, they meet up with their contact from Carcer City; a man named Top Gun. Here the Negotiation minigame is introduced to the player, and Basura bargains with Top Gun, over matters such as his commission, with conversation prompts similar to RDR 2 along with a tension meter.


Both parties soon come into an agreement, and Top Gun heads to vehicle with his men, driving away. Here the set-up missions begin, and Basura is tasked with bribing certain members of law enforcement, plotting out the safest route for the smuggle and getting a few vehicles ready for the deal. Depending on the probability of failure and the duration of the entire trip, this can affect the commission paid to Basura at the end of the day.


The set-ups are assumed to go successful, and both OM and Basura get their slice of the pie. Basura fills OM in on the newcomers, and soon sets a meeting with Herman, this time at the Vinewood Racetrack. They meet up during a sunny afternoon, where a horse race is happening, and discuss their next job. Basura and OM introduces themselves to Kaelan and Dom, who immediately return the favor, as Herman tells them all about the next deal; An organization from Rosewood City in the Mid-South who are ready to buy an entire coke shipment from the enterprise.


Herman takes the men to a warehouse down in Veneration Beach, Santa Domingo, where the coke is stored, and soon leaves, telling Basura to use their imagination, believing it to be virtually impossible to sell off the entire shipment. After a moment of pondering, Basura figures everything out, and tells the men about his plan, using the same method he has always used.


Since he had extra manpower now, he could now allocate both Dom and Kaelan, novices to the business, some field work, where they would use their ex-military background to procure a Titan airplane from Camp Roosevelt, while Basura and OM continue to negotiate with the buyers over certain costing issues, while stealing a couple of Brickades for the transport of narcotics to the aircraft. The route is plotted out, and the plane flies from Santa Domingo Airport to a remote airfield in the Ayahuasca Desert, where the quartet are tasked with taking out any remaining rival gangs that may come for the product.


This operation is extremely successful, to Herman’s surprise, and the deal is closed off, at the time one of the biggest in Southern SA history, with each man paid about a maximum of $100,000 for their efforts, and all of them celebrate at The Tiki Torch Bar in Playa del Rifa. This eventually catches the attention of a man named Pinto Vargas, who through his connections is able to come into contact with Basura, meeting him outside the bar as the man walks towards his car with OM.


Pinto Vargas introduces himself, and applauds both Basura and OM for pulling the job off, exclaiming that “no one had the balls to pull off something this big.” He tells the two men that if they are interested in more jobs, to meet him at the Von Crastenburg Resort in Santa Domingo.


OM and Basura think this through in the Virgo, and have a short discussion, with OM asking if Pinto “might be one time”. Pinto disagrees, and tells OM that he knows guys like Pinto back in Ciudad Vizcaino, and that they are the real deal. OM sighs, and Basura tells him to drive safe, leaving the car and lighting a cigarette as he walks towards his Vamos.


Cut back to Dom and Kaelan, who are now officially drunk off their asses, now laughing and shouting incoherently in the bar. Kaelan tells Dom that they should have went back into the business sooner, and tells him that he is a “buddy for life”. Dom tells him to shut up, and together they drunkenly sing USMC cadences, much to the annoyance of a few members of The Pack, who are watching a ball game on a mounted TV nearby.


The annoyances stop, and the anger and bloodlust seeps in, as The Pack attempt to attack the two men, though once again, Dom and Kaelan manage to fight back, throwing the ringleader of the gang against a row of bottles, as the two men run out of the bar, with Dom telling Kaelan that they “should split up”. Kaelan rushes back into his Buffalo, and watches a few angry members of The Pack run towards him. He starts the car and backs out, crashing through a parking lot fence and driving out onto the I-01.


Kaelan continues to speed across the freeway, attracting the attention of a few highway cops, and a short chase ensues, ending with him crashing near the escarpment, damaging his car and bruising him a little, on account of him being intoxicated.


He is soon arrested and thrown into the county jail, where is later bailed out by Dom off-screen. Now extremely hung-over, Kaelan takes his things and leaves the jail, only to be stopped by the sheriff-in-charge. He soon recognizes Kaelan, and asks him if he has “killed Noriega”. Kaelan laughs it off, and tells him that “they should find someone else better than me to put a bullet in him” before leaving the office. He walks out and puts on his aviators, walking towards the bright sunset, with his back facing the camera, as he stares at the beach ahead of him.


[Act End Theme]

Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil






A few days later, Basura stays the night at one of Santa Domingo’s many motels, and drives his car to the Von Crastenburg Resort the following morning, where he meets up with OM outside the hotel lobby. Both men walk in, and are led to Pinto Vargas’s suite by two of his bodyguards, who are much more well-dressed than the average person. Not long after OM and Basura their seats, the man himself walks out of the bathroom, dressed in a bathrobe. He pours the men drinks, and they discuss the next smuggling job.


Pinto reveals himself to be the leader of a group called La Garza, which was originally split off from the much larger Mendoza Cartel, and shows off some of his military ranks and caps from his time as a Mexican Special Forces Officer to the two men, as they engage in friendly small talk. The reason for them splitting up is that Pinto could not stand the Mendozas treating ex-military soldiers, who they hired as enforcers, like dirt, or so it seemed.


Anyway, back to business, and Pinto tells both Basura and OM that the next big job involves bringing a shipment from across the border through the use of boats, before repackaging the product into cop cars and driving them to a spot in Vinewood, and that with the kind of manpower the two men have, that it should be “just another Monday” for them. Pinto is willing to pay every man of his crew $150,000 each for this job.


Here Basura can choose to negotiate the terms of this agreement, as well as the approach used in the smuggling of the shipment. Regardless, the men agree to do this job for La Garza, and as Basura walks outside, he rings up Kaelan, telling him that the next job is well underway, and both men agree to meet up for a discussion of what to do.


They meet up at a taqueria in Rorschach Quarter, where every man is allocated a job for this deal. The set-up missions commence, with the men stealing Squalo speedboats from a boat show in Los Oriones well as a pair of LSPD cop cars that are currently being used for a Vinewood picture in Santa Domingo. They park the vehicles in their spots, and the smuggling commences.


As the product is brought in by trucks to the dockyard in the northern outskirts of Ciudad Vizcaino, however, a group of cartel thugs, possibly working for the Mendozas, come in guns blazing. All four men manage to shoot all the cartel members, and quickly hop in on the boats, where a light machine gun is used to fend off pursuing boats and helicopters. Stopping at a jetty near Playa del Rifa, a group of La Garza members quickly unload the product, and pack them in the cop cars at the garage nearby. The men have a smoke, and discuss their partnership. Basura mentions that Pinto is ex-military, which gets both Dom and Kaelan flustered, and responds that Pinto is lucky to have a pair of ex-Raiders on his side.


The vehicles are prepped, and a pair enters each vehicle. Fitted with tire spikes, the vehicles drive off. Spikes are deployed as rival cartel vehicles chase the cop cars. Soon the team manages to lose them, and the vehicles are parked inside a multi-storey car park, and the keys are thrown to a pair of men, dressed as LSPD cops. The job is done, and Pinto is notified.


Extremely satisfied with its completion, Pinto sets a meet-up with all five members of the group, including Herman, at the Marquez Spa & Resort in Los Oriones. Upon arriving, everyone takes their seats, and Pinto introduces everyone to his lieutenants, and his right-hand man, Verona Gutierrez, as well as lieutenants of the Madrazo Cartel, Alonzo Moreno and Martin Madrazo, whose unseen father is the leader of the organization.


Pinto explains that they are currently working very closely with the Madrazo Cartel, another smaller cartel from CV who likewise dislike the Mendoza monopoly over the drug trade, and that they need someone like Basura and Kaelan to handle day-to-day operations.


Pinto fills the team in on the next job, though this time, it turns out to be that of a drug heist. The men are tasked with stealing an entire shipment of heroin that is currently being stashed at a sweatshop in Chinatown, Los Santos, brought in by the Triads, and then ship the goods through freighter to the Port of Ciudad Vizcaino, where the goods are then repackaged and transported to their buyers up in Maiz.


But first, they would need to recruit a man named Rico Juarez, a single father currently living with his daughter, Monserrat, or Mona for short, in Playa del Rifa. A skillful criminal with a good working relationship with Pinto and La Garza, he has the ability to pick out the best logistical elements for any large-scale smuggling work. Kaelan first meets him at the beach, where he teaches his daughter how to surf, and together they pull a few small-scale jobs involving auto theft and robbery together to earn each other’s trust. Likewise, Basura and OM do some wet work for the Madrazos to make sure that Martin and Co. get their money’s worth.


The job commences, and Pinto tasks Kaelan and Dom with mapping out the safest route for the transport, figuring that they have enough experience and intuition to handle such matters, and asks Basura and OM to negotiate with the buyers, a Salvadoran criminal organization, lead by a man named Santiago, to make sure the price is right. Rico will scope out for the best vehicles and transport for the job and finally, Herman will handle the cops.


The set-up missions are done, and a large freighter called The Domino is rerouted and commandeered for the move. The Salvadorans prove to be a stubborn bunch, and negotiations, while not ideal, are enough to suffice.


The set-ups are done, and the job commences, though it turns out later that Herman did a piss-poor job at bribing the cops, as NOOSE teams are dispatched on board The Domino, where a shootout between them and the team happens. Heat dies down, and quickly, The Domino docks at the port, where a team of laborers hired by Pinto are sent inside the freighter to remove the product and repack them into two heavily-tuned trailers, fitted with machine guns at the back of each trailer.


The Federales are sent to chase after the trailers, where a large-scale chase and shootout happens on the streets of Ciudad Vizcaino. They are soon taken out by Dom and Kaelan halfway through the Ayahuasca Desert, who manage to fend them off with the machine guns.


They finally reach Maiz, where the Salvadorans come face to face with the group. Santiago accuses them of setting his organization up with the Federales, to the confusion of everyone, revealing that they were tailed by the police en route to town. As Basura attempts to quell the tensions, a stray shot is fired in the air, and a massive shootout occurs in Maiz. Many of the Salvadorans are killed, and Kaelan retrieves the briefcase of money from one of the dead mobsters. A faction of La Garza manages to arrive in time, eliminating the rest of the Salvadorans, and the group and heroin are extracted and driven back to Los Oriones.


Pinto enters the meeting room and congratulates everyone for a job well done. Pinto begins putting up a slideshow of the cartel’s infrastructure, and declare that a new faction of La Garza be founded to handle cross-border smuggling operations. Collectively known as Los Hermanos de la Frontera, they will soon prove to be the future cartel’s biggest asset, raking in millions of dollars for the organization.


As the men leave for the day, Pinto tells Herman to stay in the room to discuss some things with Verona and the Madrazos. As soon as the men walk outside the lobby and head for the parking lot, a thunderous glass break is heard, and Herman, crashing through a glass veranda, lands on a grey Cadrona just in front of the building, deforming it and killing him instantly.


Basura, Dom, Rico, OM and Kaelan are all shocked by this, and Pinto, taking a breath, soon tells the group that Herman was a narc, and that he had told on the Salvadorans on the first place, and was, in fact, the one who called the NOOSE on The Domino, and that it would take weeks to clean up the mess he started. He soon assures that everything is fine, and they would not have to worry about any “pinche ratas” from damaging their business relationship.


The men soon go their separate ways, and the cameras move to Kaelan and Dom. Dom, though witnessing the brutality of the cartel firsthand, finds this opportunity to be worth taking, telling him that they can finally become their “own Major Harlow”. After a short conversation, the men take separate paths, and Kaelan enters his Buffalo.


He gives his wife Regina a call, who responds with hostility at first, though gradually, she tells Kaelan that Lorna misses him and wants to visit him back in LS, to which Kaelan advises against, citing “work problems”. They bid farewell, and Kaelan drives back to his house in Santa Domingo.


Back home, Kaelan makes himself a White Russian, puts on a Style Council record on his vinyl player, and takes a seat on his couch, lighting a cigar and turning on the TV. Momentarily, he begins to hallucinate, and sees Major Harlow, dressed in a tacky Hawaiian shirt and donning aviators, sitting on a vacant area of the couch next to him, beer in hand. The music fades out, and they share greetings. The major congratulates Kaelan for finally making it big, asking him how it feels to “finally hit the limelight”. Kaelan responds positively, saying that it beats “writing off passes for recruits and court-martialing AWOLers at Camp Roosevelt”. The major laughs, and reminds Kaelan not to get too ahead of himself, and to continue the life the way it is, that it rewards those who keep their head up.


Soon, the major disappears and the music fades in, and Kaelan is left to his own devices. He finishes his liquor, and watches another episode of Angel and The Knight on TV.


Cut to Basura, back in Rancho. Dressed in neutral colors, he watches from afar a group of Vagos youths parked outside a corner store, ready to hold it up. The men enter, and soon, loud gunshots are heard, and a Vagos youth, wounded in the shoulder, stumbles out of the store. Soon, the store clerk, armed with a rifle, walks outside, and aims at the youth. He pulls the trigger, and the young man is thrown against the yellow Chino, falling onto the ground dead.


Basura, unfazed, throws his cigarette out on the street, and walks away as police sirens are heard in the air.


[Act End Theme]

Social Distortion- Story Of My Life






The Act begins with a montage sequence of people surfing on the beach, along with some narration by Kaelan about the events that follow not long after the Hermanos were formed. He explains in detail, how the group has managed to catapult La Garza from a small-time drug ring to a large cartel that rivals with some of the big names in Mexico, such as the Mendoza Cartel, "Who didn't take a liking to us taking over their business". More scenes are seen, such as a group of men packing cargo into a vehicle, trucks driving across the desert, planes flying along the beaches and finally, an unknown woman dancing at an outdoor club in Ciudad Vizcaino, with a close-up of her smiling face, which fades out, all to the tune of Ocean Size by Jane's Addiction.


Kaelan then proceeds to tell players that Los Hermanos de la Frontera, over the course of three months, has managed to net in a total of close to a whopping $750 million for the organization in the summer of 1994 alone, and that the cops "never saw a single cent come out of it". The opening scene then ends with Kaelan surfing, a throwback to Act I, who manages to pull some tricks before touching down on the sand successfully, as he turns back to stare at the sunset.


He was in the leagues now, and had just bought a big beach house in Chumash, with all the money he earned, though still owning his old home in Santa Domingo as an investment. Lounging about in his crib, Kaelan takes a swig of a Moscow Mule he made earlier and begins reading the papers, playing a new record, this time a Brand New Heavies single from the UK. Minutes later, the intercom buzzes on the table in front of him, and Kaelan picks it up.


Dom was on the phone, and from the sounds of it he was taking his time enjoying the reaps of his harvest as well. The two men proceed to have a brief mano-y-mano over their new property and business ventures, with Dom expressing an interest in buying a wine vineyard in the Highlands, while Kaelan unconsciously moves off his couch and stands at the window, trailing his eyes outside into the driveway outside. At this point, his smile fades, as he squints his eyes in the distance in restrained panic.


"Hey Kay, you there man?" Questions his brother-in-arms over the line.


A silver Sunrise was parked outside his house, the silhouettes of men behind the dark-tinted windows staring at him through the glass. Kaelan takes a step outside, and quickly the car drives out of the neighborhood.


The man takes a breath, and walks back inside, and continues with the conversation. Dom asks if it was the police, or the cartel, to which Kaelan responds that he does not know. Dom begins to sound nervous over the line, and for the first time, expresses doubt over their success, asking his friend if it was maybe time to "cash in their chips on this business". Kaelan assures that nothing is wrong, and that those peeping Toms outside probably just "strayed off the tourist trail". He reminds Dom that the two are way too important for Pinto to just give up, and has full confidence that his connections with the local PD would keep the law off their backs. After a hesitant agreement from Dom's end, they set a timing to meet for the next sit-down with the rest of the Hermanos later in the afternoon, and the man hangs up. Kaelan puts the intercom down, and heads upstairs to get dressed.


Shifting all the way down to Basura's perspective a few hours later, and together with OM, they watch Clapton and his friends, Big M and Harold, go at it in a few rounds of basketball. They have a brief discussion over work, with OM ending off the conversation by saying that "it probably ain't a good idea to get ahead ourselves.". Basura briefly smiles, and OM takes off for a quick toilet break, reminding him to keep a lookout for his son while he takes a number three. Moments pass, and it appears that Clapton is losing this round, with Big M snatching the ball off his hands and going for the shot himself, scoring a round.


At this juncture, Basura hears a sipping sound behind him, and he turns. The man, no more than 30-years old and dressed in a collared office shirt and fancy work pants, was sipping on some soda, donning a pair of orange aviators that seemed to reflect yellow light around the edges. The man introduces himself as Richard "Rick" Osterman, and reveals himself as an IAA agent, working in narcotics. He tells Basura that he knows about what happened to his co-worker Herman, and ominously reminds him that his squad are onto him, before letting his guard down, revealing them to "be on the same side". Basura then asks Rick as to why doesn't he just bust him there and then, and the agent laughs it off, stating that he would miss out on a perfectly good money-making opportunity and that half the organization are on La Garza's payroll at this point anyway, that "all the honest cops in this state are filing papers in evidence". He also implies to Basura that he is more interested in the way the business is operated, rather than interrogate him like any other cop, and outright tells him that Pinto is "small fry" compared to what Rick is capable of. 


"If the IAA could do it back in Nicaragua in the 80s, imagine what we can pull off now." Rick says.


 "So if you're sick of playing errand boy for Vargas and those cheap bastards, gimme a call. My line's always open."


The agent walks into his car, a charcoal Fathom Dissenter, and hops in, gesturing at Basura and reminding him about the offer, before driving off into the distance.













Featuring a vast set of characters, GTA: Borders is a multi-generational tragedy that affects the lives of people throughout the decades.






"Nearly 10 years I've been in the corps, and all I've seen during this time is assholes, paperwork and more paperwork. What we're doing today right here, Dom, is a break from all that."

Portrayed by: Langley Kirkwood



An ex-military veteran turned drug smuggler, and the first protagonist of 1994. 


Born in 1956 in Santa Domingo, San Andreas. A former US Marines Lieutenant who served in the Invasion of Panama against Noriega and, as of 1994, a drug smuggler for the newly-founded La Garza Cartel. Formerly serving under Major Ronald Harlow during the Invasion, together with his best friend and fellow Gunnery Sergeant, Dominic "Dom" DeShayes, he soon comes to realize that Major Harlow is, himself, a drug smuggler, using the invasion as a way to capitalize off the cocaine trade between the Panama Canal and Vice City. The money made was huge, worth even more than the pensions the Raiders had to offer, and both Dom and Kaelan would continue working for him for various jobs around the Central American nation, and witnesses many atrocities, committed both by the Major and Panamanian forces along the way. Soon enough, Major Harlow is killed during a drug deal gone wrong, though his influence on the two men would not stop there.


Back stateside, after several failed attempts in reintegrating into civilian life, both Kaelan and Dom meet once again in Los Santos to discuss their return to the drug smuggling business. Kaelan, who is now estranged from his wife and daughter, jumps on board at the prospect, believing that he has nothing to lose. The latter soon introduces him to Herman Orejuela, who then brings him to see a middleman and Vagos associate named Enrico "Basura" Rivera, originally hailing from Ciudad Vizcaino, who gives them a job on behalf of a man named Pinto Vargas, a Mexican Special Forces officer who, together with a posse of a few other deserters and comrades, form La Garza, an organization split off from the much larger Mendoza Cartel, and currently building a truce with the Madrazos, another smaller cartel that is just about to make it big.


They build enough trust with La Garza for them to work regularly, and soon enough, an effective smuggling system is established, calling themselves Hermanos de la Frontera, with Basura and another associate, Ballas member Oliver "O.M." Montell, acting as street-level middleman between buyers, Kaelan and Dom doing the dirty work across the borders and Pinto and his men back home, settling local matters. They also come into contact with Rico Juarez, a famed street criminal who is good with cars and Alonzo Moreno and Martin Madrazo, high-ranking members of the Madrazo cartel who work closely with La Garza in an attempt to break the Mendoza monopoly. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are made from this system alone, and this catapults La Garza from a small-time organization to a respected and feared drug cartel in Mexico. That said, Kaelan, during this time, begins to reconcile with his family, and even meets up with his daughter, Lorna Kowalski, at LSIA at one point, a reunion which restores some of his lost humanity back.


Unfortunately, even before the height of their success, tensions between La Garza and the Mendozas were already brewing, and it was only after a shootout at La Bamba Casino in Ciudad Vizcaino, which resulted in the deaths of several high-ranking Mendoza and La Garza members, did the drug wars really kick off. Dom is severely injured during a gun battle in at the parking lot outside Crowfoot Mills, and dies in Kaelan's hands, and to top it all off, Pinto Vargas himself is killed offscreen as Kaelan attempts to ring him, warning him to escape from San Andreas. With his best friend and boss now dead, this makes Kaelan both distraught and paranoid, and calls his wife one last time to ensure their safety, asking them to never call back again.


Soon enough, a truce is formed between the Mendozas and La Garza, by La Garza lieutenant Verona Gutierrez, a seemingly generous lieutenant who was Pinto's right-hand man and a close associate with the Hermanos, as well as a Mendoza lieutenant named Juan Ramos, an old-money, arrogant mobster who thinks he is untouchable because of his status. Verona calls in both Basura and Kaelan, and both have a sit-down with Juan. Verona vouches for them both, and tells Juan to spare them. He agrees, but he gives the two men an ultimatum; either kill Rico Juarez at his home, who Juan still does not trust because of his fierce loyalty to Pinto, or all three of them take part in an assassination ploy against a lieutenant turning states in the desert outside of Ciudad Vizcaino, if they want to get off this scott-free.


Both men do either job, and regardless, Rico Juarez winds up dead, leaving behind an orphaned daughter named Monserrat. Basura rings up Alonzo and tells him to look after Mona. Believing the job to be a set-up, especially if the three-men job is taken, Basura and Kaelan part ways, and choose to lay low, remaining in San Andreas, with Kaelan living under an assumed name in the Los Santos area, constantly looking over his shoulder for any cartel hitman who might potentially be out for him.


By 2020, Kaelan, now almost 65-years old, has lost his fear of death, and lives quiet in a trailer park near Little Rock, San Andreas. Depending on the events of '94, he can either store many artifacts from his days as a drug smuggler in a chest in his trailer, or have nothing at all, all which may determine his fate once a grown-up Mona visits him towards the end of the game.


He is implied to suffer from some form of mental illness, as over the course of the storyline, he converses regularly with a hallucination of Major Harlow, which go on even until 2020.


He owns a royal blue 1992 Bravado Buffalo, which is usually tuned to Los Santos Rock Radio, The Lowdown or Non-Stop Pop FM. He lives in a suburban home, where he used to live in together with his now-estranged family, in northern Santa Domingo, before buying an expensive beach house in Chumash sometime after Act II of 1994.



"I ain't steppin' around in places where I know I'm gonna get my ass aired out, Pinto. Done this job several years, it takes a toll."

Portrayed by: Gabriel Chavarria



A Vagos member and prolific drug smuggler, and the second protagonist of 1994.


He is a member of the Los Santos Vagos, though he was born in Ciudad Vizcaino in 1964. He got his nickname from his former style of smuggling drugs, hiding the product in trash bags and transporting them in waste disposal barges across the Gulf of Mexico. Close friends with Ballas OG, Oliver "O.M." Montell, despite being in different gangs during Los Santos's tumultuous gang war years in the early 90s, where they would help smuggle product over from the Midwest and the Mid-South into Los Santos and act as middlemen to observe the production of narcotics as well as street-level meetups to discuss prices, "before the Families brought the whole enterprise down in '92". Despite this, word gets out that Basura and O.M. are good at what they do, and soon enough a man named Pinto Vargas, the ringleader of a Ciudad Vizcaino-based organization called La Garza, gets hold of this information, and contacts them directly, setting a meet-up at the Marquez Spa & Resort in Los Oriones.


He offers the two men a proposition and job opportunity, and sets both of them up with a few jobs across the border. He is impressed with the results, and soon the two men become honorary members of the cartel. From there, Basura brings both Dominic DeShayes and Kaelan Kowalski, veterans who smuggled drugs back during the Invasion of Panama, into the organization. They form an alliance, and call themselves Los Hermanos de la Frontera, or The Brothers of the Frontier. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raked in from the operations alone, and this transforms La Garza from a small-time drug gang in Ciudad Vizcaino to a massive organization, rivaling the Mendoza Cartel, who traditionally had a foothold over the Mexican beach city.


As tensions rise between the Mendozas and La Garza, Pinto sends both O.M. and Basura to assassinate a top lawyer for the Mendozas, a man named Reginald Dayton. The assassination is successful, and O.M. manages to execute a pleading Reginald in his Marlowe Drive home by shooting him in the head, after fighting waves of Mendoza members in the front yard. However, O.M. is later shot in the leg by LSPD and is later arrested by them, telling Basura to make a run for it while he still can. He is later sentenced to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, something that Pinto promises Basura that he can handle.


This marks a turning point for La Garza, as the war between them and the Mendoza Cartel flares up, resulting in the deaths of many gangsters and innocent people. A chain of events such as the La Bamba Casino massacre, the Crowfoot Mills shooting and the Bahama Mamas West gangland massacre unfold from the gang war, taking the lives of many men such as Pinto and Dom, while Basura, now growing weary of the violence which made the gang wars in Los Santos look tame in comparison, visits O.M. at the Jon E. Seber State Penitentiary north of Bahia, San Andreas, who requests that he take care of his son, Clapton, for him, which he abides, after learning that he would probably not get out anytime soon after Pinto's death.


Soon, a ceasefire is established between the two cartels, and a La Garza lieutenant, Verona Gutierrez, summons both Kaelan and Basura over to a resort in Los Oriones, where they meet up with a Mendoza lieutenant named Juan Ramos. He presents an ultimatum to the two men; In exchange for their lives, they must either kill Rico Juarez, a close friend of the two men who Juan believes to still be loyal to Pinto, or all three of them must go and kill another Mendoza lieutenant who is turning states, currently hiding out in the Ayahuasca Desert just outside the city.


Either way, the job ends with Rico's death, who dies in front of his young daughter, Monserrat. Basura, who is now distraught and more than willing to leave a life of crime, rings up Alonzo Moreno, a Madrazo lieutenant and another friend of his, to take care of Mona. He confides, and together with Kaelan, due to their doubts that they are truly released from the cartels' hands, decide to lay low, with Kaelan changing his name and Basura starting a legitimate trucking company in Mirror Park, while raising Clayton like he was his own son.


This peace is broken almost 30 years later, in 2020, when a group of La Garza cartel members walk into the company office, holding him and a now grown-up Clayton at gunpoint, where he is led out of the office, possibly forced to return to his old way of life.


He owns a bright yellow 1974 Declasse Vamos, which is usually tuned to Radio X, Tequi-La-La Radio or Radio Mirror Park. He first owns a house in the Rancho suburbs of Los Santos, before purchasing a modern house at Arroz Boulevard in Ciudad Vizcaino sometime after Act II of 1994.




"I'm guessin' that I ain't got a say in this? 30 years of peace and quiet now suddenly comin' to an end, huh?"

Portrayed by: Luke Forbes



A former driver turned criminal, and the first protagonist of 2020.


A playable character in 2020. The son of a former Ballas OG, Oliver "O.M." Montell, put behind bars for four decades in 1994 after killing a lawyer working for the Mendoza Cartel, and born in 1990 and raised in Mirror Park, Los Santos. He now works for Basura, his surrogate father, as a contractor for his Mirror Park-based logistics company, and tries to distance himself from the hood, though unlike Franklin, this is done out of his father's wishes, and of Basura's, as they do not want him to "turn into another statistic". 


This period of peace eventually comes to an end in 2020, when ghosts from Basura's past come back to haunt him, as cartel members of La Garza enter the company office and hold both of them at gunpoint, and soon finds out his connection and animosity to the cartels, dating back to the early-90s. He learns of the increasingly-bloody cartel wars that were happening south of the border, and is forced together with Basura to pull jobs once again, as the cartel and, by extension, the IAA, threaten him and his mother Shaniqua, who suffers from dementia.


Now a pawn for the cartels as well as the IAA, Maelstrom now carries the weight of the company and the lives of his loved ones and acquaintances on his shoulders, along with pressure from some old friends from the hood to join the gang he swore to stay away from, as he continues to work for the different cartels in their never-ending drug war with one another and the two governments, all the while learning more of Rivera's cartels connections along the way. Learning more about the events of 1994 through cartel members and O.M., Maelstrom finds out Basura's role in O.M.'s arrest and the drug wars, and culminates with him running into Monserrat Juarez at gunpoint, a cartel assassin facing a similar dilemma. In the end, it is entirely up to him to decide if Basura was responsible for O.M.'s arrest and death later in the game.


He owns a Tyrian purple 2018 Pegassi Toros gifted by Basura, which is usually tuned to Radio Los Santos, iFruit Radio or Neon Roads FM. He lives in a humble apartment unit with his mother at Mirror Park, before receiving a bigger condominium-style apartment near Mercado Cerrito in Ciudad Vizcaino from La Garza Cartel after Act I of 2020.




"Looks like we're on the same boat, Montell. Seems to me we're both looking for someone to take out."

Portrayed by: Vannessa Vasquez



A cartel assassin and contract killer, and the second protagonist of 2020.


The game's female protagonist. Born in 1989 and raised in Playa del Rifa, San Andreas. Her father, Rico Juarez, was a skillful criminal hailing from Ciudad Vizcaino and trusted associate of La Garza Cartel, and was no stranger to cartel violence, even back in the early 90s, where she would sometimes watch her dad bring a bruised-up gangster into the family home and stiff him at gunpoint for some answers. That said, Rico still tries to raise her right, and reminds her to stay in school and to get an honest job, away from all the violence.


This changes in 1994, when Rico is killed, either by Kaelan's hand, on the orders of Juan Ramos, or by the hands of an unnamed cartel assailant, left behind in the desert by both Basura and Kaelan during an assassination gone awry. Either way, she is left traumatized and orphaned by this incident, and is later adopted by a Madrazo lieutenant named Alonzo Moreno, who promises Kaelan and Basura that he will care for Mona after her father's death.


Unfortunately, some time before 2000, Alonzo is killed by the Mendozas, and Mona is taken and raised under their wing. She is groomed to fill the role of a cartel killer, and by the late-2010s, she becomes a notorious cartel assassin in Ciudad Vizcaino, numb to violence with almost 50 high-profile murders to her name. In 2020, she is paired up with fellow hitman Manuel Ortega as a partner, and in the ensuing drug war after an ambush during an assassination attempt, they are called back by their boss, to assist with woes caused by it. This sets the ball rolling for the second half of the storyline, as progressively, as Mona rolls deep into the cartel conflict, she learns more about the events and the roots of La Garza Cartel in 1994, and the circumstances of Rico's death, and eventually, she runs into Clayton Montell, a drug smuggler facing a similar predicament, where they aim their guns at each other during their first encounter. In the end, it is up to her to decide if she should exact revenge for her father's death during the story's climax.


She owns a crimson 2019 Albany V-STR, which is usually tuned to Vinewood Boulevard Radio, Ayahuasca Visions or East Los FM. Living in a run-down house on the hills of Ciudad Vizcaino, near Cerro Dorado, she is then given a modern house up in Vinewood Hills by Martin Madrazo, revealed to be the same house that Michael and Franklin pulled down back in 2013, as a gift for her saving his life at the end of Act III of 2020.







The leader of La Garza Cartel in 1994, and the deuteragonist of the first half of the story. A former Mexican Special Forces officer, Pinto has previously worked as an enforcer for the Mendoza Cartel, though after unfair treatment at the organization, he leaves and starts La Garza with Verona Gutierrez, another ex-military man, as well as a few other deserters and ex-soldiers.



The co-leader, later leader, of La Garza Cartel, and the main antagonist of the game. A man driven by pure, unbridled ambition, he hides behind a loyal and humble façade, while secretly conspiring with the enemies of his organization, with plans to become the sole leader of the largest cartel in Mexico, once all the other cartels are eliminated or weakened.



An arrogant high-ranking lieutenant of the Mendoza Cartel, and one of the antagonists of the game.



A car thief, an associate of La Garza Cartel, and the late father of Mona Juarez.



One of the antagonists in the game. A corrupt IAA agent and wannabe drug kingpin who was originally Herman’s handler in 1994. Believes that he can run things and use people in the cartel just because he is above the law. He is soon proven to be wrong.


He first runs into OM, Shaniqua and Basura at the BJ Smith Recreational Center, where Clapton and Big M are playing a B-ball game at the court.



A former US Marines soldier who served as a Gunnery Sergeant in Panama, and Kaelan’s best friend.



An OG member of the Ballas in Davis, and an old friend and accomplice of Basura. Has a wife named Shaniqua and a son named Clapton, who is playable in 2020. A hardboiled gangster and a family man, he partakes in drug smuggling activities in order to help pay for his son’s school fees and support his family. He works frequently with Basura, where they would use their street smarts to get the best rate out of any deal.



A cartel hitman and Mona’s partner in 2020, where they work mutually in jobs and contracts sent by their boss, Ricardo. Though sadistic and open to violence as a way to solve problems, he has a heart, and is more than willing to give up a contract if it meant that one less innocent is killed.



A high-ranking Madrazo Cartel lieutenant and an associate of the Hermanos in 1994.



An underboss of the Madrazo Cartel, whose unseen father is the leader of his organization in 1994, and later the boss of the cartel in 2020, as well as the deuteragonist of the second part of the game.



Another corrupt IAA agent, featured in 2020, though this time working on the side of the protagonists. He wants to expose Rick Osterman’s crimes and cartel connections to his organization, and is willing to work with Clapton to achieve this. Introduced in Act III, he meets Clapton outside the Maze Bank Building in Los Santos, after finding out that Rick has been harassing him ever since he started working for La Garza Cartel.





The mother of Clapton and the husband of OM. Alive as of 2020, though her life is in danger due to the sudden reappearance of the cartel at Basura’s office, where Clapton works. She appears to suffer from dementia in 2020, and Maelstrom often tries to help her remember things about OM to help lessen the damage caused by the disorder.


A loyal wife to OM, she first appears in Act I of 1994, where she greets Basura, letting him inside the Montell family home, where he lets the man know about the next job. She appears a few more times throughout 1994, with the next big appearance being at the end of Act III, once OM is arrested for the murder of Reginald Dayton, a lawyer for the Mendoza Cartel. Worried about Clapton’s future, Basura promises her that he will help her raise him right, and to give him an honest job once he is all grown up.


This is successful for the most part, despite Clapton, who now goes by his new nickname, Maelstrom, moving to and growing up in 90s-to-00s Mirror Park, which was a dangerous neighborhood during this time. Maelstrom begins to work full-time for Basura’s trucking company, beginning in his early 20s, and as a gift for his efforts, he is given a brand new Pegassi Toros by his surrogate uncle in 2019, using old funds that were previously earned from his time in the cartel.


Unfortunately, Shaniqua, now in her late-50s, begins to develop early stages of dementia, and is progressively losing her speech and memory. The situation is made worse once Maelstrom is forced to work for La Garza Cartel in 2020, where they force Basura back into his old life and barter his and Shaniqua’s lives in exchange for some jobs, not to mention a few visits by Rick Osterman, a corrupt IAA agent with ties to the same cartel, who uses him, along with Mona, to do his dirty work.



An associate of the Hermanos in 1994, and an undercover IAA mole.



A Mendoza captain, and the boss of Mona and Manuel.



A La Garza lieutenant in 2020 who holds both Basura and Maelstrom at gunpoint, and a secondary antagonist in the game.



A Mendoza underboss, whose nightclub is robbed by the Hermanos in 1994.



A major in the US Marines Corp, and drug smuggler during the US Invasion of Panama, which Kaelan and Dom took part in. He later appears as part of Kaelan's hallucinations throughout 1994 as well as parts of 2020, as a figure of encouragement for his criminal activities.



A celebrity lawyer for the Mendoza Cartel, and an assassination target in Act III of 1994, currently residing in a mansion at Vinewood Hills.



The wife of Martin Madrazo who is treated like dirt by him back in 1994, though for some strange reason, possibly due to his suspiciously-missing left ear, he mellows out in 2020, and finally gives Patricia the respect she deserves.



Kaelan’s separated wife, and the mother of Lorna. Due to an unspecified reason, Regina leaves Kaelan together with Lorna sometime between 1990 and 1994, and moves to a town in Northern San Andreas. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Kaelan takes up smuggling once again, believing he has nothing to lose.


 Throughout the 1994 arc, Kaelan calls Regina periodically, and the sentiments harbored by them can range from hostile, to amicable, the latter being more-so once Act III begins. Regina reveals that Lorna misses her father a lot, and asks if it is okay for her to visit him in Los Santos. After much reluctance, Kaelan digresses, and he finally meets Lorna once again at the end of Act III, when she touches down in LSIA, a meeting that would restore some of Kaelan’s humanity back in him. Unfortunately, as the cartel wars are nearing, Kaelan is forced to cut all ties with his family during Act IV in the same year, out of fear for their safety, and gives Regina one last phone call to say his goodbyes.


By 2020, it is heavily implied that Regina has long passed, and that Kaelan, now a quiet old man living under an assumed name in a trailer park north of Little Rock and depressed by the events of 1994, no longer returns Lorna’s calls.


The 19-year old daughter of Kaelan, currently living with her mother, Regina, in an unspecified town in Northern San Andreas, after their separation in the early-90s. She often writes back to father, faxing letters back to him, asking how he is doing, and sometimes calls back.


She visits Kaelan during Act III of 1994, flying all the way from her new hometown to LSIA, where they share a moment of bonding, restoring some of Kaelan’s humanity in the process. Unfortunately, this takes place around when tensions between La Garza and the Mendozas are beginning to flare up.


In Act IV, as the cartel wars begin full swing, Kaelan, fearing for his family’s safety, rings his wife and daughter, telling them not to call back again.


Depending on the outcome of the events in 2020, she can either visit her father at his trailer in Little Rock for a reunion, or visit his gravestone in Santa Domingo, during the end credits.





A lieutenant of the Colombian Cartel who appears in the Prologue, during Kaelan’s time in Panama and Colombia. He agrees to a deal with Major Harlow and his platoon, though in the end, due to internal struggles inflicting the cartel and facing external scrutiny from law enforcement, he turns on them, and plans to frame them for the drug ring.


This does not work, and Major Harlow, anticipating this and stealing their finances beforehand, manages to kill all of his men together with his platoon, executing Rodrigo by shooting him in the head while he is on the ground.



The leader of The Warlord Nation in Carcer City, who is currently in Los Santos for some business, featured in Act I of 1994 as a buyer of Basura's product.



A Salvadoran businessman in 1994, who is featured in the second half of Act II. He is constantly paranoid, and believes that La Garza and the feds are putting tabs on him. This proves to be half-right, as it is later revealed that Herman Orejuela was an IAA mole in the organization.



A hitman sent to kill Mona at Juan Ramos’s villa in Ciudad Vizcaino in Act III, hired both by Juan himself and Verona Gutierrez, in 2020.



A Ballas member and childhood friend of Maelstrom in 2020 who tries to get him to join the gang, after learning about his work with the drug cartels. He is briefly seen in 1994 at the beginning of Act III, where he engages in a game of basketball with Clapton at the BJ Smith Recreational Center and a few other friends.



The late partner and childhood friend of Basura killed sometime before 1994 by members of the Families, only seen in his blackouts.



A prolific real estate investor and owner of three of Los Santos’s most premier nightclubs in 2020; Society in West Vinewood, The Vault in Legion Square and The Attic at the Mile High Club building in Downtown. He has connections with the Mendoza Cartel in Ciudad Vizcaino, and kickback from his clubs are sent back to Mexico, along with storage space which is used to store the cartel’s money and drugs, in exchange for muscle and a cut of the cartel’s profits.


Mona confronts him in Act IV of 2020, after massacring his bodyguards and cartel members protecting him at Society. He panics and reveals the location of Juan Ramos at The Attic, and here Mona can either choose to spare him, or execute him by throwing him out of a glass window.



A deceased member of Kaelan’s platoon in Panama during the prologue, and a Private First Class soldier of the US Raiders. Together with Kaelan and Dom, they help Major Harlow smuggle drugs from Panama into Colombia, taking part in a few jobs involving the movement of cocaine between the countries. Hailing from the rural South, he harbors somewhat ignorant beliefs about Latin Americans, and occasionally uses ethnic slurs against them, though he is not actually racist.


He is killed by Colombian paramilitary soldiers as the platoon is ambushed, after destroying evidence of their drug deal with the local cartel. Regardless, he is still taken back to the evacuation zone, and before his body is zipped up, Kaelan takes his dogtags for safekeeping.


It is later revealed that the money they acquired in Panama is later wired back to his family in the South, and his sister, Marlene, sends a fax to Kaelan, asking him where the money came from. Kaelan responds that the military was feeling generous, and adds on by saying that they should spend the money on what counts.








An investment banker and hedge fund manager during the economic boom of the 90s, hailing from Algonquin.



A Gulf War veteran who wants nothing more than a drink. He first meets Kaelan inside Hole-Inn-One in Rorschach Quarter, where they share a drink together while watching the game on TV. He reveals marital problems, and tells the former lieutenant that his wife, Kinzie Wells, is hanging around with a 'weird group of hippies', and asks the man for his help.


A woman in Rancho who was childhood friends with Basura, and one of the few people in-game who refers to him by his real name, Enrico.



A man in Los Oriones who wants nothing more than to sit back, have a beer and play a friendly game of Poker, and has an issue with the Calle 22 thugs that seem to hang around in the vicinity. Basura meets him outside a local tavern in town, where he is shuffling a deck of cards, playing with another stranger in the shade.



The personification of virtue in the game, Maya takes the form of a hyperactive, manic-pixie young dream girl whose fashion sense is usually a decade behind the year the era is set in. Basura first meets her near the Murrieta Oil Fields, where she tiptoes along an oil pipe, dressed like a late-70s discotheque kid. She sees a flash in the sky, and asks Basura to race towards it, with her riding shotgun. She appears again in 2020 when she meets Maelstrom at the La Arruga Cove in Santa Domingo, seemingly not aged one bit since the last encounter, this time dressed like a pop punk singer from the early-to-mid 2000s.



A tourist from Red County, stranded in the slums of Ciudad Vizcaino. Kaelan first meets him at a local strip club in the slums, where he asks a stripper, who does not speak English, for directions.



A former member of Kaelan’s platoon in Panama, sent home after taking a bullet in 1990, and hailing from rural Mid-South, currently working at a garage in Los Santos in 1994. Speaks with a thick Appalachian accent, and possibly has connections to bootlegging and moonshine gangs back east. Kaelan first meets him at his garage near Davis, where they greet each other with open arms, surprised to see him in the West Coast.



A washed-up Vinewood movie star who is first encountered by Kaelan in the Ayahuasca Desert, lying in a field of peyote, high as a kite.





A professional surfer and bar owner with a dark past, originally hailing from Carcer City, currently staying in the same house Mona and Rico used to live in, together with her mother. Mona first meets her at the beach in Playa del Rifa, where they engage in a friendly surf together.



A ULSA undergraduate currently on spring break in Ciudad Vizcaino.



A sleazy movie producer who hangs at a café near Legion Square with ties to the movie biz, soon revealed to be a member of the Los Santos Crime Family.



A Mexican butcher residing in Jardin Estrella, Ciudad Vizcaino, who dislikes his competitors from across the street, believing his product to be of superior quality.



A wannabe biker who wants to join The Lost MC. He meets Maelstrom along the ocean-side interstate freeway between Playa del Rifa and Santa Domingo, where he tasks him with impersonating as himself to impress members of The Lost MC, by performing several stunts and chases on his Diabolus.



A young woman who happens to be a loyal member of the cannibalistic hippie cult, The Desert Family. She flags down Maelstrom on the outskirts of Ciudad Vizcaino, where she leads him unknowingly to their camp out in the Ayashuasca Desert.



A female member of The Pack and an amateur drug dealer who unsuccessfully attempts to sell Mona some bad weed. Mona calls out her bluff, and after a moment of heated discussion with the cartel assassin, she reveals her troubles with the Aztecas.



A member of the Ballas and childhood friend of Maelstrom who doesn't appear to know how to rob a store right. He hires Maelstrom as a getaway driver for his next big score; a Fleeca outlet in Crawford.






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Itinerance is a trait practiced by all four protagonists, and because of that, safehouses are located far and between, and they would opt to rent a place at a hotel instead. Of course, the quick save option is still available, and can be accessed from either your notepad or phone.



A so-called “fixed” safehouse owned by the player. Protagonists would typically own a single property at the start of each era, before owning another fancier one towards the end of it. Each safehouse is equipped with a music player (either a vinyl player in 1994 or bluetooth speaker in 2020), a TV set, a bed, a facsimile (in 1994), a laptop (in 2020) and a garage for vehicles. Alcohol, and snacks and meals can be consumed or kept here. Your drugs are also stashed here, being stored in a secluded area marked by a pill icon in the safehouse.


Each house is customizable, and elements such as wallpapers, furniture and additional accessories can be purchased from any store in a mall or online in 2020. More about it is mentioned in the Leisure section of this concept.


Rentable Properties

There are three classes of rentable lodging, each more expensive than the last.



The symbol of modern America. Motels, or inns, are economical in nature, and are designed just for you to spend the night in. With your car parked out front and no minibar in the room, don’t expect anything too fancy here.



Ranging between humble three-star hotels and inns to top-of-the-line five-star joints, hotels are one step up from regular motels, and each room is equipped with a minibar containing a few bottles of alcohol and some consumables. Certain five-star hotels, such as the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Del Perro, also contain spacious balconies for you to have a smoke at, and also have valet services which you can use if you wish to have your personal vehicle nearby. Meals are also available in certain hotel lobbies, though there is a charge of $20.



The holy grail of rentable properties. Each resort room comes with a balcony, an outdoor and indoor jacuzzi, a minibar and finally a fantastic view of the outside. You also get free meals in the lobby of the resort, as well as free valet service. A personal Caddy is also provided for bigger resorts such as the Marquez Resort in Los Oriones.






Set in a pastiche of both California and Baja California, the four protagonists, in spite of their struggles, are blessed with great weather, with warm summers all-year round and in close proximity to many beaches and mountains. This provides many ways for Kaelan, Basura, Maelstrom and Mona to pass time, if they are not stealing cars and killing people indiscriminately, of course.


Given the lone wolf nature of all of the protagonists, there is no friends system present in Borders, and therefore, all of these activities can be performed alone.


List of activities:



What better way to pass the time than to indulge in the devil’s drink? Many bars around Southern San Andreas and Mexico exist solely for the purpose of getting under the influence, ranging from classic indoor taverns in the Rorschach Quarter, the quaint beach bars in Playa del Rifa, Ciudad Vizcaino or Los Oriones to classier joints such as Singleton’s in Vinewood. Many of the bars are now enterable, and players can now go in alone to drown out their sorrows, and you can sometimes catch musicians live in the bars, playing music from a wide range of genres ranging from psychedelic folk to country.


Drink enough, and the protagonist blacks out, and there is a chance where a memory from their past, usually tragic or comedic in nature, is shown to the player, giving further insight into their character. Examples include Basura watching his first partner, Emilio, die after getting badly shot by the Families, which explains his stoic and aloof nature in 1994, and Mona revisiting her childhood when she watches her father Rico bring a cartel member inside the house and beat him up in front of her, which was her first foray into cartel violence.



Home to some of the most diverse cuisine in North America, meals in Southern San Andreas and Mexico run the gamut from fast-food classics such as the West Coast favorite Up-N-Atom and Cluckin’ Bell, street fare such as taco vans and street vendors selling hot dogs, ice cream and horchatas to fancier joints such as Superstar Café, seafood places at Del Perro or the beach towns or the local taquerias in Santa Domingo and Ciudad Vizcaino. Drive-Ins are now available for fast-food joints, if the player does not want to enter the restaurant directly.


Eating full meals will automatically refill the cores of the protagonists as well as their health, though they will be unable to eat for the rest of the day.


Snacks and storable foods are also available for purchase, either from convenience stores, fast-food outlets and certain street vendors. They can range from common street fare such as chicarrones and saladitos to mass-produced confectionary such as Ps & Qs and EgoChaser. They are accessible from the interaction menu, and can be eaten at any time for a boost in health and certain cores, much like in GTA Online.



Given the constant pressure the protagonists face on a daily basis, it comes to no surprise that all four of them are heavy smokers. Brands, ranging from the classic Redwood to more niche names such as Athena 200’s or Desperados, are available for purchase at any gas station, convenience store or nightclub.


The player can smoke both out in the open or inside vehicles, and a short, detailed animation of the protagonist lighting the cigarette will begin once they are selected from the interaction menu. The player cannot smoke when they have a wanted level, however.


Smoking a stick often leads to a slight decrease in health and stamina core, though the accuracy and aggressiveness cores as boosted, albeit marginally.



Indulge in the world’s oldest sin. Gambling in GTA: Borders comes in two forms, legal and illegal.



Legal gambling is often done at verified casinos between the three cities, being done in places such as The Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos, The Ambrosia Card House in Santa Domingo and La Bamba Casino in Ciudad Vizcaino, as well as small Indian casinos in the Palomino Highlands and Jackman Mountains, such as the Moon Wolf Casino near Little Rock.


Many types of games are available, and certain casinos, especially the bigger ones, tend to have a larger variety of games to play.


Games range from Slot Machines and Roulette to card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat or Craps. The player can also engage in virtual horse-betting, if they are into it. The casino games are heavily implied to be rigged, so it is important to listen in on the conversations people have inside casinos to find out which game you should put your money on.



Illegal, or unofficial gambling is often done in the backrooms of certain bars, taquerias and convenience stores, at biker clubhouses and sometimes out in the open, especially in places such as street corners, hippie camps or at parking lots.


Games such as Liar’s Dice, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack, all returning from RDR1, are available on the tables, whereas games such as Hi-Lo and Bunco are only available on street-level games.


Jewelry & Clothing

Fashion varies greatly between 1994 and 2020, and usually come in three forms; Economical, Mid-tier and Classy.


Economical clothing, as its name suggests, includes cheap or used clothing stores such as Binco or the Discount Store, and normally sells generic, non-branded street-level clothing such as wifebeaters or chinos, especially in 1994. In 2020, used hipster-style clothing from the late 2000s to early 2010s can also be found here.


Mid-tier clothing can run the gamut from fitness brands such as ProLaps, to brands such as ZIP (in 1994), SubUrban, Hinterland and R&R (in 2020). Selling mostly grunge-inspired plaids, jackets and denim in 1994 and millennial/Gen Z fashion in 2020, mid-tier stores cater to those who wish to cling on to short-lived fads.


Classy, or high-end clothing includes brands such as Perseus, Didler Sachs and Gnocchi, which sell expensive clothing such as leather coats, suits and dresses. In 2020, this extends to newer designer brands such as Guffy or Bigness, which sell hip hop-inspired hypebeast clothing and footwear that cater to rich kids and wannabe rappers. Go to these places if you want to burn a hole through your wallet.


On top of clothing, jewelry can also be purchased in high-end clothing stores, with rings, earrings, gloves, watches, necklaces and chains all available for purchase here.



Available to all four protagonists, including Mona, who is bisexual. This risky venture restores health for the player, though it also puts them at higher risk of getting the clap.


 There are two ways prostitution can go down in Borders.


First is having sex directly inside the vehicle. This method is only available to male protagonists in the game, and it functions more-or-less the same way as in GTA IV and V; $30 for a handjob, $50 for a blowjob, $70 for direct intercourse and $120 for a longer period of intercourse. Unlike V, the player can now change the stations freely while having sex in the vehicle, with the prostitute being the one changing the channels. Once the deed is done, the player can either let the prostitute leave, engage in another service, or take her back to a hotel or safehouse.


The second method is taking them back to a safehouse or hotel, which is available to all four protagonists. There a short cutscene of the prostitute undressing and hopping on bed with the protagonist is shown, which is then followed by a time lapse of the outdoors. After the advancement of a few in-game hours, another cutscene plays, where the prostitute dresses up and says bye before leaving while the protagonist, dressed shabbily and in bed, slowly gets up and sits at the edge after the door is closed. A prompt for the game save is then given to the player, to which after that the protagonist gets dressed up after taking a shower.


Safehouse Customization

Renovations for fixed safehouses are available at any furniture store at any mall in-game, by speaking to any sales representative at any one of the stores. Products range from newer beds, TV sets and wallpapers, to extensions such as fountains, hammocks or jacuzzis. A preview of the new renovation will be provided to the protagonist to make sure they get their money’s worth.


2020 takes this forward by allowing the player to make transactions online, though the player is unable to preview the changes, and there is a waiting period for the renovations to take place. That said, the protagonist is still able to physically visit any stores to make purchases, which function the same way as in 1994.


Strip Clubs

Greatest American pastime since baseball. There are many strip clubs present all around the map which the protagonists can visit, on top of the notorious Vanilla Unicorn in Davis. Entering the joint, they can either hang around by the railings and toss dollars at the dancers, or get a private dance from one of the strippers in the club. The player can get touchy-feely with the strippers if they want to, though not when the bouncer is looking.


Raise the satisfaction meters enough, and the stripper will hand you their personal contact, which are now available as booty calls.



Nightclubs are back, and better than ever, with each nightclub having a different vibe and atmosphere, with certain clubs set outdoors. Different music plays at different clubs, which is further accentuated once the era switches from 1994 to 2020, with certain throwback-type clubs playing tracks from the former year.


Many activities can be performed inside clubs, such as going for shots or snacks at the bar, finishing a whole bottle of champagne at the VIP area or simply chatting up with the clubbers in the area and enjoying the atmosphere.


Dancing returns, and functions much in the same way as in TBOGT. The protagonist can either dance alone or dance with another person in the club (Kaelan, Basura and Maelstrom can only dance with women, Mona can dance with both men and women), and once the satisfaction meter is reached, the person would give their number to the protagonist, and they will be available as booty calls.



Tattoo parlors once again make a return, with a few tattoo options, such as face tattoos, which are now available.


That said, tattoos are restricted to certain character to fit in with their personalities and back stories, so don’t expect Online-level customization in this.


Barber Shops

For those fixing for a new cut. Many different styles and lengths are available for the protagonists, though color is restricted, being merely a different shade of each person’s hair color.


  In Mona’s case, she can also do her makeup at the barber shops, much in the same way as female protagonists in GTA: Online. Options for her include lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow.



Exclusive to Mona and Kaelan. A traditional Southern San Andrean pastime that is finally playable in Borders. Depending on the waves, the quality of which can either be found out on the Weasel Sports advert on TV or the radio in 1994 or on [www.wavethecharges.com] in 2020, this provides players with the opportunity to pull some great surfing moves depending on how good the waves are on a particular day. Surfboards can either be purchased, or rented from any beachfront store or stolen from any vehicle carrying them in the game, though they cannot be used as weapons.


Surfing competitions can be taken part in around the map by visiting a local gathering of avid surfers. The player is then immediately transported to a time when the waves are ideal, and they are tasked with raking as many points as they can, with three attempts given for the surf, while competing with at least four other individuals. The reward given for this depends on performance and the number of people present in the competition.



Exclusive to Basura and Maelstrom, Skateboards are likewise present in Borders, where they can be used as quick forms of transport or as a way to pull off some tricks. Many surfaces, such as stair railings and the top of cars, can be used as surfaces to perform tricks. That said, the best places to skate are still the skate parks that are present across the three cities. Skateboards can be bought from any beachfront store or mall, or can be stolen from another NPC in-game. It is the only object in the game which can be used as both a vehicle and a weapon, and compact melee weaponssubmachine guns or pistols can be fired while riding a skateboard.


Like surfing, skateboarding competitions are available for playing, and can be activated by visiting any gathering of skaters in skate parks around town. They function much like the Tony Hawk games, where the player has to rake up as much points as they can in order to reach the top of the leaderboards in a given time.



A minigame that is playable at any bar. Functioning the same way as in GTA IV, the player goes against a random bar patron, where they can choose between solid balls or striped balls. Finishing or quitting the game will result in a pool cue spawning on the pool table, which can be used as a melee weapon.



Another minigame returning from GTA IV, playable at certain bars. The player can start with either 180 or 360 points, where they are tasked with clearing out the score as fast as they can, while competing with another patron in the bar. Like pool, finishing or quitting the game will result in a box of darts spawning on the table next to the dart board, which can be used as throwable weapons.



Exclusive to Kaelan, Basura and Maelstrom. A rich man’s game, playable at any golf range or county club in the map. There are two forms of golf which can be played in the game; Range Golf and Normal Golf.


Range Golf functions much like in TBOGT and VCS, where the further the ball is punted, the higher the score. Extra points are given if the player manages to hit a target. The player can choose to play alone or compete with another person, and can place bets if they want to show off their skills.


Normal Golf works the same way as in V, though due to the presence of more cities and towns, more courses are available for play, as opposed to just in Los Santos. Caddies now play a larger role in the game, and when the ball is punted, the player would have to drive all the way to where the ball is to continue with the game. Once again, the game can either be played solo or with another golfer, and it is possible to make bets against a competitor if the player wants to make some extra money.



Exclusive to Mona. A traditionally male-dominated sport that is now overrun by women. Tennis games can be activated by going to any court in any of the cities and towns, and here Mona has the choice to choose how many rounds she wants to play and who she wants to play with. She can also wager and place bets on the game if she wants to make some cash on the side.



Only available in 2020. A personal device that is steadily taking millennials by steam, available for purchase from any hardware store at a mall or ordered online. Drones can used to look over the streets undetected, and can sometimes be used to scope out potential vehicles and individuals, which can be highlighted in-game.  There are certain story missions involving the use of drones in the game.


Skins can be selected, albeit for a price, if the player wants to add some flavor to their drones, and weapons such as tasers or even flamethrowers can be installed, should they want some fun.


Once a drone is destroyed, the can either call the drone company for a replacement or simply purchase a new one from either the store or the website.



Ranging from motorbikes and street vehicles to boats and aircraft, there is always a dealership around the corner to spend your hard-earned cash on. Additional parking garages, docks, helipads and hangars can also be purchased from any real estate firm in any of the three cities, such as the infamous Dynasty 8 outlet in Downtown LS, if extra space is needed to store all the vehicles.


By 2020, these transactions can be done online, though the protagonists can still physically enter the dealerships and buy vehicles.


Mod Garages

Retaining their functions from GTA V, mod garages make a return to Borders, though now interiors can also be customized for all vehicles, with options such as interior colors, neon, steering wheels and ornaments which are now customizable. A color wheel option for paintjobs is also now available, with any color on the spectrum open for the protagonist, on top of preset colors. Lusters for metallic paints are also selectable if the player wants more flair. Nitrous now returns from GTA: San Andreas, though functionally it is now similar to the Midnight Club games, with nitrous gauges present on the HUD if they are installed.


Special garages include Street Racing Garages, Lowrider Garages and Rally Garages, which all cater to specific vehicles and provide exclusive mods not found in regular mod garages, such as hydraulics and rally lights, for example.


Buying Music

Music stores exist all over the map in 1994, with famous stores such as Blob Music in Vinewood Boulevard peddling vinyls from both mainstream and independent acts. Expand your record collection, and listen to them from your vinyl player at your safehouse. On top of vinyl records, the player can also purchase clothing and album posters for your safehouse.


By 2020, however, due to the advent of streaming services such as Fruit Music, physical records are now obsolete, and many stores, such as the aforementioned Blob Music, are now closed, replaced by parking spaces and buildings. Blob Music still has a website, however, where the protagonist can buy memorabilia such as posters and clothing.


Gun Range

Available at any Ammunation or gun shop across the map, with a large open gun range near the Jackman Nature Preserve, at Campo Militar Bravo as well as one near Camp Roosevelt. Many challenges and competitions can be taken part in at the gun ranges, and this time, you can get some extra cash for finishing first in any of them.



Psychoactive cacti present all over the Jackman Mountains as well as the Ayahuasca Desert. Consuming some peyote will result in the protagonist blacking out, as they fall through a psychedelic abyss, before taking the form of a random wild animal, such as a cougar or an eagle. The hallucinations end once the player dies as the animal, though they will still experience trippy visuals for a few more in-game minutes.


Flying Coach

Featuring three airports in the game, the player now has the opportunity to fly coach in the game, with the longest flight being from LSIA in Los Santos to ARCV in Ciudad Vizcaino, being about four hours long. In-flight entertainment is available, and the protagonist can either watch TVlisten to the radio with the headphones provided, use their phones/do some Sudoku puzzles or simply sleep through it. Different camera angles, such as cinematic view, first person view or a front view of the protagonist facing the mirror, can be toggled.


Bus Rides

On top of other forms of public transport such as trams, buses can now be ridden in Borders, with certain buses going over to Mexico, or vice versa. A small fee is paid for a bus ride, which also covers the cost of border security and customs.


Like the plane rides mentioned above, the player can toggle between several camera styles while on the bus, and the player can choose to do some Sudoku puzzles in 1994, or listen to music/use their phones to surf the net/play some mobile games in 2020. The player can also sleep through the entire trip, if they please.


A random event involving the hijack of the bus by cartel members sometimes happens, however, though this is usually quite rare. More on this will be elaborated under the random encounters section later on.


Sudoku Puzzles

Purchasable from any newspaper stand in 1994 for $2 a book, the Sudoku Booklets featured in-game are great ways for Basura and Kaelan to pass the time, especially if they are riding public transport. A total of 20 different books can be attempted in-game, with each book having 5 puzzles, and once a book is completed, it will be discarded.


A total of five books can be carried by Kaelan or Basura at any time.


Mobile Games

There are a few mobile games that are available for download from the App Store on your phone in 2020. Ranging from a mobile port of the classic QUB3D puzzle game to Tap The Twat, a time waster involving tapping on a vagina-like creature to make it fly while avoiding obstacles along the way, these games serve as a replacement to the Sudoku Booklets which are featured in 1994.







Mitigating the lack of rewarding side-missions in GTA V, GTA: Borders now features a greater number of side activities to take part in, all which provide a steady income for all the protagonists involved.


Many activities, or at least some form of them, return from previous GTA titles as well as GTA: Online, with certain activities exclusive to certain protagonists.


List of activities:


Stock Market

Only available in 2020, and returning from GTA V. Functioning more or less the same way as its predecessor, the Stock Market provides a quick way of getting money if you have the instincts to invest in a good company.


Markets featured in the game are BAWSAQ and LCN, catering to a myriad of different companies, local and overseas, and shares can now be bought in bunches, out of ease.



Returning from V. Courses can include a combination of several activities, such as mountain biking, skydiving, running, jetskiing, swimming and even driving. Getting the top spot gives you not only monetary reward, but also a nice trophy for you to treasure at your personal safehouse.


There are a total of eight triathlons that the protagonists can take part in, two of which are exclusive to 2020.


Store Hold-ups

Less like GTA V, and more like Saints Row 1. The protagonists can now rob any store in the game, on top of just 24/7s and liquor stores. They can also order the clerk to take them to the back room where the safe is, where they will unlock it for some extra money.


The amount of money taken from a hold-up varies depending on what type of store it is. Holding up a fast food joint or liquor store would generally bring in less cash than say, a Perseus or jewelry store in the game, and if the player robs a special store such as gun stores or jewelry stores, they can potentially acquire new weapons and accessories from either the displays or the safes, though this puts the player at risk of higher wanted levels, especially if the alarm is triggered.


If the player does not want to keep their haul, they can take it to a fence at any parking lot between the three cities, where they will be given a monetary reward, depending on how expensive the haul is.



Returning from Chinatown Wars, though not as elaborate as in GTA: Carcer City. The drug-dealing minigame now includes the ability to negotiate with the buyers, where the protagonist can haggle the price of the goods, though a tension meter will appear on the side of the screen to indicate whether or not things are getting heated. Special deals are available, either through fax in 1994, or through email in 2020.


Drugs which can be bought or sold include heroin, cocaine, crack (in 1994), meth, weed, downers, acidecstasy and bath salts (in 2020). The protagonist is unable to consume narcotics, however, and if they are wasted or busted with product on them, the hospital and police staff will confiscate the goods. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your stash inside either your current vehicle or safehouse.


Challenges & Wagers

A throwaway from the RDR series, the protagonists can occasionally run into strangers in the open, where they will challenge them to activities such as motorcross races, red light races, bicycle races or hunting. Place a wager, and try to beat them in their own game for a reward.



Exclusive to Kaelan. Available from calling an old friend in the Raiders. They function much like a non-lethal version of Contract-Killing, and missions can range from acts such as dunking a man’s head into a toilet, performing drive-bys on target vehicles to beating up members of the entourage in order to get them to cough up their debt. Do it successfully, and a commission is paid by the contact.



Available by visiting any contact outside a business center or bar. The contact, revealed to be a real estate agent, will give off the location of an expensive home in any of the three cities and towns, and the player is tasked with entering the home and causing as much damage as they can for the insurance money.


Once enough damage is done, the tenant of the house, along with their henchmen, will try and fight the protagonist. Knock them out non-lethally for a reward.



Exclusive to Mona, given her profession as a cartel assassin. Available from a cartel contact on her phone, where a list of jobs, each with varying degrees of pay and location, are available. Missions can range from Rooftop Sniping, discreetly killing a target in a club, handing the target an explosive briefcase, rigging their cars or going guns blazing against a target and their bodyguards.



Another activity from the RDR series, available to play in smaller towns such as Maiz, Little Rock, Bahia, Playa del Rifa, Chumash and Los Oriones, as well as rough parts of Santa Domingo and Ciudad Vizcaino. You are given a taser, pistol and baton, and are tasked with keeping the peace for the night, dealing with gang activity, drunkards and domestic arguments happening during this time.


Resolving the problems non-lethally will net a larger reward, though don’t be afraid to use your service pistol if you really need to.


Air Freight

Returning from Smuggler’s Run in GTA: Online, and accessible from any contact at hangars around the map. The player is first tasked with stealing a shipment from a rival gang, using the weaponized aircraft provided, before returning it to the hangar. The shipment is repackaged into another aircraft, and the player is tasked with making drops around the map, though there is a chance that you might get into dogfights in the air.


The reward largely depends on the value of the shipment stolen, and a combination of different types of shipments can be sold.



Coming in many forms, ranging from Midnight Club-style street tuner races to offroad Sanchez races, there is no shortage of competitive driving in the Mexican-American border. Finish all the races in a particular class, and on top of money, a reward, such as an unlockable vehicle or modification, is given.


Beach Races

Available at any lifeguard house at a beach area in the game, there are four types of beach races, Go-Kart Race, Jet Ski Race, ATV Race and Bicycle Race. Completion of any of the races will net a monetary reward, though not as large as in regular races.



A form of Race, though this time you have a passenger on your side, usually a woman (a man in Mona’s case). It goes on like a normal race, though this time a satisfaction meter is present. The meter can be increased by performing diversions such as near misses, jumps or drifts, and reaching close-to-maximum satisfaction will result in a bonus reward for the race, as well as a new contact for a booty call.



Catch someone in the act for money. The blackmail side mission differs between the eras, and can be accessed by visiting contacts around the map.


In 1994, a camera and location are provided for the job, and once the destination is reached, the protagonist would have to tape the entire ordeal, while knocking out any bodyguards or witnesses who might be in the way. Take the tape back to the contact for a reward.


In 2020, this is made much simpler if the player owns a drone. The player can disable any bodyguard with the taser provided on the drone before recording the ordeal using the camera, without them even stepping foot into location.


Lowrider Competitions

Available at any Lowrider gathering in a ghetto or barrio-type area, and all you need is a tuned-out lowrider with hydraulics. A girl (a guy in Mona’s case) will enter the passenger side of your vehicle, and the task is to move your hydraulics to the beat of the song currently playing.


Once enough points are raked, you get a monetary reward, which depends on your position, and the passenger will give you their contact as a booty call.


Scaring the Target

Available from any contact outside a car dealership between the three cities. The player is tasked with playing the role of a car salesperson, and going to the location of where the target, who wants to buy a new car, is.


You meet the target, enter the driver’s seat, and here you are tasked with driving as maniacally as you can without letting him or her escape from the vehicle. Diversions such as near misses, jumps, speeding and driving against traffic will make the scare meter rise dramatically. Once the scare meter has been filled, the protagonist leaves the vehicle to the target, who is now scared sh*tless, and the contact gives the reward over the phone.


Cage Fight

Available at certain back alley areas as well as at homeless shelters around the three cities. Cage Fights make a return from TBOGT, coming in 8 rounds, though the protagonist now takes on multiple enemies at once.


Environmental weapons will sometimes be thrown into the pit for support, and the crowd can sometimes grapple the enemies for you, or, if you are unlucky, they will grapple you, and you would have to break free quickly.


The Convoy

Available from contacts at any hotel or resort lobby or outside motels around the map. The player is tasked with plotting out a safe route for their convoy, and if they wish, they can choose to follow the convoy, either as a driver or a passenger, to their destination. The final commission provided to the player depends on factors such as risk assessment, time taken for the convoy to reach its destination as well as the damage attained by the convoy, details of which are either seen physically, notified by fax (in 1994) or notified by instant messaging (in 2020).


Chop Shop

While any car is available for sale at any garage in the map, much like in GTA: Online, there are certain vehicles that are in demand which net a higher reward if delivered. These vehicles are notified to the protagonists via fax in 1994 or email in 2020, should they need some assistance with locating them. The list changes weekly, so be on the lookout.


Clubbin’ & Slayin’

Like Hotline Miami, but in 3D. Available by visiting any red-suited or red-dressed individual outside a club in both 1994 and 2020. These contacts will reveal themselves as members of an “international syndicate” and will task the protagonists with taking out a rival gang inside any nightclub between the three cities.


A melee weapon such as a bat, fire axe or machete is provided, and the player is tasked with wasting all the gang members in a wave, while music continues to play inside the club. Once the final wave is reached, the leader of the gang emerges along with a few other henchmen and henchwomen, and the player has to kill them all if they want to net the whole reward.


 The game’s melee combat system is completely overhauled and made more dynamic and fun, and thus, the minigame is less tedious than it sounds. The side mission is difficulty-based; higher the reward offered, the more waves the player has to go through.




Available from the local dispatch and computer inside any police vehicle, Vigilante once again makes its return, this time in sunny San Andreas.


The missions take place in two forms, and both provide a nice monetary reward, courtesy of the cops or the Federales.


The first form is Active Crimes, where the player has to go directly to the location to take out the criminal, or criminals in the vicinity, as provided by dispatch in-game. The police are aware that you are a vigilante, and therefore, you will not receive a wanted level for your actions during this time.


The second form is Heli Support, which can be access through jacking a Police Maverick. Using the scanner on the Maverick, you can use it to search for crimes happening in-location, as well as using them to run criminal records as well as license plates to check for any criminal history. Once a crime has been discovered, the player can either call in police backup through microphone, or stall the helicopter in mid-flight, take a rifle from the helicopter rack and take out all the perps in the vicinity.


Taxi Driver

Available from any taxi dispatch in a taxi vehicle much like in V, though this time, chances of getting a crazed-out customer with special requests is higher. Examples of this include a carjacker-type customer who attempts to wrestle for control over the vehicle to a dollar store robber who gives you a cut of the profits once you manage to lose the cops.


In 2020, an app called GetOverHere is available for download on the app store, where once it is accessed, it can be used to perform any taxi service, regardless of any vehicle you are currently using.


Sleazy Delivery

Some packages need special expertise for their safe delivery. These side missions are playable by meeting up with random contacts around alleyways, bars, poker tables, strip clubs, nightclubs and hotel lobbies.


 The protagonist is given the location of a bulletproof, armored vehicle, which can range from a sports classic to a supercar, stashed with product and fitted with tire spikes. Upon entering said vehicle, the player immediately gets a four-star wanted level, and they are tasked with driving the vehicle to the area of interest. As more police vehicles are stopped or disabled, the wanted level slowly falls.


Depending on how quickly the wanted level is cleared, the protagonists can get a bonus reward, which is a percentage of the value of this haul.


Vinewood Rampage

Play the stunt double for an ultra-violent B-tier flick! Available at the trailer at Backlot City in Los Santos, where you are given a list of rampages that you can do.


Rampages come in a few main forms; Classic and Hold Your Turf.


Classic Rampages function the same way as Trevor’s Rampages in V, where you are given a weapon and 25 grenades, and are tasked with killing as many enemies as you can within the given time limit. A rage bonus is available once a maximum combo is reached, which gives the protagonist brief invincibility and extra damage per shot.


Hold Your Turf, on the other hand, functions much like Brawn of the Dead in VCS. The player is given a weapon, and is tasked with defending their territory from pursuing enemies in the time limit given, armed with melee weapons. Sometimes, a special enemy carrying a suicide vest can be found in these missions, and shooting them will cause an explosion which would take out any enemy in the vicinity.


Chopper Madness

Exclusive to Basura and Maelstrom. Available at any Biker Gang Clubhouse around the map, and only available to Maelstrom once he finishes Earl Williams’s stranger mission in 2020. A list of 8 jobs are given for the player to choose, with each job varying in difficulty.


You are tasked with escorting a convoy, composed either of Angels of Death (in 1994) or Lost MC (in 2020) members, carrying drugs across the cities, with you riding shotgun at the back of a chopper bike to protect against rival gangs and the cops. Functioning much like AWOL Angel in LCS or the Shifting Weight mission in TLAD, though this time you can switch between weapons, the mission rewards for the least amount of damage to the product vehicle, as well as bonuses for causing a great deal of mayhem along the way, such as blowing up gas stations as enemy vehicles pass through them.


Tailing the Dealer

Exclusive to 1994. This mission can be activated by overhearing a conversation between two criminals at either a bar, a nightclub or a restaurant. The conversation finishes, and one of the dealers leave.

Here the protagonist can choose to tail the dealer all the way to his destination, and sometimes involves vehicles. The dealer soon reaches his destination, typically a parking lot or alleyway of some sort, and a deal goes down.


Kill everyone involved, and search the area for drugs and money. Be careful once you leave though, as the gangs might come back for your blood.


Following the Goods

Exclusive to 2020. Utilizing both your smartphone and personal drone, the sub-mission begins randomly, once either the drone or the protagonist detects a special van (typically a Stockade or a uniquely-colored Custom van or truck) on the street.


There are two ways the mission can go down. Either the drone can follow the van to its destination, or the protagonist does. Once the vehicle reaches, typically at a gas station of some sort, the player would have to knock the driver out or kill him, along with any of his friends, before hacking into the van’s operating system, which will give them the location of a deal going down, typically at a parking lot or parking garage of some sort in a metropolitan area of one of the three cities.


Head to the location, and bust the deal up, while searching the area for goods and vehicles. Money, drugs, weapons and special vehicles can generally be found in deals like these, though there is a chance that a random group of criminals might swing by around the vicinity to exact revenge against you destroying their deal.






Presenting a wide range of in-game entertainment, the selection of TV shows and movies differs with each era.




The golden age of MeTV, action movies, montage sequences and Saturday Morning Cartoons, with a conservative bias.


TV Shows





Surfs-Up!: A reality TV show starring a washed-up alcoholic who goes around Vespucci Beach, buying weed and trying to surf along the waves, poorly. He often alludes to his wife leaving him, and this is paired together with cheesy, bright 90s-style transitions, further adds to the dissonance.


The Humans of the Riots: A documentary about people who went through the Los Santos Riots in 1992, starring a man known as Chino (voiced by Pharcyde member Imani). He spearheads a hip-hop group in Davis called Niggas Against Plastic Bags (The NAPB), and has performed several songs against the LSPD, citing their police brutality, racial bias as well as lack of environmental awareness, some of which are featured in the documentary.


Angel & The Knight: An animated show about a former Vietnam pilot and a drunken ninja slut in Vice City. They go after the Colombian Cartel based in Ocean Beach, where numerous explosions and country music car chases happen. They also have a submersible helicopter that goes underwater.




Hymen and Rodeo: An animated sitcom about a pair of post-puberty snots who do weird things, such as setting curtains on fire and not spotting a gym member while he is lifting. They occasionally review music videos on MeTV, but stop midway due to them not having the rights to use the videos.


The Heroes of America: A Special Team of U.S. Special Forces out in Latin America defeating Communism. The antagonist is an eye-patched general named General Reyes who seems to have it all. Not on America’s watch.


Esa Puta: A Mexican telenovela starring two warring families and their domestic scuffles, running since 1974. Extremely popular in both Mexico and the States, complete with subtitles. Currently on its third generation.




MeTV Rundown: Returning from GTA: Carcer City, and hosted by VJ Trish Camden, this block showcases music videos from the 1994 era, though this time playing pop music videos as opposed to the metal and R&B of the former.


Nadie The Nihilist: A show catering to angsty teenagers who think they know more about the world than their parents. Starring an anthropomorphic daisy, and together with her bird friend, they embark on a road trip across Las Venturas, accidentally running into the mob in the process.


Disgusting Creatures: A show starring grotesque abominations. Starring a phallus-shaped creature, a zebra-colored thing with a big mouth and a specter carrying a pair of testicles for eyes. Watch as they make sane people gag at the Del Perro Pier while ruining the days of San Andreans all over.





Push-Up: A 1984 motivating sports film starring Jack Howitzer about a man named Bruno Core who takes part in a push-up competition against Boris of the Collective System of Oppression, while his son leaves him and his wife sleeps with the tennis coach. Expect a montage sequence with uplifting power pop songs in this one. Rated PG for patronizing gush. 


Blood In Chinatown: A parody of heroic bloodshed films, though now set stateside rather than in Hong Kong. An LSPD detective named Marcus Wong goes up against the Triads in Little Seoul and Chinatown, as well as the Los Santos Crime Family, while causing an untold amount of collateral damage in the process. Dual-wielding handguns, he shoots every bad guy and their grandmother on the streets of Los Santos in revenge for his partner’s death.


Rockford Hills Pig: Set in the rich streets of Los Santos, this movie covers the chronicle of a spoiled rich kid named Arnold Hutchinson from Morningwood who becomes an LSPD cop at the Rockford Hills Precinct after his mother, who finishes banging the gardener, writes to the chief of police. Lots of police brutality and funny chases, and a shameful downplay of racial politics, largely due to its token minority protagonist.




The age of poorly-shoehorned diversity, rehashed superhero films and for-profit 3D animations, while an aura of subtle discrimination lurks beneath the surface.


TV Shows and films in from 1994 and in 2020 are now open for streaming from an app called Watch It! which you can download on the app store. That said, TV channels and cinemas are still available for the protagonists to use and visit.


TV Shows





The Plonkers: A pair of obnoxious brothers and internet celebrities who go around Los Santos and Chumash, engaging in dangerous and borderline racist pranks. Because of their rich kid connections, they never get their comeuppance, and the most they get is a night at the county jail, something which Brandon Plonker describes as “traumatizing”.


The Underbelly of Paradise: Hosted by retired FIB agent Dave Norton. This episode covers the drug cartels in the Southern San Andrean region, as well as the War on Drugs, which are presently ongoing. He visits beach towns such as Playa del Rifa, Los Oriones and Ciudad Vizcaino, and makes offhand references to the events of 2013.


The Return of Jack Howitzer: Functioning as a behind-the-scenes show for Push-Up: The Next Generation. Once again starring Jack Howitzer and his agent, Rufus Bellows, along with Ho Chi Sock, the show covers the making of the new summer blockbuster, along with exclusive interviews with director Anton Beaudelaire and star Odell Hamilton, who plays King. With real footage of fights happening on-set as well as drug use, the show tapes the resurgence of America’s favorite action star as he returns to his former glory.




Esa Puta: The only show to return from 1994, and still running strong. Now on its fifth generation, the two family homes are now reduced to nothing more than trenches and battlefields, as the families shell each other to oblivion.


Gordon Moorehead Rides Again! – Moorehead and the Banditos from the Border: Another episode starring America’s favorite gumshoe, this time set around the border and into Ciudad Vizcaino. Pablo plays a bigger role here, seeing as he is from Mexico, and the episode ends once again with the villains, local cartel members who own a molasses factory in town, doused and burned alive in napalm.


Republican Space Rangers: Episode 12, and covers the presence of a new threat to America; Themselves. Commander, Dick and Bush, together with their new teammates Luke and Vanessa, go to Washington D.C. to protest a new bill against gun control. No violence is seen this time, just the squad getting pepper-sprayed and manhandled by the cops.




Technology Bad!: A TV anthology set in a world in the near-future where technology advances just enough to cause immense suffering for humanity. The episode in the game covers the story of a man named Nathan, who is friends with a virtual A.I. named Sara. Disagreements arise, and Sara soon unleashes a nuclear winter on the city. The episode ends with Nathan, walking out of the rubble, declaring that “technology bad!”, before the credits roll.


Rich Housewives of Los Santos: A reality TV Show about assholes in big houses, and their trophy wives. The episode in-game follows the DeWinters, who engage in fights with the neighboring Smiths on the daily. It ends with an arson attack, and a cameraman killed, and it is later mentioned that the show was cancelled because of this.


Princess Robot Bubblegum: An Ecchi/Mecha anime TV show that borders on Hentai. This time, Sake goes to rehab, while Master Hentai feels a malignant presence around his groin in the Dojo, though it was probably the clap. Princess Robot Bubblegum then goes against an even sexier adversary, Mistress Oppai, culminating in an epic standoff complete with borderline nude transformation sequences.





Push-Up: The Next Generation: A spinoff of the original Push-Up, now starring the son of a Push-Up competitor and former adversary of Bruno named King, a cocky young man with a lot to learn. Bruno now mentors him, training him for the next annual Push-Up World Championship. Montage sequences once again make a return, though the music is now replaced with upbeat trap music instead of power pop and cock rock, playing as the men plank for hours.


Meltdown: Act II – The Pyramid Scheme: Produced by Michael de Santa, and once again starring Milton McIlroy as the unnamed investor. This time, together with same pal from the last movie, they engage in a new joint venture, a pyramid scheme selling defective Chinese smart watches. This ends with a visit from the IRS, as well as a long-winded car chase which happens spontaneously.


Cape Man 13 – The Invasion of the Sentient Hot Dogs: A superhero film following the exploits of Walther Pinkerton, who is by night a superhero named Cape Man. Together with a team of equally smug superhumans, they go against yet another greater evil, a sentient race of talking hot dogs. Many members of the team lampshade the awful plot of the storyline, and will sometimes mention that the studio will dish out another 30 more watered-down movies in order to sell merchandise and image rights to the Chinese market.






Set in two distinct eras, the musical tastes of each year vary drastically, and players will often find themselves favoring one era over the other.


Given that the game is set in two different periods of American history, Borders features the largest and most diverse set of licensed soundtracks since GTA IV and GTA V, ranging from the cheesy synthpop, G-funk and alternative metal/skate punk in the early 90s, to the trap-inspired hip hop/R&B, darkwave and EDM of the late 2010s.


All the music featured in 1994 is available for purchase at any music store during this time, which are playable on vinyl players at the safehouses, whereas all music from both 1994 and 2020 are available for streaming on the Fruit Music app on your smartphone in 2020.


Due to forum updates that might potentially mess up Youtube hyperlinks, a Youtube playlist of all the tracks featured in the stations will be linked instead.



Preview of radio stations





Los Santos Rock Radio - Classic Rock, Heavy Metal

Non-Stop Pop FM - Synthpop, R&B, New Wave, Pop Rock

Radio Los Santos - G-Funk, West Coast hip hop

I N I 100.3 - Dancehall, Dub, Reggae

The Lowdown - Psychedelic Soul, Funk

Space 103.2 - Jazz-funk, Disco, R&B

Radio Mirror Park - Latin Pop

Radio Maiz - Ranchera, Corrido, Norteño

Ayahuasca Visions - Paisley Underground, Neo-psychedelia

Radio X - Punk Rock, Deathrock, Crossover Thrash

Tequi-La-La Radio - Alternative Rock, Skate Punk, Heavy Metal

Ego Death FM - Gothic Rock, Industrial Dance, Coldwave

LSUR - Electro

Deepness 92 - Early House

WCTR - English-language Talk Radio

La Voz - Spanish/Spanglish-language Talk Radio




Vinewood Boulevard Radio - Alternative Rock, Post-hardcore, Shoegaze, Garage Punk

*Radio Mirror Park - Indie Pop, Electronic Rock, Synthwave, Psychedelic Pop

Channel X - Grindcore, Desert Rock, Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk

*Ego Death FM - Darkwave, Witch House, Post-Synthwave

*Ayahuasca Visions - Neo-psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock, Freak Folk

*Non-Stop Pop FM - EDM, Miami Bass, Crunk&B, Party Rap

+Marquis 101.9 - AOR, Smooth Jazz, Sophisto-pop

*Radio Los Santos - Contemporary Hip Hop, Trap

+West Coast Classics - G-Funk, Classic Hip Hop

iFruit Radio - Grime, Bassline, UK Hip Hop

Neon Roads FM - Alternative R&B, Neo-soul

*I N I 100.3 - Contemporary Dancehall

East Los FM - Latin Pop, Latin Rap, Latin Rock

*Radio Maiz - Cumbia, Corrido, Norteño

*LSUR - Dark Techno

*Deepness 92 - Deep House

UKF Radio - Drum N' Bass

*WCTR - English-language Talk Radio

*La Voz - Spanish/Spanglish-language Talk Radio


* - denotes a station returning from 1994.

+ - denotes a station containing tracks previously featured in 1994.



Track Listings for 1994



Los Santos Rock Radio

"Music for the eternal road ahead."

Genre: Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Pop

Host: Don Felder

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



The West Coast's famed classic rock station. More or less follows the same format as in GTA V, albeit with heavier tracks.


The current host in 1994 is Don Felder, one of the founding members of the Eagles, whose tracks, as well as those by other members of the band, are in the station's playlist. He makes many references to Heavy Metal, a 1981 adult animated feature of which its theme song, Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride), is featured as part of the station's music.


This is one of Kaelan's preferred radio stations.




Loverboy - Turn Me Loose (1980)

Styx - Best Thing (1974)

Electric Light Orchestra - Across The Border (1977)

Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) (1981)

R.E.O. Speedwagon - Back On The Road Again (1979)

Scorpions - Big City Nights (1984)

Aerosmith - Livin' On The Edge (1993)

AC/DC - Gone Shootin' (1978)

Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil (1978)

Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (1983)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Refugee (1979)

Ace - How Long (1974)

Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work (1975)

Ambrosia - Livin' On My Own (1980)

Boz Scaggs - Breakdown Dead Ahead (1980)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Roll On Down The Highway (1975)

The Runaways - Thunder (1976)

The Knack - My Sharona (1979)

The Pretenders - Precious (1980)

Jefferson Starship - Miracles (1975)

Kenny Loggins - Heart To Heart (1982)

Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten (1978)

Sniff 'n' the Tears - Driver's Seat (1978)

Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze (1972)

Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane (1976)

Glenn Frey - Smuggler's Blues (1984)

Eddie Money - Nightmare (1978)

Grand Funk Railroad - Flight Of The Phoenix (1972)

Def Leppard - Comin' Under Fire (1983)

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe (1981)

Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55 (1984)

Billy Squier - The Stroke (1981)

The Cars - Just What I Needed (1978)

Steely Dan - Black Cow (1977)

Joe Walsh - In The City (1979)

The Who - I've Known No War (1982)


Non-Stop Pop FM

"Presenting the greatest hits from the 70s to the 90s!"

Genre: Synthpop, R&B, New Jack Swing, New Wave, Disco, AOR, Eurodance, Hi-NRG, Sophisto-pop, Acid Jazz

Host: Winona Ryder

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



The pop sound of San Andreas state. The station plays predominantly 80s to 90s pop music, along with a few 70s throwback tracks.


It is hosted by Winona Ryder, an actress who, other than for Stranger Things, was particularly famous in the 90s, known for starring in films such as Night on Earth and Edward Scissorhands.


This is one of Kaelan's preferred radio stations.




Johnny Hates Jazz - I Don't Want To Be A Hero (1988)

Simple Minds - Glittering Prize (1982)

Icehouse - Electric Blue (1987)

Genesis - Invisible Touch (1986)

Wang Chung - To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)

Pat Benatar - Invincible (1985)

Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. (1983)

Transvision Vamp - Baby I Don't Care (1989)

Scritti Politti - Perfect Way (1985)

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer (1983)

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (1985)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (1984)

Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (1988)

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels (1985)

Eurythmics - The City Never Sleeps (1983)

Bill Withers - Lovely Day (1977)

ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (1979)

New Order - Blue Monday '88 (1988)

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (1983)

Roxette - Joyride (1991)

Stacey Q. - Two of Hearts (1986)

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (1987)

Prince - Pop Life (1985)

Vanessa Williams - Dreamin' (1988)

Sade - Paradise (1988)

Paula Abdul - Rush, Rush (1991)

New Edition - You're Not My Kind Of Girl (1988)

Soul For Real - Candy Rain (1994)

Pebbles - Mercedes Boy (1987)

Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream (1991)

S'Express - Theme From S'Express (1988)

Black Box - I Don't Know Anyone Else (1990)

M People - Movin' On Up (1993)

Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth (1993)

The Brand New Heavies (feat. N'Dea Davenport) - Stay This Way (1991)

Incognito - Talkin' Loud (1993)

CeCe Peniston - Keep On Walkin' (1992)

Jade - Don't Walk Away (1992)

Maxi Priest - Close To You (1990)

Carol Wheeler - Livin' In The Light (1990)


Radio Los Santos

"Home of the funk-inspired, underground gangster rap, baby!"

Genre: G-funk, West Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap

Host: MC Eiht

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



Classic West Coast Hip Hop and G-Funk station, featuring mainstream acts such as NWA and 2Pac to more underground artists such as South Central Cartel and 415. A few of the tracks are anachronistic to the setting.


It is hosted by rapper MC Eiht, who is best known for voicing Ryder in GTA San Andreas, as well as having a track, Take 2 With Me, in the station's playlist.




Warren G (feat. Nate Dogg) - Regulate (1994)

Low Profile - Pay Ya Dues (1989)

MC Ren - Same Old Sh*t (1993)

South Central Cartel - Servin' Em Heat (1994)

Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote (1994)

Too $hort - Just Another Day (1993)

The D.O.C. - The Formula (1989)

N.W.A. - The Dayz Of Wayback (1991)

Da Lench Mob - Buck Tha Devil (1992)

Dru Down (feat. The Luniz) - Ice Cream Man (1993)

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep (1993)

2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (1993)

Thug Life - Bury Me A G (1994)

Eazy E - Boyz In The Hood (1987)

Suga Free (feat. DJ Quik) - Why You Bullsh*ttin' (1997)

Twinz - Round & Round (1995)

2nd II None - More Than A Player (1991)

Rappin' 4-Tay - Playaz Club (1994)

The Dove Shack - Smoke Out (1995)

415 - Side Show (1990)

Kam - Still Got Love 4 'Um (1993)

Havoc & Prodeje - G'z On Da Move (1994)

L.B.C. Crew - Beware Of My Crew (1996)

N.W.A. - 100 Miles And Runnin' (1990)

Scarface - Now I Feel Ya (1993)

South Central Cartel - South Central Madness (1992)

The Luniz (feat. Dru Down) - Put The Lead On Ya (1995)

Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That (1993)

Above The Law - Black Superman (1994)

The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (1992)

MC Eiht - Take 2 With Me (1994)

Compton's Most Wanted - Def Wish II (1992)


I N I 100.3

"Dancehall, dub and reggae hits direct from the studios in Kingston, Jamaica."

Genre: Dancehall, Dub, Reggae, Rocksteady

Host: Terror Fabulous

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A reggae station that replaces Blue Ark Radio from GTA V, in part due to name being that of an actual studio run by its host, Lee "Scratch" Perry. The station in 1994 follows a similar format to K-Jah West in GTA San Andreas, even playing music from artists featured previously in that station, and plays 70s rocksteady and dub, 80s fusion reggae and 90s dancehall, featuring artists such as Buju Banton, Dennis Brown and Black Uhuru.


Currently, the station is hosted by Terror Fabulous, a Jamaican dancehall artist who achieved his greatest popularity in the 90s and 2000s. Two of his tracks, Gun Fool and Action featuring Nadine Sutherland, are featured in this station.




J.C. Lodge & Shabba Ranks - Hardcore Loving (1990)

Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi (1993)

Born Jamericans - Boom-Shak-A-Tak (Dancehall Remix) (1994)

Reggie Stepper - Kim-Bo-King (1992)

Chaka Demus & Pliers - She Don't Let Nobody (1993)

Buju Banton - Make My Day (1993)

Terror Fabulous - Gun Fool (1994)

Terror Fabulous (feat. Nadine Sutherland) - Action (1992)

Nitty Gritty - False Alarm (1985)

Dennis Brown - Hold On To What You Got (1982)

John Holt - Stick By Me (1971)

Freddie McGregor - I Was Born A Winner (1992)

The Mighty Diamonds - Right Time (1983)

Linval Thompson - Jah Jah Is The Conqueror (1976)

Early B - Righteous Rasta (1984)

Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come (1971)

Beres Hammond - We've Found It (1994)

Black Uhuru - General Penitentiary (1979)

Bounty Killer - Dead This Time (1994)

Augustus Pablo - Rockers Dub (1983)

Keith Hudson - Black Heart (1974)

Sly & The Revolutionaries With Jah Thomas - Black Ash Dub (1980)

Eek-A-Mouse - Terrorists In The City (1983)

The Heptones - Book Of Rules (1973)

Big Youth - Cool Breeze (1972)


The Lowdown

"Old school joints for the neighborhood cookout."

Genre: Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B

Host: Otis Williams

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A station that plays old school psychedelic soul, disco, rare groove and funk. Many of the tracks featured are sampled in popular hip hop tracks, such as I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You, which was sampled in Nothin' But A G Thang by Dr. Dre, and Easy Days, sampled by Jay Rock in The Hood Gone Love It. The playlist is also considerably larger than in GTA V and features far more quiet storm tunes (The Staple Singers, The Four Tops), psychedelic soul tracks (Rotary Connection, The 5th Dimension) and even jazz-funk (The Crusaders, Johnny "Hammond" Smith).


The station is hosted by Otis Williams, one of the founding members of The Temptations, a soul group of which two of its tracks, Papa Was A Rollin' Stone and Cloud Nine, are featured as part of the playlist.


This is one of Kaelan's preferred radio stations.




Leon Haywood - I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You (1975)

Rotary Connection (feat. Minnie Riperton) - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (1971)

Funkadelic - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing (1970)

Labi Siffre - Doctor, Doctor (1975)

Brainticket - Places Of Light (1971)

The Pointer Sisters - Easy Days (1975)

Black Merda - Long Burn The Fire (1972)

The Delfonics - I Told You So (1973)

The Chi-Lites - Stoned Out Of My Mind (1973)

The Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down (1971)

The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (1972)

The Undisputed Truth - You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth (1972)

The O' Jays - Back Stabbers (1972)

Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All (1980)

Johnny "Hammond" Smith - Shifting Gears (1975)

The Bar-Kays - Soul Finger (1967)

The 5th Dimension - Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 (1971)

Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman (1972)

The Temptations - Cloud Nine (1969)

The Staple Singers - Let's Do It Again (1975)

Honey Cone - Want Ads (1969)

Black Ivory - I Keep Asking You Questions (1972)

The Emotions - If You Think It (You May As Well Do It) (1972)

The Four Tops - Still Water (Love) (1970)

The Kay-Gees - Heavenly Dream (1979)

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terell - Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing (1968)

Judy Clay & William Bell - Private Number (1968)

The Intruders - Cowboys To Girls (1968)

Al Green - Here I Am (Come and Take Me) (1975)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good (1975)

David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love (1975)

The Stylistics - I'm Stone In Love With You (1972)

D.J. Rogers - Watch Out For The Riders (1973)

Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair (1971)

The Crusaders - Keep That Same Old Feeling (1976)

Billy "Sugar Billy" Garner - I Got Some (1971)

Eddie Bo - Check Your Bucket (1973)


Space 103.2

"Enter the mothership, let the funk rush through you."

Genre: Jazz-funk, Electro-funk, R&B, Disco, Boogie

Host: Patrice Rushen

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A disco station returning from GTA V, though there is less emphasis on electro-funk here, instead opting for jazz fusion-inflicted boogie and disco not unlike Paradise FM in GTA VCS.


The current host is Patrice Rushen, a singer whose 1982 Grammy-nominated single, Forget Me Nots, is featured as part of the station's playlist.




Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love (1985)

Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat (1982)

Raw Silk - Just In Time (1983)

Ritchie Family - I'll Do My Best (For You Baby) (1982)

Surface - Falling In Love (1983)

Deodato - Keep On Movin' (1982)

Ethel Beatty - I Know You Care (1981)

The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! (1980)

Slave - Watching You (1980)

The Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You (1981)

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (1982)

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (1976)

Kashif - I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) (1983)

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (1981)

Skyy - Let's Celebrate (1981)

Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It (1980)

The S.O.S. Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin') (1982)

Tom Browne - Thighs High (Grip Your Hips & Move) (1980)

Kool & The Gang - Ladies' Night (1980)

The Fatback Band - Concrete Jungle (1980)

Midnight Express - Danger Zone (1983)

Odyssey - Inside Out (1977)

Aurra - You And Me Tonight (Midnight Mix) (1986)

One Way (feat. Al Hudson) - Let's Go Out Tonite (1980)

Dayton - The Sound Of Music (1982)

Dynasty - Here I Am (1981)

Young & Company - I Like (What You're Doing To Me) (1980)

Delegation - Heartache No. 9 (1979)

Change - Miracles (1981)


Radio Mirror Park

"The sound of Mexico's popular hits straight from the proud Chicano community at Mirror Park. We will never be gentrified!"

Genre: Latin Pop, Ballads

Host: Gloria Trevi

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A station that plays Latin Pop and Spanish-language Ballads, during a time when Mirror Park was still very much a working-class Hispanic neighborhood, prior to its gentrification in the 2000s.


The station is hosted by Gloria Trevi, a famous Mexican singer whose tracks, Hoy Me Ire de Casa and Con Los Ojos Cerrados, are featured in the station.


This is one of Basura's preferred radio stations.




Timbiriche - Si No Es Ahora (1991)

Magneto - Mira, Mira, Mira (1991)

Lucero - Cuéntame (1989)

Color-Es - Besos De Azucar (1993)

Gloria Trevi - Hoy Me Iré de Casa (1990)

Gloria Trevi - Con Los Ojos Cerrados (1990)

Pandora - Como Te Va Mi Amor (1985)

Pimpinela - Por Ese Hombre (1985)

Mecano - Barco a Venus (1983)

Mecano - La Fuerza del Destino (1988)

Fandango - Irresistible Seduccion (1987)

Sasha - No Me Extraña Nada (1987)

Luis Miguel - Ahora Te Puedes Marchar (1987)

Chayanne - Fiesta En América (1987)

Rocío Banquells - Luna Mágica (1985)

Lisa López - Será el Angel (1987)

María Conchita Alonso - y Es Que Llegaste Tú (1994)


Radio Maiz

"Music to put one arm around your jaina with, and a loaded .357 revolver on the other."

Genre: Ranchera, Corrido, Norteño

Host: Cheech Marin

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A station that plays traditional Mexican Ranchera, Corrido and Norteno music, featuring artists such and Los Angeles Negros, Los Tigres del Norte and Vincente Fernandez. Very popular among Latino gangsters and Cartel members.


The station is currently hosted by Cheech Marin, one half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong.




Los Cadetes De Linares - La Pajarera (1982)

El Palomo y El Gorrion - Tres Suspiros (1970)

Luis y Julian - Kilometro 1160 (1976)

Ramón Ayala - El Federal de Caminos (1980)

Los Cadetes De Linares - Pistoleros Famosos (1980)

Los Plebeyos - Hola Mi Amor (?)

Liberacion De Virgilio Canales - Dimelo Ya (?)

Los Angeles Negros - y Volvere (1970)

Leonardo Favio - Ella Ya Me Olvido (1968)

Los Tucanes De Tijuana - La Canelera (1987)

Tengo El Alma Enamorada - Chalino Sanchez (?)

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Puerta Negra (1986)

Cornelio Reyna-Yo No Tengo Madre (?)

Los Relampagos Del Norte - Que Bonita Chaparrita (1994)

Vicente Fernández - Por Tu Maldito Amor (1989)

Vicente Fernández - Las Llaves de Mi Alma (1984)


Ayahuasca Visions

"Music from the San Andrean psychedelic underground."

Genre: Paisley Underground, Neo-psychedelia, Drone, Alternative Country, Dream Pop

Host: Hope Sandoval

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A station dedicated to the Paisley Underground scene that existed in Los Angeles in the 1980s, as well as the garage/psychedelic rock revival across the globe in the late-80s to early-90s, replacing Rebel Radio in GTA V. The station plays an eclectic mixture of neo-psychedelia, dream pop and alternative country and features artists such as Opal, Spacemen 3, Cowboy Junkies and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The station's name is both a reference to the Ayahuasca Desert in-game, as well as a reference to a drink consumed in a few South American cultures that induces hallucinatory visions, often for customary practices.


The station, as of 1994, is hosted by Hope Sandoval, a singer whose tracks, So Tonight That I Might See (together with Mazzy Star) and Sometimes Always (a feature with The Jesus And Mary Chain), can both be heard in the station.




Love & Rockets - The Light (1987)

Rain Parade - This Can't Be Today (1984)

The Long Ryders - And She Rides (1984)

Rain Parade - Prisoners (1983)

Green On Red - Black Night (1982)

Opal - She's A Diamond (1989)

Green On Red - Sea Of Cortez (1985)

Spiritualized - Run (1992)

Spacemen 3 - Hey Man (1986)

Spacemen 3 - Mary-Anne (1986)

Spacemen 3 - I Love You (1991)

Spacemen 3 - Losing Touch With My Mind (1986)

Mojave 3 - Love Songs On The Radio (1995)

Galaxie 500 - Isn't It A Pity (1989)

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See (1993)

Opal - Supernova (1987)

Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over (1982)

Spectrum - Lord I Don't Even Know My Name (1992)

The Telescopes - Flying (1992)

The Jesus And Mary Chain (feat. Hope Sandoval) - Sometimes Always (1994)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cold To The Touch (1996)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Spacegirl (1994)

Rainy Day - I'll Keep It With Mine (1984)

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (1989)


Radio X

"Bona-fide West Coast punk to unabashedly sell out to."

Genre: Punk Rock, Deathrock, Crossover Thrash, Nardcore

Host: Lee Ving

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



Alluded to in GTA V, Radio X returns in the HD Universe, albeit as a punk rock station. The station plays a mixture of songs from the genres of West Coast punk, crossover thrash, Nardcore, a skate punk scene originating from Oxnard, California, and Deathrock, a Los Angeles-based punk scene that combines punk rock with Gothic aesthetics. Many artists from Channel X in V return here, along with other artists such as 45 Grave, Ill Repute and D.I..


Currently, the station is hosted by Lee Ving, lead singer of Fear, a punk rock band of which its track, Let's Have A War, is featured in the playlist.


This is one of Basura's preferred radio stations.




The Vandals - Wanna Be Manor (1982)

D.R.I. - Thrashard (1989)

Exodus - Bonded By Blood (1985)

D.I. - Richard Hung Himself (1983)

Fear - Let's Have A War (1982)

Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down (1991)

Black Flag - Rise Above (1981)

Bad Religion - F*ck Armageddon... This Is Hell (1982)

45 Grave - Black Cross (1981)

Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp (1982)

Burning Image - The Final Conflict (1983)

T.S.O.L. - Code Blue (1981)

Ill Repute - Fill It Up (1984)

Youth Brigade - Did You Wanna Die (1983)

Agent Orange - Bloodstains (Darkness Version) (1982)

The Germs - Our Way (1979)

Dr. Know - God Told Me To (1983)

7 Seconds - Young Till I Die (1984)

Circle Jerks - Coup d'etat (1983)

JFA - Guess What (1984)

Descendents - Kabuki Girl (1982)

The Faction - Skate And Destroy (1982)

Attitude Adjustment - Attitude Adjustment (1986)

The Plugz - Achin' (1981)


Tequi-La-La Radio

"Music and demos from bands that frequent venues with sticky floors, under-aged groupies and poor ventilation."

Genre: Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Skate Punk, Pop Punk

Host: Perry Farrell

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



The game's answer to the GTA San Andreas rendition of Radio X. The station plays a mixture of pop/skate punk, alternative rock and heavy metal, featuring artists such as Pennywise, Candlebox and Skid Row. Named after a famous live venue in Vinewood Boulevard, the station is very popular among jarheads and The Pack.


It is hosted by Perry Farrell, the lead singer of Jane's Addiction, a band of which two tracks, Ocean Size and Three Days, are featured in the station.


This is one of Basura's preferred radio stations.




Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size (Demo) (1988)

Jane's Addiction - Three Days (1992)

Faith No More - Falling To Pieces (1989)

Soundgarden - Spoonman (1993)

TAD - Stumblin' Man (1991)

Bush - Machinehead (1994)

Candlebox - Change (1993)

Bad Religion - American Jesus (1993)

Green Day - Basket Case (1994)

The Offspring - Killboy Powerhead (1993)

Rancid - Union Blood (1993)

Pennywise - Bro Hymn (1991)

No Use For A Name - 51 Days (1994)

NOFX - Don't Call Me White (1994)

Guns N' Roses - Black Leather (1993)

Social Distortion - Story Of My Life (1990)

L.A. Guns - Rip and Tear (1989)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Power of Equality (1991)

Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack (1993)

Pearl Jam - Not For You (1994)

Faster Pussycat - Slip of the Tongue (1989)

Skid Row - 18 And Life (1989)

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood (1989)


Ego Death FM

"The darker side of synthpop, with bats, dark castles and all that."

Genre: Gothic Rock, Coldwave, Post-punk, Industrial, Ethereal Wave

Host: Siouxsie Sioux

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A gothic rock and coldwave station based in Los Santos, paralleling the thriving Goth scene in Southern California at the time. The station plays predominantly post-punk and coldwave tracks, along with a few early industrial and deathrock songs, and features artists such as The Cocteau Twins, Skinny Puppy and The Mission, among others. The station's name is a reference to the concept of a loss of self-identity.


It is hosted by Siouxsie Sioux, the lead singer of Siouxsie and The Banshees. Two of the band's tracks, Israel and Arabian Knights, are featured here.




Cocteau Twins - Blood Bitch (1982)

The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection (1987)

Nine Inch Nails - Down With It (1989)

Skinny Puppy - Assimilate (1986)

Cocteau Twins - In Our Angelhood (1983)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Knights (1981)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Israel (1980)

Asylum Party - The Sabbath (1989)

Pylon - Danger (1980)

OMD - The New Stone Age (1981)

The Human League - Blind Youth (1979)

Depeche Mode - Clean (1990)

Bauhaus - In The Flat Field (1980)

The Cure - Siamese Twins (1982)

The Danse Society - Somewhere (1982)

Xymox - Wonderland (1991)

Suspiria - You Bleed Me (909th Mix) (1994)

The Mission - Wasteland (1986)

Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild (1988)

Joy Division - Shadowplay (1979)

Alien Sex Fiend - Dead And Buried (1984)

Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling (1988)

B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (1982)

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood (1985)

Kommunity FK - The Vision And The Voice (1983)



"Presenting an all-electro set on the turntables by L.S. native and resident DJ, The Egyptian Lover."

Genre: Electro, Freestyle, EBM, Techno

Host: The Egyptian Lover

Type: Continuous

[Youtube Playlist]



Returning from GTA Online, LSUR in 1994 plays an eclectic mixture of Freestyle, EBM and Electro, featuring artists ranging from Aux 88 to Front Line Assembly.


The current DJ for this station is The Egyptian Lover, a Los Angeles-based producer and electro pioneer, whose tracks can be heard in the station. 




All tracks are assumed to be mixed in tempo continuously.


The Egyptian Lover - I Cry (Night After Night) (1984)

The Egyptian Lover - I Need A Freak (1994)

The Egyptian Lover - You're So Fine (1994)

The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt (1984)

Kyper - What Gets Your Body Hyped (1989)

Aux 88 - Interface (1995)

Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power (1984)

X-Ray Vision - Video Control (1984)

Two Sisters - Scratch This (1983)

Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got (Dub Mix) (1989)

Galaxxy - Where's The Beat (1984)

Elecktroids - Silicon Valley (1995)

Ambush - Assemblage 23 (1994)

Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser (1992)

Front 242 - Masterhit (1987)

MCL - Communicate (Atomic Part Mix) (1989)

The Egyptian Lover - Livin' On The Nile (1986)

The Egyptian Lover - Planet E (Remix) (1988)

The Beat Club - Security (Club Mix) (1988)

Dan Hartman - Name Of The Game (Big Game Dub) (1984)

Corporation Of One - The Real Life (1989)


Deepness 92

"Rolling in deep with a playlist of underground house hits, mixed by Kerri Chandler."

Genre: Acid House, Deep House, Chicago House, Hip House

Host: Kerri Chandler

Type: Continuous

[Youtube Playlist]



A new station in the game and the second of the two EDM stations. Deepness 92, in contrast, plays mostly early-90s Hip House and Deep House, though traces of SFUR-esque Acid House can be found in the playlists.


The current DJ for the station is Kerri Chandler, a renowned house music producer and disc jockey hailing from Chicago, though none of his music is actually featured.




All tracks are assumed to be mixed in tempo continuously.


Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (1982)

Fast Eddie (feat. Sundance) - Git On Up (1989)

Ruben Gomez - Move (Hip House Mix) (1990)

White Knight - Keep It Movin' ('Cause The Crowd Says So) (1989)

Sweet Sensation - Child of Love (Wild Child Mix) (1990) 

Inner City - Big Fun (1988)

Jackstreet Inc. - My Bass (1990)

The Todd Terry Project - Bango (To The Batmobile) (1988)

Phortune - String Free (Club Leray Mix) (1988)

Housemaster Boyz - House Nation (1987)

Karen Anderson - I Work Hard To Love You (Shelter Mix) (1992)

Ron Hardy - Sensation (Dub) (1985)

No Favors - Temper (1984)

First Choice - Let No Man Be Put Asunder (1983)

Alisha - All Night Passion (1986)

Jay Williams - Sweat (1990)

2 In A Room - Take Me Away (1989)

Seduction - (You're My One And Only) True Love (1988)

Deee-Lite - World Clique (1990)

Ten City - Say Something (John Robinson Classic Mix) (1994)



"Give a fool a microphone and a radio show, and he shall become the voice of a generation."

Genre: English-language Talk Show

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic 



The quintessential West Coast talk show station, hosting a wide variety of shows, ranging from politics and the recent situation in the Gulf all the way down to current celebrity happenings in Vinewood.




The Ashes Of Kuwait

A show about two returning U.S. Raiders soldiers from the recent Gulf War, First Sergeant Paul Galloway and Master Sergeant Gerald "Gerry" Alquist, centering around their antics at Camp Roosevelt, where they annoy other NCOs and officers, as well as the nearby cities of Playa del Rifa and Santa Domingo, where they visit and rate the local bars and strip clubs and coax the locals into giving them veteran discounts for any service or good.


Glam Metal Must Die!

A show about lampooning the dying glam metal fad in America, while engaging in self-indulgent rhetoric regarding the grunge movement, currently going through its widest commercial success in the early-90s. Hosted by grunge vocalist Dana Vatican, band leader of a local L.S.-based riot grrrl band, Gals With Galils, with a special guest, Lazlow Jones, formerly of Entertaining America! and V-Rock in Vice City, which ironically enough, played glam metal during its heyday.


The Civil Border Patrol Show

A far-right show about pushing for greater regulations as well as to halt illegal immigration at the Mexican-American border. Hosted by Joe Hamilton, a Blaine County native currently spending the summer at Bahia, looking out for and stopping potential illegals who might be trespassing the border, often by illegally trespassing over to the Mexican border himself.


Just Or Unjust

Hosted by Judge Grady, Just Or Unjust is a show in a courtroom setting that pushes the boundaries of the American judicial system, where domestic scuffles are solved by means of throwing the couple into a remote part of the Ayahuasca Desert and watch them get eaten alive by cougars. The case for the day regards a woman named Maria Alcatraz of Little Rock, who is currently in a scuffle with her estranged husband and pimp, Kemper Johnston, over annual profits made from their meth lab trailer.


Vinewood Bull!

Entertainment and gossip go hand-in-hand, where news about famine in Africa plays second banana to a story about Anita Mendoza's breast implants. Hosted by paparazzi Blake Prince, the show features exclusive interviews with celebrities such as Jack Howitzer in jail, as well as endless trash talk regarding both currently trending and upcoming blockbuster films churned out by Vinewood, and abroad.


La Voz

"Una plataforma para que la gente hablo su mierda."

Genre: Spanish/Spanglish-language Talk Show

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic



The Mexican counterpart to WCTR, broadcast from the Sierra Municipality. In contrast to the mostly global approach of the former, La Voz focuses on local issues faced by residents of the municipality, as well as an emphasis on humorous serial talk shows that function more-or-less as the radio equivalent of melodramatic soap operas. 




The Barrio


Jose y Horatio


Banditos Across The Border


The Nacho Ramos Show




Track Listings for 2020



Vinewood Boulevard Radio 

"Modern rock n' roll in the smartphone generation. Crack a cold one and let the good times roll."

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-hardcore, Shoegaze, Garage Punk, Blues Rock, Electronic Rock

Host: Daniel Armbruster, Joseph Morinelli & Paul Brenner

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



An alternative rock station returning from GTA V, albeit with a wider range of subgenres, replacing Tequi-La-La Radio and Los Santos Rock Radio from 1994. VBR in 2020 now features more electronic rock, blues rock and shoegazing tracks in the mix and even some hardcore punk/alternative metal songs to go along with the usual garage punk and psychedelic rock flair that was previously dominant.


The station is hosted by Daniel Armbruster, Joseph Morinelli and Paul Brenner, three members of Joywave, a rock band whose tracks, It's A Trip! and Obsession, are included in the playlist.


This is one of Mona's preferred radio stations.




Temples - Hot Motion (2019)

mewithoutYou - Another Head For Hydra (2018)

Des Rocs - Let Me Live / Let Me Die (2018)

CRX - Broken Bones (2016)

Zayde Wolf - Gladiator (2018)

Reignwolf - Wanna Don't Wanna (2018)

K.Flay - Blood In The Cut (2016)

Desert Mountain Tribe - It's All Good (2018)

F*cked Up - Normal People (2018)

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best (2015)

Blue Stahli - Armageddon (2015)

The Bloody Beetroots & Jet - My Name is Thunder (2017)

Black Pistol Fire - Pick Your Poison (2019)

Viagra Boys - Up All Night (2018)

Death Valley Girls - Wear Black (2019)

Crocodiles - Nuclear Love (2019)

White Reaper - 1F (2019)

Joywave - Obsession (2019)

Joywave - It's A Trip! (2017)

Plague Vendor - New Comedown (2019)

Himalayas - Thank God I'm Not You (2017)

The Shivas - Can't Relax (2019)

L.A. Witch - Get Lost (2013)

Grizfolk - Bob Marley (2015)

Bad Sports - Constant Stimulation (2018)

Hot Snakes - Checkmate (2019)

Royal Blood - Where Are You Now? (2016)

Beach Goons - Anirak (2016)

The So So Glos - Missionary (2016)

Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles (2016)

Superheaven - Sponge (2014)

Thrice - The Grey (2018)

Balance & Composure - Run From Me (2017)

Citizen - Ugly Luck (2017)

Serena-Maneesh - Drain Cosmetics (2006)

The Raveonettes - Won't You Leave Me Alone (2016)

No Joy - Califone (2017)

Code Orange - Bleeding In The Blur (2017)



Radio Mirror Park

"The sound of your old neighborhood getting displaced by guys running tech start-ups and coffee shops. Welcome to modern America, fellas." 

Genre: Indie Pop, Electronic Rock, Synthwave, Psychedelic Pop, Chillwave, Hypnagogic Pop, Dream Pop

Host: Alan Wilkis

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



One of the most popular stations in GTA V, returning from 1994 with an all-new indie electronica format as it did in 2013. With less emphasis on chillwave, RMP now features a much more diverse playlist of psychedelic pop, art rock and indie pop tracks, along with synthwave, dream pop and lo-fi house.


 It is hosted by Alan Wilkis, who fronts the electronic project Big Data, whose track, Automatic (featuring Jenn Wasner), is included in the station.




Bear Hands - Blame (2019)

Big Data (feat. Jenn Wasner) - Automatic (2015)

Sun Drug - Take My Blood (2019)

Battle Tapes - Belgrade (2015)

School Of Seven Bells - A Thousand Times More (2016)

Big Black Delta (feat. Debbie Gibson) - RCVR (2015)

Let Em Riot - The Revenant (2018)

The Bad Dreamers - How To Disappear (2018)

Jagwar Ma - Batter Up (2016)

Django Django - In Your Beat (2018)

Kye Kye - People (2014)

The Chain Gang of 1974 - Burn Out (2019)

Lusts - Lost Highway (2018)

Tamaryn - Fits Of Rage (2019)

Chromatics - Time Rider (2019)

Sports (feat. KeithCharles) - Shiggy (2018)

El May - Diamonds, Girl (2014)

Westerman - Easy Money (2018)

Wild Belle - Mockingbird (2019)

Niki & The Dove - Coconut Kiss (2016)

Darkside - Gone Too Soon (2014)

Feng Suave - Sink Into The Floor (2017)

Foreign Air - In The Shadows (2016)

No Vacation - Days (2019)

Superorganism - Reflections On The Screen (2018)

Wild Nothing - Foyer (2020)

Ardency - Bloom (2017)

Bad Wave - Extraordinary (2016)

Atlas Genius - Stockholm (2015)

Empress Of - Water Water (2015)

Part Time (feat. Ariel Pink) - I Can Treat You Better (2019)

Sugar Candy Mountain - Mar-A-Lago (2018)

Melody's Echo Chamber - Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige (2018)

GUM - The Blue Marble (2018)

Empathy Test - Firelight (2017)

Anna Of The North - Playing Games (2019)

Blue Hawaii - All That Blue (2019)


Channel X 

"A mixture of angry music running the tabs from barely-discernible modern-day grindcore to the desert rock scene up in Blaine County." 

Genre: Grindcore, Desert Rock, Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk, Post-hardcore, Stoner Metal

Host: Scott Hull

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



With Radio X bought out and renamed, Channel X returns to the airwaves, grittier and heavier than ever before. The station now follows a general hardcore format, playing music from genres such as grindcore, extreme metal, post-hardcore and even the Palm Desert stoner rock scene.


The station is currently hosted by Scott Hull, a sound engineer and guitarist best known for being members of grindcore bands such as Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer, two bands which are featured in the playlist.




Pig Destroyer - Circle River (2018)

Municipal Waste - Wave Of Death (2019)

Drive Like Jehu - Here Come The Rome Plows (1994)

Refused - New Noise (1998)

The Bronx - Night Drop At The Glue Factory (2018)

Iron Reagan - Take The Fall (2018)

Integrity - All Death Is Mine (2019)

Unida - If Only Two (1999)

Cancer Bats - We Run Free (2018)

Slo Burn - Pilot The Dune (1997)

Vista Chino - Sweet Remain (2013)

Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser (2005)

Kyuss - Green Machine (1992)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Not A Daughter (2016)

Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe) (2017)

Whores - Baby Teeth (2016)

Jesus Piece - Workhorse (2018)

Fu Manchu - Hell On Wheels (2000)

Nasum - Wrath (2004)

Expulsion - Altar Of Slaughter (2017)

Dying Fetus - Panic Amongst The Herd (2017)

Call Of The Void - Cold Hands (2014)

Annihilator - Armed To The Teeth (2019)

Obituary - Thousand Ways To Die (2016)

Nebula - So It Goes (2003)


Ego Death FM

"Presenting the new gothic wave in an age of political turmoil."

Genre: Darkwave, Witch House, Post-Synthwave, Industrial

Host: Nicholas Wood & Kat Day

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A gothic station that returns from 1994, now playing modern darkwave, industrial rock and even witch house. The music present in the station is almost antithetical to the music featured on Radio Mirror Park, featuring darker subject matter and a generally more cynical sound.


It is hosted by Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, who are members of the British post-punk band The KVB, whose tracks, Afterglow, Above Us and Outlands, are featured in the playlist.




Paradox Obscur - Flesh (2015)

Black Light Smoke - Take Me Out (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) (2017)

Boy Harsher - Lust (2015)

Soviet Soviet - Pantomime (2016)

A Place To Bury Strangers - Situation Changes (2018)

Tuxedo Gleam - Object Of Desire (2015)

The KVB - Afterglow (2018)

The KVB - Above Us (2018)

The KVB - Outlands (2019)

Tempers - Hell Hotline (2015)

Bitumen - Honey Hunter (2017)

Ghost Cop - Accelerate (2019)

Fragrance. - Endless Cold (2018)

Traitrs - Witch Trials (2016)

The Agnes Circle - Porcelain (2016)

Second Still - Double Negative (2019)

Second Still - Strangers (2017)

Health x Perturbator - Body/Prison (2018)

Holygram - Modern Cults (Blind Delon Remix) (2018)

Ritual Howls - This Is Transcendence (2017)

FLESH - Schwarze Sonne (2015)

Echo Strobes - Decapitate (2015)

Tokyo Tears - Burning (2019)

The Soft Moon - Burn (2018)

Ash Code - Disease (2019)

Buzz Kull - Dreams (2014)

Forever Grey - Lost In A Moment (2016)

Hante - The Storm (2014)

Minuit Machine - DRGS (2019)


Ayahuasca Visions

"Proof that the 60s never died. It just needed a new guitar pedal, a few more tabs of acid, and an old jalopy to cruise the endless desert with."

Genre: Neo-psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock, Freak Folk, Stoner Rock

Host: Ripley Johnson

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



Discarding the soft psychedelia and Paisley Underground tunes from 1994, Ayahuasca Visions now shifts its focus to the modern-day neo-psychedelia and stoner rock movement, playing jangly, lo-fi tunes from artists such as Night Beats, Tess Parks and The Black Angels, to fit the gritty cartel war vibe of inland Mexico during the 2020s.


The station is hosted by Ripley Johnson, a psychedelic rock musician who is a member of bands such as Moon Duo and The Wooden Shjips, two bands which are featured in the station.




Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - Please Never Die (2018)

Psychic Ills (feat. Hope Sandoval) - I Don't Mind (2016)

Tess Parks - Refugee Camp (2013)

Moon Duo - Fall In Your Love (2019)

Moon Duo - Eye 2 Eye (2019)

The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations (2010)

The Black Angels - The Sniper (2010)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Skin And Bones (2017)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Screaming Gun (2002)

Night Beats - Sunday Mourning (2016)

Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door (2004)

Desert Mountain Tribe - Take A Ride (2013)

New Candys - Bleed Magenta (2018)

Holy Wave - Western Playland (2016)

Sleepy Sun - Desert God (2010)

The Underground Youth - On The Floor (2010)

Darker My Love - Northern Soul (2009)

Darker My Love - Blue Day (2009)

Medicine Boy - A Mirror (2019)

Heaters - Levitate Thigh (2015)

Moaning Cities - Vertigo Rising (2016)

Crows - Wednesday's Child (2019)

The Flying Eyes - Around The Bend (2011)

Weird Owl - War (2017)

JJUUJJUU - Camo (2018)

Sun Araw - Canopy (2010)

Amen Dunes - Bedroom Drum (2011)

Vive la Void - Death Money (2018)

Wooden Shjips - Staring At The Sun (2018)

The Blue Angel Lounge - LSD And The Search For God (2008)


Non-Stop Pop FM

"Songs you pretend to hate, while secretly zitting them for your next summer playlist!"

Genre: EDM, Miami Bass, Crunk&B, Party Rap, UK Garage, Electropop, House, Bassline, R&B, Hip House

Host: Missy Elliott

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



Southern San Andreas's most popular station returns with a new tracklist, featuring a mostly R&B, Miami Bass and Electropop-centric playlist in contrast to the Acid Jazz and Synthpop in 1994.


The station is hosted by Missy Elliott, a singer and rapper whose signature song, Lose Control, is featured in the playlist.




Major Lazer (feat. MO & DJ Snake) - Lean On (2015)

Sia, Diplo, Labrinth - No New Friends (2019)

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (2007)

Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams - Blast Off (2019)

KAYTRANADA (feat. Kali Uchis) - 10% (2019)

The Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) - Starboy (2016)

AWOLNATION - Woman Woman (2016)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (2010)

Offset (feat. Cardi B) - Clout (2019)

City Girls - Where The Bag At (2018)

Juice WRLD (feat. Marshmello) - Come & Go (2020)

Flume (feat. Vera Blue) - Rushing Back (2019)

Ciara (feat. Missy Elliot) - 1, 2 Step (2004)

Tiffany Evans (feat. Ciara) - Promise Ring (2010)

Destiny's Child (feat. Lil' Wayne) - Soldier (2004)

Cherish - Do It To It (2006)

Danity Kane (feat. Yung Joc) - Show Stopper (2006)

Kelis (feat. Too $hort) - Bossy (2009)

Eve - Tambourine (2007)

Missy Elliott (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop) - Lose Control (2005)

Jhene Aiko (feat. Miguel & Gucci Mane) - Hoe (2011)

The Chainsmokers (feat. Charlee) - Inside Out (Armnhmr Remix) (2016)

TNGHT - Higher Ground (2012)

Lana Del Rey - Doin' Time (2019)

SOFI TUKKER - Drinkee (2015)

Breakwater - Release The Beast (1980)

Sticky (feat. Ms. Dynamite) - Booo! (2001)

T2 (feat. Jodie Aysha) - Heartbroken (2007)

Ghost Town DJs - My Boo (1995)

Quad City DJs - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) (1996)

Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (2016)

Khalid (feat. SAFE) - Don't Pretend (2019)

Dua Lipa - Room For 2 (2017)

Tinashe - Superlove (2017)

Fifth Harmony (feat. Kid Ink) - Worth It (2015)


Marquis 101.9

"The soundtrack of your fifth divorce."

Genre: AOR, Smooth Jazz, Sophisto-pop, Ballads, R&B, Quiet Storm, Easy-listening

Host: Michael McDonald

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]



A yacht rock and adult contemporary station in 2020 that plays mostly old-school 70s-90s AOR and quiet storm tracks, many which return from 1994.


The station is hosted by Michael McDonald, a famous AOR singer whose song, I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near), is featured in the playlist.




Jeffrey Osborne - Only Human (1990)

Al Jarreau - Moonlighting (1987)

Brenda Russell - Hello People (1983)

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (1976)*

The Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You (1981)*

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (1981)*

Deodato - Keep On Movin' (1982)*

Slave - Watching You (1980)*

Nicolette Larson - Talk To Me (1982)

Chris Latul - Goin' Downtown (1981)

Jim Schmidt - Love Has Taken It All Away (1983)

Incognito - Sunburn (1981)

Michael Franks - The Lady Wants To Know (1977)

The Blackbyrds - Dreaming About You (1977)

Bill Withers - Lovely Day (1977)*

Vanessa Williams - Dreamin' (1988)*

The Styles Council - Long Hot Summer (1983)*

Paula Abdul - Rush, Rush (1991)*

Sade - Paradise (1988)*

Gino Vannelli - I Just Wanna Stop (1978)

Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near) (1982)

The Doobie Brothers - Minute By Minute (1978)

Robbie Dupree - Hot Rod Hearts (1980)

The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze (1973)

Jefferson Starship - Miracles (1975)*

Sniff 'n' the Tears - Driver's Seat (1978)*

Ace - How Long (1974)*

Ambrosia - Livin' On My Own (1980)*

Kenny Loggins - Heart To Heart (1978)*

Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work (1975)*

Atlanta Rhythm Section - So Into You (1976)

Steely Dan - Midnight Cruiser (1972)


* - denotes a track returning from 1994


Radio Los Santos 

"Hot joints from all around at the home of the West Coast."

Genre: Contemporary Hip Hop, Trap, Cloud Rap

Host: Big Boy

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Moneybagg Yo (feat. Lil Baby) - U Played (2020)

Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H. (2020)

Roddy Ricch - Boom Boom Room (2020)

Rick Ross (feat. Summer Walker) - Summer Reign (2020)

Griselda - Dr Birds (2020)

Benny The Butcher - Rubber Bands & Weight (2019)

Vado (feat. Dave East) - Da Hated (2018)

Marlo (feat. Future, Lil Baby) - 1st N 3rd (2020)

Flee (feat. Brent Fayaz) - Swish/Use 2 (2020)

Pierre Bourne & Cardogotwings - Ah Ah Ahh (2018)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Make No Sense (2020)

HappyBirthdayCalvin - Out of Time (2020)

Rich The Kid (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) - Money Talk (2020)

Kevin Gates - Push It (2019)

Curren$y (feat. Young Dolph) - All Work (2020)

Roddy x Jamaal - You Ain't Never (2019)

Duke Deuce (feat. Offset) - Unload (2018)

Larry June - Sausalito (2018)

Action Pack AP (feat. Gunna) - DripSet (2018)

Project Pat (feat. Juicy J) - A1's (2015)

Gangsta Boo - Gangsta Walk (2019)

Bankroll Freddie (feat. Moneybagg Yo) - Back End (2020)

Moneybagg Yo - Pistol By Da Bed (2020)

 Freddie Gibbs, Madlib (feat. Pusha T, Killer Mike) - Palmolive (2019)

Conway (feat. WestSideGunn) - Air Holez (2016)

Flying Lotus (feat. Denzel Curry) - Black Balloons Reprise (2019)

MF DOOM & Damu The Fudgemunk - Coco Mango (2019)

Cloudy Nueve - Pop My Sh*t (2020)

Jidenna - Tribe (2019)

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (2015)

Mick Jenkins - Carefree (2020)

The Underachievers - Last Call (2019)

A$AP Twelvyy (feat. Flatbush Zombies) - A Glorious Death (2017)

ScHoolboy Q (feat. 21 Savage) - Floating (2019)

Joey Bada$$ - 500 Benz (2017)

GoldLink (feat. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy) - Crew (2017)

Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba (2017)

 JACKBOYS, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott - GATTI (2019)

DaBaby - Intro (2019)

DaBaby - Off The Rip (2019)

ICYTWAT (feat. IndigoChildRick) - Grippin' It (2019)

Pop Smoke - Scenario (2019)

Stunna 4 Vegas (feat. Blac Youngsta) - Change My Life (2020)


West Coast Classics 

"Classic beats from the 90s to 2000s for the next block party."

Genre: G-Funk, Classic Hip Hop, Hyphy

Host: DJ Pooh

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Mac Dre - Not My Job (2004)

The Westside Connection - The Gangsta, The Killa And The Dope Dealer (1996)

King Tee - Dippin' (1995)

Thug Life - Bury Me A G (1994)*

Tha Dogg Pound - Hittin' Donutz In Tha Streetz (2005)

Twinz - Round And Round (1995)*

The Eastsidaz - I Luv It (2001)

Ozomatli - City Of Angels (2007)

Xzibit - LAX (2004)

Young Maylay (feat. WC & King T) - West Coast (2008)

Chali 2na - Graff Time (2009)

C-Bo (feat. C.O.S. & Tall Cann G) - We All Thug (2001)

Strong Arm Steady (feat. Planet Asia, Bishop Lamont & Mistah FAB) - Sunny CA (2008)

Zion I (feat. K.Flay) - Coastin' (2009)

Murs (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Time Is Now (2008)

DJ Quik (feat. Nate Dogg) - Black Mercedes (2004)

Jurassic 5 (feat. Nelly Furtado) - Thin Line (2002)

Foesum - Runnin' Game (1996)

213 - Another Summer (2004)

Lil 1/2 Dead - Cavvy Sounds (1996)

Ice Cube - Do Ya Thang (2008)

Hi-C (feat. DJ Quik) - Let Me Know (2004)

South Central Cartel - All Day Everyday (1997)

Eazy E - Boyz In The Hood (1987)*

Mad CJ Mac (‎feat. Poppa LQ & Sex C) - Come And Take A Ride (1995)

Kurupt (feat. Xzibit) - Calling Out Names (1999)

Xzibit - U Know (2000)

Mistah FAB - Sideshow (Remix) (2007)
The Pack - I'm Shinin' (2007)

2 Of The Crew - All Day Chill (1997)

Big Bur-Na - Daze Of Bur-Na (1995)

15 - Livin' That Ghetto Life (1998)

E-40 - Tell Me When To Go (2006)

People Under The Stairs - The L.A. Song (2002)

Richie Rich - Let It Ride (1996)

WC & the Maad Circle - Curb Stompin' (1995)

Ant Banks - Big Thangs (1999)

Odd Future - Oldie (2012)


* - denotes a track returning from 1994


iFruit Radio 

"A selection of premier grime and UK hip hop tracks handpicked by the Fruit Corporation."

Genre: Grime, Bassline, UK Hip Hop

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




M24 x Stickz - We Don’t Dance (2019)

Skepta - Bullet From A Gun (2019)

slowthai (feat. Skepta) - Inglorious (2019)

Roadside Gs - Jumanji (2018)

JAY1 - Your Mrs (2019)

Krept & Konan (feat. Headie One & K-Trap) - I Spy (Remix) (2019)

FREDO - BMT (2018)

JB Scofield - Stretch It (2019)

Giggs - Baby (2019)

Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie (2013)

Dizzee Rascal - Ghost (2018)

Poundz (feat. Ambush, Snap Capone & Yxng Bane) - Opp Thot (Remix) (2019)

P Money (feat. Blacks, AJ Tracey, PK, CapoLee, Safone, Coco, Jammz & Discarda) - 10/10 Remix (2016)

Swindle (feat. JME) - Mad Ting (2015)

TRC (feat. Trilla & Asher) - Wobbler Part 3 (2013)

Chey (feat. K9) - Same Energy (2019)

Cadet - Gang Gang (2019)

P Money (feat. JME & Wiley) - Gunfingers (2016)

Azza x Grima x P Money x Blacks - Hitman Flows (2019)

EZ - Lets Talk (2020)

Sleeks - TR4P R4P (2020)

DigDat x Aitch - Ei8ht Mile (2020)


Neon Roads FM 

"R&B and soul music that defies all genre expectations."

Genre: Alternative R&B, Neo-soul

Host: Syd

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Clara La San - Feel Good (2017)

Syd - Body (2017)

Blood Orange (feat. A$AP Rocky & Project Pat) - Chewing Gum (2018)

Sango (feat. Xavier Omar) - Sweet Holy Honey (2018)

Niia - Hurt You First (2017)

SZA - Inside Man (2018)

denitia and sene. - trip. fall. (2013)

Ebz the Artist - Say It (2018)

Shay Lia (feat. KAYTRANADA & BADBADNOTGOOD) - Blue (2017)

Midnight Phunk (feat. Airborn Gav & Jamilah Barry) - Shawty (2019)

Mereba (feat. 6LACK) - Heatwave (2019)

Mereba (feat. JID) - Sandstorm (2019)

Kingdom (feat. Tiara Thomas) - High Enough (2019)

Christian Rich (feat. Jack Davey) - Forever Ever (2015)

Rochelle Jordan - How U Want It (2017)

lophille & NSTASIA - My Side (2019)

IAMDDB - Urban Jazz (2019)

Amaal - Coming & Going (2019)

Solange - Down With The Clique (2019)

Cleo Sol - Sweet Blue (2019)

Ravyn Lenae - The Night Song (2018)

Black Pumas - Colors (2019)

Clear Mortifee - Wide Open Ocean (2019)

Raveena - Honey (2018)

Alex Mali (feat. Thutmose) - Faded (2019)

The Internet - Partners In Crime (2012)

Kelela - The High (2015)

Kelela - Frontline (2017)

BOSCO - Cruel (2019)

ELHAE - I.D.B.I.L. (2019)

Tei Shi - Alone In The Universe (2019)

Mono/Poly (feat. Kimbra) - Easy Living (2019)

J*DaVeY (feat. Thundercat) - Queen Of Wonderland (2011)


I N I 100.3

"Dancehall that borders into rap."

Genre: Contemporary Dancehall

Host: Koffee

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Mavado - Top Shotta Is Back (2019)

Demarco - Boogie Woogie (2020)

I-Octane - Oh No! (2018)

Chronic Law - Too Much (2019)

Tommy Lee Sparta (feat. Damage Musiq) - Blessings (2019)

Masicka - Dem Nuh Happy Fi We (2018)

Vybz Kartel (feat. Jesse Royal) - More than You Recieve (2020)

Popcaan - Numbers Don't Lie (2019)

Koffee - Toast (2019)

Koffee (feat. Govana) - Rapture (Remix) (2019)

Jane Macgizmo - One Away (2018)

Govana - Up Front (2019)

Aidonia - Fire (2017)

Demarco - Effortlessly (2019)

Alkaline - BIG TYMA (2019)

Vybz Kartel, Sikka Rymes - Like I'm Superman (2019)

Stylo G (Feat. Spice & Sean Paul) - Dumpling Remix (2019)

Ding Dong - Gyalis Story (2019)

Busy Signal - Dolla Van (2019)

Kranium - In Charge (2019)

Mýa, Ding Dong - Handsfree (2019)

Konshens - Bubble Gym (2019)

Shane O - Hold On (2019)

Jhonni Blaze (feat. Elephant Man) - Where You From (2018)


East Los FM

"Presenting great contemporary Latino music from our studio in East Los Santos."

Genre: Latin Pop, Latin Rap, Latin Rock

Host: Camino Lara

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Mexican Institute Of Sound - Cumbia Bomba (2018)

El Gran Silencio - Dormir Soñando (1998)

Ana Tijoux - 1977 (2010)

Calle 13 - El Aguante (2014)

Hello Seahorse! - No Es Que No Te Quiera (2013)

Café Tacvba - Aprovéchate (2013)

Titan - Corazon (2000)

Surfistas Del Sistema - Te Miro Para Ver Si Me Ves Mirarte (2019)

SOLAGUA - Volemos (2015)

Las Ligas Menores - A 1200 km (2014)

Tobogán Andaluz - Lo Que Mas Quiero (2012)

She's A Tease - Why? (2011)

Molotov - Lagunas Metales (2014)

Axel Muñiz & Alex Hoyer - Bonita (2019)

Maite Perroni (Feat. Cali & El Dandee) - Loca (2017)

 El Haragán y Compañía (feat. Rubén Albarrán) - Muñequita Sintética (2019)

Marala - ¿Quién Te Dijo? (2018)

Victimas del Doctor Cerebro - Ya Tus Amigos (1994)

Café Tacvba - Olita Del Altamar (2013)

JotDog - Corazón De Metal (2012)

Nikki Clan - No Me Digas Que No (Boy Like You) (2006)

Bomba Estéreo - Soy Yo (2016)

Cartel de Santa - Si te Vienen a Contar (2014)

Los Ángeles Azules (feat. Natalia Lafourcade) - Nunca Es Suficiente (2018)

Natalia Lafourcade - Soledad y el Mar (En Manos de los Macorinos) (2017)


Radio Maiz

"Don't play this station at the wrong party in CV."

Genre: Norteño, Cumbia, Corrido

Host: Danny Trejo

Type: Dynamic

[Youtube Playlist]




Los Ángeles Azules - Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar (1996)

La Sonora Dinamita (feat. La Morocha) - El Viejo Del Sombrerón (2016)

Bronco (feat. León Larregui) - Que No Quede Huella (2016)

Los Socios Del Ritmo, Alexander Acha - Llorar (2018)

Primero El Dinero - Grupo Nueva Sensacion (2019)

Adriel Favela (feat. Javier Rosas) - La Escuela No Me Gustó (2018)

Calibre 50 - Chalito (2019)

Cosas De La Clica (feat. Legado 7 y Fuerza Regida) - Herencia De Patrones (2018)

Herencia De Patrones - Es Dificil Ser un Santo (2019)

La Adictiva - Escondidos (2019)

Yeison Jimenez - Bendecida (2019)

Los Hijos De Garcia (feat. Herencia De Patrones) - Moreno 80 (2019)

Intocable - Tu Soledad Y La Mía (2019)

Arsenal Efectivo - Soy De Ambiente (2018)

Los Tucanes De Tijuana - Mis Tres Viejas (2015)



"I Hate Models presents an all-new industrial-inspired set to clubs across Los Santos, and beyond."

Genre: Dark Techno, Industrial Techno, Tech Trance

Host: I Hate Models

Type: Continuous

[Youtube Playlist]




All tracks are assumed to be mixed in tempo continuously.


I Hate Models - Daydream (2019)

I Hate Models - Cyanure Dance (2017)

Opal - New World Order (2020)

Kaiser - Nothing (2020)

D. Carbone - Raver Killer (2020)

Dyad - Depletion (2020)

Anetha - Disinhibition (2018)

999999999 - 09 09 1999 (2019)

I Hate Models - Last Kiss Before Death (2017)

Kas:st - Hell On Earth (2018)

Schacke - Trained To The Floor (2019)

Hadone - Taming The Passion (2019)

Inhalt Der Nacht - Dosis (2018)

Takaaki Itoh - Anarchists (2019)

Radical G & The Horrorist - Here Comes The Storm (Kobosil 44 Terror Mix) (2019)

FJAAK - The Tube (2017)


Jacidorex - Humanize (JKS Remix) (2018)

Hadone - Dying Sanity (2020)

I Hate Models - Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown (2019)

Limo - Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix) (2016)

I Hate Models - Eternal Loneliness (2017)


Deepness 92

"Hailing from Lebanon, DJ Tala puts on a chilled-out set of deep house and EDM cuts."

Genre: Deep House, R&B House, Vocal House, EDM

Host: Tala

Type: Continuous

[Youtube Playlist]




All tracks are assumed to be mixed in tempo continuously.


H.O.S.H. - Tour de Fonque (2011)

Jurgen Paape - Whisper Echo (2017)

Grant Turismo - Eshays In Laneway (2019)

DJ Poolboi - Comfort (2018)

Atesh K. - Don't Know What to Do (Original Mix) (2013)

Tube & Berger & Milan Euringer - Lovebreak (2012)

Au/Ra & CamelPhat - Panic Room (2018)

Set Mo - Counter Human Emotion (2020)

Kaskade & Lipless - My Light (2019)

Joe Goddard - Music Is the Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) (2019)

Dom Dolla - San Frandisco (2019)

Gorgon City (feat. MNEK) - Ready For Your Love (2019)

Golden Features - Falling Out (2019)

Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Dom Dolla Remix) (2019)

Kyle Watson - Sides (2018)

The Flavr Blue (feat. Jarell Perry) - Oxygen (2015)

CamelPhat & Cristoph (ft. Jem Cooke) - Breathe (2018)

Cristoph - Voice Of Silence (2018)

NIve - Liberated (LNGN Remix) (2019)


UKF Radio

"Big up from London, where drum n' bass is alive and well."

Genre: Drum n' Bass

Host: Shy FX

Type: Continuous

[Youtube Playlist]




All tracks are assumed to be mixed in tempo continuously.


Ekko & Sidetrack (ft. Reija Lee) - Let The Light In 2020 (2020)

Hamzaa - Write It Down (Fred V Remix) (2019)

IMANU - Nonplus (2019)

Noisia & The Upbeats - Halcyon (2019)

Trei & Tali - Rebels (2018)

DC Breaks - Gambino (InsideInfo Remix) (2018)

Millbrook - Rituals (2019)

T & Sugah - Never Be Alone (2019)

Rockwell - User (2018)

Kanine - Want You (2018)

René LaVice (feat. Gydra) - Cold Crush (2018)

Shy FX (feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen) - Roll The Dice (2019)

Shy FX (feat. Kate Stewart & Mr. Williamz) - Badboy Business (2018)

Rene LaVice (feat. Jareth) - Let You Go (2017) 

Friction x Kanine - Your Love (2019)

Ownglow - Back To You (2019)

MJ Cole - Pictures In My Head (High Contrast Remix) (2017)

Brookes Brothers (feat. ShezAr & Bossman Birdie) - Flashing Lights (2017)

Murdock (feat. Goldi Phone Home) - Breathe (2019)

Lenzman (feat. IAMDDB) - In My Mind (2017)



"Between a terrible presidency and a growing rift in American society, we over at WCTR think public radio might still be worth the try."

Genre: English-language Talk Radio

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic






La Voz

"Un programa de radio tan malo que querrás cruzar la frontera para escapar de ella."

Genre: Spanish/Spanglish-language Talk Radio

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic







To be continued...


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It's nice, but didn't Berlin's "Sex" come out in the 1983 and not 2019?

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4 hours ago, universetwisters said:

It's nice, but didn't Berlin's "Sex" come out in the 1983 and not 2019?

They made a new version in 2019.

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On 1/28/2020 at 7:09 PM, DownInTheHole said:

They made a new version in 2019.

Do you got a link to it because I spent all day looking for it and my boss has been calling me constantly asking me where I was and when I told him I was looking for "2019 Sex" he laughed at me and told me I was fired!

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On 1/30/2020 at 2:16 PM, universetwisters said:

Do you got a link to it because I spent all day looking for it and my boss has been calling me constantly asking me where I was and when I told him I was looking for "2019 Sex" he laughed at me and told me I was fired!

Its on the non stop fm playlist link for 2020 but ill link it for you in the dm bro


edit: it's been removed

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  • 2 months later...

Awesome concept. I can imagine that the map would be big enough to justify the inclusion of a Trucking side-mission, returning from GTA San Andreas, with some trucking missions involving delivering cargo from one side of the border to another.


Also, I think that this song would make a great addition to the 1994 playlist of Ego Death FM (maybe it could also serve as an end theme to either Act III or Act IV of the 1994 story arc).



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7 hours ago, Ivan1997GTA said:

Awesome concept. I can imagine that the map would be big enough to justify the inclusion of a Trucking side-mission, returning from GTA San Andreas, with some trucking missions involving delivering cargo from one side of the border to another.


Also, I think that this song would make a great addition to the 1994 playlist of Ego Death FM (maybe it could also serve as an end theme to either Act III or Act IV of the 1994 story arc).



Thanks for bumping this thread dude.


That's actually a pretty solid recommendation, I actually almost didn't want to put NIN in the station because I didn't want it to be too similar to The Box in Carcer City, but hey man, early Skinny Puppy was in there, and there's no restrictions in music.

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First update in a while! With the quarantine/lockdown going on right now I thought I might just give this and Carcer City some more juice to spice things up. I might also shorten/rewrite the chapter descriptions in Carcer City so as to give a brief overview of the chapter rather than just churn out dialogue and write a novel. That said, a new concept isn't out of the question.





Written by sabitsuki





Set in a Southern Californian and Tijuana pastiche, you would be absolutely mad if you didn't own an automobile of some sort to get around the map.


The selection of vehicles available to the player differs between each era, with the selection in 1994 resembling that of GTA San Andreas and the selection in 2020 resembling that of GTA Online (without the crazy, Saints Row-esque vehicles of course).


Ranging from the classic rumbling lowriders of the 1970s, to the lightning-fast supercars of the late-2010s, there is no shortage of cool cars, bikes and planes to take a spin in. Due to the abundance of military bases around the map, many military-grade, weaponized vehicles, watercraft and aircraft can be stolen for your own sick pleasure if you want to raise some hell between the three cities.


All four protagonists have their own respective personal vehicles which are used in the story as well as in cutscenes, though they also have the opportunity to store other vehicles in garages/parking spaces/helipads/hangars/jetties at either their own safehouses or at purchased properties.


Now featuring the year of production alongside the brands in these vehicles. The real-life counterpart of the vehicles is listed next to the cars in question, for ease of reference.



A time where boxy and slick cars coexist in relative harmony.





1994 Vapid Stanier (rebadged as Vapid Stanier Mark I in 2020) - 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

1993 Karin Royalty - 1993 Acura Vigor

1987 Imponte Allende - 1987 Pontiac 6000

1978 Schyster Reville - 1978 Cadillac Seville

1986 Willard Willard - 1986 Buick LeSabre

1980 Vapid Emperor - 1980 Cadillac Sedan Deville

1988 Vapid Barclay - 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

1985 Karin Cassandra - 1985 Toyota Camry

1986 Albany Privateer - 1986 Ford LTD

1993 Albany Sunrise - 1993 Pontiac Bonneville

1993 Vapid Tahoma - 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

1994 Albany Oryx - 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS

1990 Karin Dandelion - 1990 Toyota Carina

1994 Fathom Feroci - 1994 Nissan Cefiro




1987 BF Club - 1987 Volkswagen Golf

1976 Declasse Swindle - 1976 Buick Skyhawk

1987 Willard Faction - 1987 Buick Regal

1992 Albany Cadrona - 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

1985 Dinka Atsui - 1985 Honda Civic Hatchback

1987 Karin Dispera - 1987 Acura Integra

1985 Dinka Hakumai - 1985 Honda Prelude

1991 Ubermacht Pampas - 1991 BMW Z1

1965 Grotti Brioso - 1965 Fiat 500

1978 Classique Leper - 1978 AMC Gremlin

1972 Declasse Rhapsody - 1972 AMC Pacer

1975 Maibatsu Nebraska - 1975 Mitsubishi Celeste 

1994 Maibatsu Spelunker - 1994 Chevrolet Metro Hatchback

1992 Dinka Anpai - 1992 Honda del Sol

1965 BF Scarab - 1965 Volkswagen Beetle

1979 Dundreary Armitage - 1979 AMC Spirit


Minivans/Family Cars/Station Wagons


1994 Vapid Terrace - 1994 Ford Windstar

1994 Vapid Minivan (Rebadged as Vapid Minivan E in 2020) - 1994 Dodge Caravan

1994 Dinka Perennial - 1994 Honda Odyssey

1994 Declasse Moonbeam - 1994 Chevrolet Astro

1990 Karin Persimmon - 1990 Toyota Tarago

1993 Willard Elegant - 1993 Buick Roadmaster Wagon

1973 Dundreary Regina - 1973 Chrysler Town & Country

1989 Vulcar Ingot - 1989 Volkswagen Pasat

1992 Zirconium Stratum - 1992 Honda Accord Station Wagon

1994 Dundreary Solair - 1994 Mercury Sable




1993 Canis Seminole (rebadged as Canis Seminole Classic in 2020) - 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 Karin Melba - 1993 Acura SLX

1994 Declasse Galloway - 1994 Chevrolet Geo-Tracker

1994 Declasse Granger (rebadged as Declasse Granger I in 2020) - 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

1994 Karin Rolla 4X4 - 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

1994 Gallivanter Hollander - 1994 Land Rover Discovery Series I

1994 Karin Mountaineer - 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero

1971 Gallivanter Huntley Classic - 1971 Range Rover Classic

1994 Mammoth Patriot (rebadged as Mammoth Patriot I in 2020) - 1994 Hummer H1

1994 Canis Mesa - 1994 Jeep Wrangler

1994 Benefactor Dubsta - 1994 Mercedes-Benz G-Class


Pickup Trucks


1958 Albany Walton - 1958 Chevrolet Apache 4WD

1994 Vapid Sadler (rebadged as Vapid Sadler C3 in 2020) – 1994 Ford F150

1972 Declasse Yosemite1972 Chevrolet C10

1993 Vapid Bobcat XL1993 Ford C/K GMT 400

1992 Declasse Rancher1992 Dodge RamCharger

1970 Canis Bodhi - 1970 Kaiser Jeep M715

1991 Bravado Armature - 1991 GMC Syclone

1986 Vapid Cosign - 1986 Ford Pampa

1985 Karin Panko - 1985 Hyundai Pony Pickup

1948 Vapid Supplier 48 - 1948 International K-3


Muscle/Sports Classic


1977 Karin Melissa - 1977 Toyota Celica

1972 Karin 190z - 1972 Datsun 240z

1978 Imponte Phoenix - 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1974 Classique Sabre Turbo - 1974 Oldsmobile 442

1975 Lampadati Pigalle - 1975 Citroen SM

1970 Vapid Ellie - 1970 Ford Mustang

1956 Vapid Tornado - 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air

1960 Albany Oceanic - 1960 Dodge Dart

1954 Vapid Hermes - 1953 Buick Super

1974 Declasse Vamos - 1974 Chevrolet Nova

1968 Declasse Vigero - 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

1973 Schyster Deviant - 1973 AMC Javelin

1965 Albany Buccaneer - 1965 Buick Riviera 

1970 Declasse Tampa - 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang

1970 Vapid Rattlesnake - 1970 Ford Gran Torino GT

1947 Declasse Broadway - 1947 Cadillac Series 62

1932 Vapid Hustler - 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

1933 Vapid Hotknife - 1933 Ford Model B Hot Rod

1953 Vapid Slamvan - 1953 Ford F-Series Rat Rod

1968 Bravado Cobra - 1968 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

1969 Albany Vale - 1969 Buick Wildcat

1956 Vapid Peyote - 1956 Ford Thunderbird

1970 Albany Polaris - 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

1950 Classique Dallas - 1950 Hudson Hornet

1948 Evelyn Symbiote - 1948 Tucker 48


Luxury Sedans


1994 Fathom Dissenter - 1994 Infiniti J30

1994 Benefactor Schafter (rebadged as Benefactor Schafter Classic in 2020) - 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

1993 Annis Erudite - 1993 Mazda 929

1987 XIV Ypres - 1987 Peugeot 405

1994 Obey Tailgater (rebadged as Obey Tailgater Classic in 2020) - 1994 Audi A4

1994 Enus Super Diamond (rebadged as Enus Super Diamond C in 2020) - 1994 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II

1985 Enus Don Carlo - 1985 Bentley Mulsanne

1959 Enus Stafford - 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

1986 Vapid Stretch (rebadged as Vapid Stretch E in 2020) - 1986 Cadillac Deville Limousine




1992 Bravado Buffalo (rebadged as Bravado Buffalo GT in 2020) - 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

1993 Karin Reverb - 1993 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

1991 Annis Ophelia (rebadged as Annis Ophelia Midnight in 2020) - 1991 Mazda MX-5

1986 Ubermacht Sentinel (rebadged as Ubermacht Sentinel Classic in 2020) - 1986 BMW E30 M3

1985 Ubermacht Zion (rebadged as Ubermacht Zion Classic in 2020) - 1985 BMW E24 6 Series

1987 Pfister Mariel - 1987 Porsche 928

1984 Dinka Blista Compact - 1984 Honda CR-X

1994 Dinka Harimau - 1994 Nissan 300ZX

1994 Annis Elegy (rebadged as Annis Elegy Midnight in 2020) - 1994 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R

1994 Maibatsu Luxor - 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1983 Karin Futo - 1983 Toyota Corolla Levin

1993 Karin Kasai - 1993 Dodge Stealth

1994 Maibatsu Supremo - 1994 Subaru SVX

1994 Karin Sultan (rebadged as Karin Sultan Midnight in 2020) - 1994 Subaru Impreza

1984 Imponte Ruiner - 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am

1993 Vapid Uranus - 1993 Ford Mustang

1983 Vapid Euros - 1983 Ford Escort RS 1600i




1990 Pegassi Infernus (rebadged as Pegassi Infernus Classic in 2020) - 1990 Lamborghini Diablo

1993 Bravado Banshee (rebadged as Bravado Banshee V12 in 2020) - 1993 Dodge Viper

1986 Grotti Fenice - 1985 Ferrari 308

1990 Grotti Cheetah (rebadged as Grotti Cheetah Classic in 2020) - 1990 Ferrari Testarossa

1992 Grotti Turismo (rebadged as Grotti Turismo Classic in 2020) - 1992 Ferrari F40

1991 Ocelot Scythian - 1991 Lotus Emotion Concept

1994 Ocelot Ardent - 1994 Lotus Esprit

1994 Ocelot Penetrator - 1994 Jaguar XJ220

1994 Pfister Comet (rebadged as Pfister Comet Classic in 2020) - 1994 Porsche 993 Turbo

1991 Pfister Beignet - 1991 Porsche 959

1976 Pegassi Santana - 1976 Lamborghini Silhouette

1974 Pegassi Torero - 1974 Lamborghini Countach

1994 Dewbauchee Zephyr - 1994 Lister Storm

1994 Progen GP1 - 1994 McLaren F1

1967 Grotti Vento Forte - 1967 Dino 206 GT

1966 Pegassi Monroe - 1966 Lamborghini Miura

1967 Grotti Stinger - 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS

1968 Vapid Bullet (rebadged as Vapid Bullet Classic in 2020) - 1968 Ford GT40

1993 Dinka Hayaku - 1993 Honda NSX-R

1982 Imponte Deluxo - 1982 Delorean DMC-12




1968 Vapid Impaler - 1968 Chevrolet Impala

1965 Vapid Chino - 1965 Lincoln Continental

1979 Dundreary Virgo Executive - 1979 Lincoln Mark V

1989 Benefactor Feltzer - 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SL

1994 Ocelot Warbler - 1994 Jaguar XJS

1975 Albany Manana - 1975 Buick LeSabre

1964 Declasse Maddox - 1964 Chevrolet Malibu

1976 Albany Baroness - 1976 Cadillac El Dorado

1975 Classique Tanto - 1975 Oldsmobile 88

1969 Cheval Picador - 1969 Chevrolet El Camino SS

1965 Imponte Weller - 1965 Pontiac Ventura

1959 Declasse Voodoo - 1959 Chevrolet Impala

1959 Declasse Ravenwood - 1959 Ford Ranchero




1994 BF Dune Buggy - Generic off-road buggy

1967 BF Bifta - 1967 Meyers Manx

1963 BF Injection - 1963 Volkswagen Fusca Buggy

1994 Nagasaki Blazer (rebadged as Nagasaki Blazer Classic in 2020) - Yamaha Breeze

1980 Canis Kalahari - 1980 Citroen Mehari

1994 Vapid Gator - 1994 Ford GMT400 Monster Truck














Public Service/Emergency


















The age of the supercar and early self-automated vehicles (though there are none in this concept). Newer, modern vehicles appear around the map in this time to fill the 30-year gap between the eras, though a few cars from 1994 return here, now in different classes. For example, the '84 Imponte Ruiner is now a Sports Classic vehicle as opposed to a Sports vehicle.





2004 Karin Asterope - 2004 Toyota Camry

2012 Vapid Sandoval - 2012 Ford Falcon XR6

2010 Vapid Stanier - 2010 Ford Crown Victoria

2017 Vapid Kouprey - 2017 Ford Taurus

2019 Karin Erebus - 2019 Toyota Camry LE

2010 Declasse Premier - 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

2017 Cheval Fugitive - 2017 Holden Caprice

2003 Declasse Asea - 2003 Suzuki Aerio

2015 Bravado Entice - 2015 Dodge Dart

2016 Dinka Stride - 2016 Honda Accord

2020 Dinka Kabuki - 2020 Honda Civic Si

2017 Emperor Horatio - 2017 Acura ILX

2020 Declasse Gazelle - 2020 Chevrolet Impala Premier

2004 Maibatsu Castiglione - 2004 Mitsubishi Galant




2020 Karin Hi-Top - 2020 Toyota Yaris XLE Hatchback

2008 Bollokan Prairie - 2008 Hyundai Tiburon

2020 Emperor Garro - 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible

2013 Albany Alpha - 2013 Chevrolet Elmiraj

2009 Imponte Aura - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback

2017 Maibatsu Morrow - 2017 Suzuki Ignis

2016 Cheval Surge - 2016 Chevrolet Volt

2019 Karin Dilettante - 2019 Toyota Prius Excel

2017 Weenie Issi - 2017 Mini Hatch

2019 Maibatsu Spiritual - 2019 Kia Soul

2012 Maibatsu Penumbra - 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2012 Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - 2012 Bentley Continental GT

2016 Enus Windsor - 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith

2013 Grotti Brioso R/A - 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth

2020 Vapid Fonda - 2020 Ford Focus Vignale

2019 Vulcar Club EV - 2019 Volkswagen Golf Mk8


Minivans/Family Cars/Station Wagons


2015 Vapid Snub - 2015 Ford S-Max

2018 Obey Argento ST - 2018 Audi A4 Avant





2019 Vapid Takeout - 2019 Ford Puma

2010 Albany Calvacade Mk3 - 2010 Cadillac Escalade

2020 Albany Calvacade - 2020 Cadillac Escalade

2019 Vapid Granger - 2019 Chevrolet Suburban

2015 Bravado Gresley - 2015 Dodge Durango

2016 Karin Conte - 2016 Subaru Ascent

2018 Pegassi Toros - 2018 Lamborghini Urus

2020 Benefactor Serrano - 2020 Mercedes-Benz W167 M-Class

2003 Imponte Olmec - 2003 Pontiac Aztek

2018 Dundreary Landstalker - 2018 Ford Expedition

2020 Dundreary Chasseur - 2020 Lincoln Navigator

2019 Dinka Quest SX - 2019 Honda CR-V

2009 Fathom FQ2 - 2009 Infiniti QX70

2020 Bravado Hombre - 2020 GMC Acadia

2006 Mammoth Patriot - 2006 Hummer H3

2020 Annis Daytripper - 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport

2019 Ubermacht Rebla GTS - 2018 BMW X5

2020 Vulcar Mjolnir - 2020 Volvo XC60

2018 BF Algiers - 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2020 Gallivanter Baller - 2020 Range Rover Evoque

2020 Gallivanter Goulash - 2020 Land Rover Defender

2019 Canis Seminole - 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude

2018 Canis Mesa Grande - 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler

2019 Annis Sub-Contra - 2019 Mazda MX-30

2020 Obey Benign - 2020 Audi Q8








2016 Cheval Ranga - 2016 Holden HSV Maloo


Luxury Sedans


2019 Albany V-STR - 2019 Cadillac CTS-V

2018 Ocelot Folsom - 2018 Jaguar XJR

2019 Schyster PMP GT - 2019 Chrysler 300C





2004 Dinka Kami - 2004 Honda S2000

2016 Annis Ophelia - 2016 Mazda MX-5

2003 Annis Mizu - 2003 Mazda RX-8

2015 Annis Elegy - 2015 Nissan GT-R

2014 Maibatsu Atelier - 2014 Nissan 370Z Roadster

2005 Karin Sultan - 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

2005 Vapid Dominator - 2005 Ford Mustang GT

2019 Vapid Dominator GTX - 2019 Ford Mustang

2019 Declasse Desperado - 2019 Chevrolet Camaro

2018 Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire - 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

2008 Bravado Gauntlet - 2008 Dodge Challenger

2016 Bravado Buffalo S - 2016 Dodge Charger

2018 Enus Paragon R - 2018 Bentley Continental GT

2016 Karin Kuruma - 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

2005 Bravado Stiletto GT - 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4

2018 Maibatsu Haste S - 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport

2018 Vapid Flash GT - 2018 Ford Fiesta RS

2020 Weenie Issi Sport - 2020 Mini Cooper GP Concept

2019 Obey RT2 - 2019 Audi TT

2018 Grotti Carbonizzare - 2018 Aston Martin Vantage

2018 Benefactor Schlagen GT - 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R

2018 Obey 8F Drafter - 2018 Audi RS5

2019 Obey 9F - 2019 Audi R8 Type 4S

2019 Dewbauchee Rapid GT - 2019 Aston Martin GT12 Roadster

2017 Ubermacht Zion - 2017 BMW M6

2018 Ubermacht Sentinel - 2018 BMW 420i M Sport




2020 Invetero Coquette R - 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

2020 Vapid Bullet - 2020 Ford GT

2020 Grotti X80 Proto - Ferrari F80 Concept

2017 Overflod Entity XXR - 2017 Koenigsegg Agera

2019 Progen Emerus - 2019 McLaren Senna

2015 Progen T20 - 2015 McLaren P1 LM 

2011 Grotti Visione - Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition Concept

2016 Principe Deveste Eight - 2016 Devel Sixteen

2019 Pegassi Osiris - 2019 Pagani Huayra

2019 Coil Cyclone - 2019 Rimac Concept Two

2016 Pegassi Reaper - 2016 Lykan HyperSport

2019 Dinka Jester - 2019 Honda NSX

2018 Grotti Turismo - 2018 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

2019 Pegassi Infernus - 2019 Lamborghini Aventador S

2004 Grotti Cheetah - 2004 Ferrari Enzo

2019 Pfister Comet - 2019 Porsche 911 GT3

2015 Pfister 811 - 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

2019 Truffade Nero - 2019 Bugatti Chiron

2020 Truffade Fatale - 2020 Bugatti La Voiture Noire


















Public Service



















Rife in gang culture and the subject of numerous urban planning, sociology and reality TV documentaries, Southern San Andreas, make no mistake, is a hotbed of crime. As a criminal in the West Coast underworld, a proper network of connections and people are required if you wish to make it out of the state rich, let alone alive.


Gangs are split into three groups; Street Gangs, Biker Gangs and Criminal Organizations. Street Gangs and Biker Gangs tend to be unisex, with many female gang members present in the ranks alongside their male counterparts. That said, the gang dynamic in Southern San Andreas is still very much male-dominated.


Street Gangs

Gangs that are typically formed without a formal hierarchy or organizational system, usually with an urban or inner city flair. Don't let that fool you though, these guys can still rough you up should you cross them the wrong way.


Armenian Alliance

A gang comprised of members of the local Armenian diaspora as well as Armenian immigrants, having been around since the early 1970s. Working hand in hand with local Hispanic gangs such as the Aztecas as well as more formal organizations such as the Los Santos Crime Family and occasionally the cartels in Ciudad Vizcaino, they are mostly engaged as muscle for the big players in town, as well as small to mid-time crime such as drug-dealing, auto theft and fraud.


Their biggest presence is in the West Vinewood area of Los Santos as well as Delaware Park, also in Los Santos, where there exists a high concentration of Central Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. It is here where members of the gang tend to congregate around restaurants, parks and in alleyways.


Based on Armenian Power. Many gang members, especially younger members, tend to dress in a cholo style due to the local Chicano influence.


Varrio Los Aztecas

One of the oldest Chicano gangs in Los Santos, and San Andreas as a whole, around since the 1940s. They have an acrimonious rivalry with the Los Santos Vagos, which emerged as a separate gang from them due to ideological differences, paralleling the rivalry faced between the Ballas and Families. Peaking in the early-90s, resulting in the deaths of many gang members and innocent people, the violence appears to have plateaued since '94, in part due to a truce that started with a member of the Families in around 1992, after the riots. That said, while the situation between the two gangs appear to be improving, there is still a lot of bad blood between them, which still exists, as of 2020.


The Aztecas mostly reside in Rancho, Cypress Flats and Baccera Park in Los Santos, territories which are also occupied by the Los Santos Vagos, though also have a small presence in Playa del Rifa, San Andreas, as well as many neighborhoods in Santa Domingo, where they engage mostly in auto theft, drug-dealing and drug-trafficking. Their color is light blue, which can be seen in much of the clothing they wear.



The largest African-American gang in the West Coast, with sets as far north as San Fierro and the Pacific Northwest. Their main base of operations is still in Los Santos, regardless of that fact. Like the Vagos and Aztecas, they have a bitter rivalry against the Families, with the gang wars between them peaking in around 1991 and early 1992. To combat the violence, a truce, spearheaded by Families OG Clarence "Lil' Clare" WIlliams, was signed by the two gangs, which by extent also impacted the Hispanic gangs, resulting in a historical decrease of violent crime in 1993-94 as well as an unprecedented period of peace in the city during this time. Despite this, scuffles still happen regularly, though not as frequently as before the riots. Members of the gang can be identified by a purple motif.


Their main turf is most of the city of Davis, San Andreas


Oliver Montell is a high-ranking member of the gang, and was present in the room when the truce was established between the Families and the Ballas. Playing a large role in the 1994 arc of the storyline, he is a close friend of Basura, a Vagos member, who together they work hand-in-hand with La Garza Cartel in transporting drugs from across the border in Mexico.


Calle 22

A local street gang in Ciudad Vizcaino, as well as in Bahia, Maiz and Los Oriones, More ruthless and violent than either the Vagos or the Aztecas, though not necessarily as powerful, being mostly engaged in crimes such as kidnapping, mugging, drug-dealing and robbery.


Hanging around in tourist-heavy areas of the city such as Mercado Cerrito, Playas del Vizcaino and Avenida Libertad, they are often seen pick-pocketing or mugging Americans at gunpoint, while also dealing drugs in less-monitored areas of the city. As outwardly scary as they are, they pale in comparison to the major cartels that reside in the city, and they are often hired as muscle for less important operations run by them.


Their gang color is red, though the cholo influence in their clothing is not as obvious as compared to their Chicano counterparts.



Another large African-American street gang in Los Santos, notorious for their rivalry with the Ballas, of which gang wars peaked in the early-90s. A truce by OG member Lil' Clare was penned some time after the riots, which attempted to work out differences and problems faced by the two gangs as well as to create a sense of solidarity between them due to their shared backgrounds. Regardless, there is still some unresolved beef between elements of each gang, though the truce is mostly in place, which, fortunately, is still going strong in 2020, where a member of the Families can safely travel across Davis without fearing for his life, and vice versa.


Their main gang color is green, and their territory is the neighborhood of Strawberry as well as parts of western Rancho, both in LS, which borders Davis, San Andreas, an area that is considered Ballas territory.


Marabunta Grande

A Salvadoran/Honduran street gang that only appears in 2020. They are comprised mostly of convicts and immigrants that arrived in the city in the late-90s and 2000s. With no one looking to hire them and facing discrimination from both the local PD as well as the Chicano community, the immigrants have no choice but to resort to crime, though there are many in the ranks who are willing purveyors of violence.


Their color is navy blue, and they are mostly engaged in drug-dealing, contract killing, kidnapping and auto theft. Their turf is located in El Burro Heights, Mirror Park and East Vinewood, and Downtown, Santa Domingo. They can be easily identified by their distinct facial tattoos and bandannas.


Little Seoul Kkangpae

A Korean street gang that started around the 60s in response to increased muggings and robberies across Korean-owned stores in Los Santos, with no help coming from the LSPD. Gang membership peaked in 1992, when the riots happened and when Korean-owned shops become prime targets for looters from across the city. Many of the members have a military background due to the mandatory military service in South Korea, and as such, they are one of the only street gangs which are competent with firearms. They have links to organized crime back in South Korea, as well as the music industry, with many members in Los Santos scouting for music producers and starry-eyed idols who want to make it big in Seoul, which appears to be the case in 2020.


Mostly engaged in street-racing, drug-dealing and protection rackets, the Little Seoul Kkangpae reside in its namesake neighborhood, Little Seoul, as well as parts of Chinatown, in Los Santos


The Pack

A Point Break-esque, ragtag group of surfers, drug dealers, stoners and skaters from beach towns and cities across Southern San Andreas, who happen to be avid extreme sports enthusiasts. Inspired by real-life surfer gangs such as the Bay Boys and comprised of members mostly of white, black or Hispanic descent. Members of The Pack often congregate around surfing venues and skate parks, drinking, doing drugs and partying and harassing anyone they deem as outsiders to their neighborhood. They also engage in extortion, as well as drug-dealing, often on the lower end of the drug hierarchy such as weed or coke. They are mostly seen as a nuisance to the public peace of their respective towns, and are very active in the local surfing and skating scene, often blasting surf rock or EDM in areas where they loiter.


They can be commonly found in Vespucci Beach, Playa del Rifa, Chumash, Veneration Beach and occasionally in Playas del Vizcaino and Los Oriones. Many gang members don tribal tattoos and are commonly seen in casual beach attire, with their main color being dark turquoise.


Los Santos Vagos

The largest Hispanic gang in Los Santos and Santa Domingo, and a gang that Basura is a member of. Splitting off from the Varrio Los Aztecas around the 1970s due to their stance on drug trafficking, the crack epidemic of the 80s eventually catapults the Vagos from a small-time posse into a massive clique that surpasses the size of their original crew. A loose hierarchy and structure, split into sets with no clear leader or subordinate and the routine infighting between them, leaves the local San Andrean police stuck in their ongoing investigation into the organization itself, with nothing more than street-level, small-time hoodlums and drug dealers arrested by the police, with none of the key people getting incriminated. That said, while gang initiations and loyalty are certainly some of the key elements of the gang, this does not stop the average soldier of it from working their own gigs and side businesses, much like the African-American gangs in Davis and Strawberry.


Found predominantly around East Los Santos, particularly in Rancho, Cypress Flats and Praetorian Beach, the beach town of Playa del Rifa, as well as Veneration Beach and the Rorschach Quarter in Santa Domingo, and can be identified by their gang color, yellow. If Basura wears the gang's colors, he will be treated with respect in Vagos territory. Otherwise, members will simply see him as an outsider, due to his lone wolf status in an already-massive, statewide gang, and thus will treat him with the hostility of an outsider.


The Desert Family

An anarcho-socialist, cannibalistic hippie commune that hangs around in beach towns, desert oasis areas and in remote areas of the map, with their main camp located in the Ayahuasca Desert in Mexico. They are a tight-knit group of new age lunatics reminiscent of the Manson Family that have a tendency to spout their seemingly-pacifistic rhetoric to anyone who crosses their paths and taking psychedelic drugs, and can be best identified by their loose beach hippie attire not unlike The Pack, though this time, a more tan and beige-colored aesthetic permeates through their choice of apparel. A doomsday cult of some sort, The Desert Family believes that the USA and another superpower, namely China or Russia, will end up engaging in nuclear and social warfare, and inevitably causing the end of human civilization, and thus believe in the old Aztec tradition of human sacrifice, though in this case, their God is the desert itself, declaring it to be the foundation of all life and death.


Kidnapping tourists and beach-goers who stray off the trail in these areas, the unfortunate are either taken to a hideout in the outskirts or directly to their camp in the desert, where they have their throats slit, and their bodies dismembered for the ritual. Certain individuals, however, may be selected for indoctrination, which includes none other than Maelstrom himself, who Napkin, a young, yet cunning member of the gang, sees potential in.


Biker Gangs

Gangs comprised mostly of old, mid-life crisis stricken men in their 40s, stuck in a 60s time loop, as well as younger, impressionable members of both sexes that enjoy living life to the limit, with a shared love for motorcycles.


The Angels Of Death MC

A white supremacist biker gang present in 1994.


The Lost MC

A multi-ethnic 1% biker gang present in 2020, having moved their base of operations from the East Coast to Southern San Andreas since 2010, taking out their rivals, The Angels of Death, along the way.


Uptown Riders

An infamous African-American bosozoku gang with a chapter in Santa Domingo, hailing from Liberty City.


The Rollin' 40s Ryders

An offshoot of the Uptown Riders, whose members include individuals who left the gang in opposition to the nepotism present in it.


Criminal Organizations

The most organized of the three types of gangs, Criminal Organizations are the most reclusive and intricate of them all, with elaborate gang hierarchies and powerful connections to legitimate enterprises, politicians, businessman and the elite, though once the guise is uncovered and the structure exposed, the Cops are able to very easily bring the entire organization down.


Los Santos Crime Family

Los Santos's very own Italian Mob, based on the Los Angeles Crime Family. They used to be serious business back in the 40s and 50s, when they practically ran the district of Cypress Flats and were the de facto leaders of the town, and also used to butt heads with the now-disbanded Jewish Mob in the city, and was even, at one point, led by a former Vice Detective in the LSPD. These days, most of them are either dead, in jail or have gone legitimate, being mostly involved in the F&B, movie, construction and p*rn business, with a few protection and loan shark rackets here and there. While they mostly pale in comparison to all the drug cartels south of the border, they still hold a fair amount of power in the more industrial and tourist-heavy areas of Los Santos and Santa Domingo, where they stand guard outside protected businesses and observe work at construction sites and movie sets.


They can normally be found in areas such as the Rorschach Quarter and Little Italy in Santa Domingo and Delaware Park, Eclipse Boulevard and Backlot City in Los Santos, as well as more industrial areas of Los Santos such as Praetorian Beach and Cypress Flats. Many members of the gang are past their glory years, and normally dress up in loose polo shirts and West Coast, Sonny Crockett-inspired pastel suits.


SoSA Triads

A general misnomer used to refer to Chinese or Chinese-American organized criminal organizations based in Southern San Andreas, composed of two groups. The first is the local Los Santos Tong, that speak English and Cantonese, mainly composed of multi-generational Chinese-Americans descended from Chinese immigrants from Guangzhou and Hong Kong who have lived in the city since the Gold Rush and subsequent waves of immigration prior to the Chinese Exclusion Act. The second is the Cheng Triad, that speak Mandarin Chinese, a new triad organization led by the late Wei Cheng which arrived in the city of Los Santos from Yangshan, China in around 1991. The two gangs, while not necessarily having the best relationship with each other due to their dialect and cultural difference, often work together in the drug business, though instead of the border they mostly deal across the Pacific and the Golden Triangle, handling shipments of heroin and other designer drugs from across Asia, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands into the West Coast.


Their main turf is the obvious Chinatown district in Los Santos, along with parts of Little Seoul, shared with the Kkangpae, as well as Veneration Beach and Downtown in Santa Domingo.


La Garza Cartel

One of the big three Mexican cartels in the region, and one that plays the biggest role throughout the storyline. Inspired by Los Zetas, though this time in the West Coast as opposed to Texas, La Garza is composed mostly of former Mexican special forces officers and foot soldiers who left the Mendoza Cartel due to mistreatment from their end. Lead by Pinto Vargas and his right hand, Verona Gutierrez, they start off as a small organization in 1994, before skyrocketing into a powerful and dangerous drug cartel in 2020, where they are engaged in a bloody gang war with the Mendoza and Madrazo cartels, along with the Federales and the US Government. 


A brief partnership between them and the Madrazo Cartel was formed in 1994, in an effort to break the drug monopoly set by the Mendoza Cartel, and a band of affiliates, known as Los Hermanos de la Frontera (Brothers of the Border), was formed. They were not only composed of members of La Garza and the Madrazo cartel, but other members from the USA as well, such as Kaelan Kowalski, a former USMC officer from Veneration Beach, Santa Domingo, and Basura Rivera, a Vagos member from Rancho, Los Santos.


Mendoza Cartel

One of the largest drug cartels in the West Coast, and perhaps in all of Mexico, loosely based on the Gulf Cartel. Being around since the bootlegging days in the 1920s, the Mendoza Cartel is among the oldest criminal organizations in Mexico, with a heavy presence in Ciudad Vizcaino, their birthplace. Infamous for their brutal tactics against tattletales and straight politicians, their list of torture and intimidation tactics breaks just about every regulation in the Geneva Convention, and assassinations against political and social dissidents certainly rivals that of the Medellin Cartel in 80s-to-90s Colombia. Despite their seemingly untouchable reputation, infighting exists within the organization, which ultimately results in the creation of a new drug cartel, La Garza, which consists of mostly former enforcers for the gang, who feel unsubstantiated and under-compensated by their former employers.


The current incarnation of the cartel is currently led by a man named Victor Mendoza, a key leader in the organization, though in actuality, a lower-ranked lieutenant named Juan Ramos appears to truly be the man pulling the strings. With Victor eventually killed during the events of 1994, Juan takes over almost immediately, quickly filling up the vacuum and resuming their operations almost instantaneously.


That said, however, the rift between the Mendozas and La Garza gradually worsens over the course of the storyline, and despite a truce written during the end of the 1994 arc, the cartel wars resume not long after that, reaching its peak once again in late 2020, which is not helped by an ongoing global pandemic which shakes both cartels and their operations.


Madrazo Cartel

The underdog of the three drug cartels, formed not long ago in the early 80s by the late Alejandro Madrazo, murdered around the late-80s by an unnamed cartel assassin, whose son, Martin, who along with his close associate Alonzo Moreno as well as the unseen Javier Madrazo, now run the leagues in the organization, out of honor and respect for Martin's father. Born independent of the Mendoza Cartel sometime in the 1970s, the Madrazo Cartel, originally from inland Mexico, have now set their sights on Ciudad Vizcaino, owing to personal rivalries back south as well as the ideal geographical position of the city, next to the border. Beginning in 1994 as the weakest of the three cartels, where they form an alliance with La Garza to ensure their survival in the municipality, they soon become much more powerful over the decades, becoming a a powerful force and a warring faction during the ongoing cartel wars in the 2020s, though they now maintain their sovereignty from the other two cartels.


Martin Madrazo, as goofy and affable as he may seem, is a very intelligent and cunning, yet reasonable man, and intends to use the drug wars as a way to expand his territory and influence in the region. He works with contenders such as Maelstrom and Mona, characters with personal grudges and vendettas against the two cartels, to achieve this.

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I actually LOVE both of your concepts and they've been a real joy to read. Great work! I love what you've done with Carcer City and for my sake I'd love if you didn't shorten or rewrite anything just yet. I'm just getting into that one. I love the atmosphere you present in these concepts. They are very authentic to the time periods and locations.

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On 4/10/2020 at 10:43 AM, HangTheDj said:

I actually LOVE both of your concepts and they've been a real joy to read. Great work! I love what you've done with Carcer City and for my sake I'd love if you didn't shorten or rewrite anything just yet. I'm just getting into that one. I love the atmosphere you present in these concepts. They are very authentic to the time periods and locations.

Thanks for the kind words, man


In regards to the shortening of the plot outlines, unfortunately, I gotta do it. Writing dialogue and scene narratives takes up way too much time and effort, and I ain't got that kind of luxury in the real world. Besides, I think that by doing this anyhow, by condensing the plot, it's going to be easier to read for most people, especially for guys that tend to skim through the plot to see if it's going to be a cool story or something like that. Might do something as I've done here. Don't worry about it losing its atmosphere, I'll try and keep it in there 🙂.


That said, I will still write in that style for mission outlines, similar to other concepts made by other people such as Red Line, Bohemians & Blackjack and what not. Might do something like that in the future, once the outlines, the vehicles list and all that are done.



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  • 3 months later...

Made some changes to the storyline. I changed the name of the US Raiders to their real names, because I felt that Raiders sounded really corny,


The vehicles list is 40% done, and the gang descriptions are now more in depth. I plan on reformatting the protagonists section as well because I think it looks very messy.


Weapons list, wanted level systems and combat sections will be updated soon, expect a similar formatting style to Dust To Dust.


I will post about the DLC storylines on the concepts thread in the coming months.

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  • 1 month later...

Removed a lot of songs from both eras of Non-Stop Pop because I felt that there was too much filler tracks and tracks that didn't fit the overall aesthetic of the station.


I'm thinking of redoing the entirety of West Coast Classics to include more artists from the 2000s (and not necessarily from the California area) rather than just a copy-paste of the '94 version of RLS.

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  • 8 months later...
On 9/18/2020 at 2:44 AM, DownInThePMs said:

Удалил много песен из обеих эпох Нон-Стоп-попа, потому что чувствовал, что там было слишком много наполнителей треков и треков, которые не вписывались в общую эстетику станции.


Я подумываю о том, чтобы переделать всю классику Западного побережья целиком, включив в нее больше артистов 2000-х годов (и не обязательно из Калифорнии), а не просто копипасту версии RLS 94-го года.

A good concept, try to make gta on the territory of Canada, say Ontario and Alberta

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  • 5 months later...

It'd be interesting to see an early version of the internet in 1994 since that's when it was starting to become popular

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